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Dead Space 3 Walkthrough Chapter 1 Rude Awakening

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"Time to learn about quick healing, because that elbow to the face you took from Space-Junkie was enough to make you lose one third of your health! (Which is very inconsistent with the real game, you get thrown off massive cliffs without so much as a scratch later). Before you can move, the game forces you to pick up the med kit, and use it by pressing [Q]. Your Health is displayed on your back as the big Blue line.

"Make your way out of Isaac's hidey-hole of a room and through the big red door down the hall.

"After your new buddies open the gate quickly sprint to the car for an explosive get away! Also, you can press [X] to crouch down and hide behind all the convenient waist high walls.

"Quickly run away from the sniper lasers and pick up the free ammo on the ground. Take out the Human enemies (That's right, you're killing humans now), and watch out for any grenades. Head Shots do good damage to human enemies, but severing limbs is still as impacting. Don't forget to crouch behind cover if you need to.

"Keep pushing through and climb the ladder at the end. There's quite a bit of loot in this room, take the door onwards once you'll got everything. (Anything with a blue light on it can normally be interacted with, such as those yellow cabinets on the walls).

"Fight your way through the city to the freeway, then shoot Stasis by pressing [C} at it to slow the traffic down enough to get through! The Semi-circle on your back tells you how much Stasis you have.

"After destroying a shit ton of cars, make your way up a ladder and through the door.

"Press [1] to switch to your first weapon (which is currently the pistol you have in your hand) and press [2] to switch to your second weapons (The Plasma cutter!). If the blood in this room wasn't a dead giveaway, you'll be seeing Necromorphs soon, so switch to the Plasma cutter. The Plasma cutter shoots a line across the three dots, which is perfect for cutting off limbs (The best way to kill Necromorphs!).

"Make your way to the back of the room and take the elevator.

"Plot happens, and you find yourself in a pit of dead bodies with a reanimated friend knocking on the door. Use the Health kits on the floor to heal up before Isaac fights his first Necromorph!

"You should have healed and now the creepies have broken the glass. Use your Plasma cutter to shoot of their limbs!

"Make your way through the red offices. Watch out for enemies pretending to be corpses, and don't forget to loot!

"At the end of the offices, take the elevator.

"You're now out in a mall street, make your way through the open door and out the other end of the shop. Watch out, that blue Spaceman makes a startling noise when you get near.

"Just like a real back alleyway, you get jumped by some thugs! Well, Necros, but you get the idea. Once you've done that, make your way into a building and to another elevator.

"You made it to the train station, but the train is in pieces! Now you learn about Telekinesis, which can move objects marked with the Blue magnet. Use Telekinesis to drag that first heavy train piece into the middle. After it spins around, push down the correct tunnel.

"You'll have to move the other train cart into place now too. After that, the fixed train will move forward and let you on at the end. Kinesis can even be used to kill things! If you pick up a sharp object (including the limbs of dead Necros) you can fire it at things with massive damage!

"Oh shit, Danik's men have boarded the train. You need to fight your way through them and make your way to the other end of it!