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Dead Space 3 Walkthrough Chapter 15 A Change of Fortune

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"Now that you've gotten all the piece back to the lab, it's time to sort them into order! If you're having trouble with this bit, look at the ends of each piece, and find another piece with the same end. You need to make it all connect, so it makes sense that they seamlessly join without gaps.

"If you're REALLY stuck, here's what it looks like all put together, just in case that might help.

"After watching some plot and finding out that this isn't the reaper homeworld, Isaac gets the key stolen by Danik.

"Things happen again and the room is filled with acid stuff, so run through the maze of acid to the door and get outta here!

"After Isaac leaves his Ex-Ex for dead and you make your way through some of Danik's men (some have rocket launchers), you find the search light ship is back. Stay out of its vision.

"In the next area, get ready for a big fight between You, Danik's forces and high tier Necromorphs!

"After that battle, you make your way to the other side of the field to hack open the door, but... you're attacked again! Good luck trying to hack open the door while getting pounded, so kill them all first.