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Dead Space 3 Walkthrough Chapter 16 What Lies Below

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"What a Short chapter 15 was. Oh well, you start this one by seeing Danik flee on his magical platform that houses infinite soldiers. Loot the area, use the bench, then attach yourself to the grappling thingy to wall climb downwards in pursuit of Danik.

"Expect combat when climbing down, whether it be climbing necros or a wave of clone guys from Danik's platform.

"This goes on for a few segments with breaks inbetween, but soon you'll find another friendly... thing. Little heads that don't turns dead things into zombies, but they are yellow and EXPLODE like all yellow things.

"Oh, you also meet this thing. It's an ALIEN NECROMORPH! That's right, whatever Rosetta's species was were also turned into necros, and now that they've found you, they want to kill you just as much as normal necros. These things are a POWERHOUSE with a metric butt ton of health and the attack power to boot. Be careful engaging them.

"I strongly recommend using Stasis against these things unless you're confident you can output enough damage to kill it before it reaches you. Running past it is also possible, but there is a small platform not too far down, and it will chase you down and fight you on it.

"After fighting two of the Aliens and a small safe area, you're now climbing down into a fan vent. Just your luck, the Aliens are in here too. If you're having trouble on this part, just stasis the Aliens and hop past everything. As long as you're fast doing the next part, they won't be able to get you at all.

"You're nearly home free once you reach the moving fan, just keep getting closer for now. If jumped past all the stuff in this tunnel, you're going to have to do this next part fast lest they catch you.

"Once you've gotten close enough to the fan for it to be a hazard, Throw a Stasis on the fan and make your way past it while it isn't moving. Don't worry, everything will all be fine once you make it through.

"Shit! The fan started moving again and your bungy cord is stuck in it, pulling you up! Mash the [E] button before the fan can mash you! If you succeed, you'll down into the next chapter.