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Dead Space 3 Walkthrough Chapter 19 Endings

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"After some massive plot (which I won't spoil in this guide) you're now running for your life across crumbling land to get the Codex back before the Moon gets it! I'm not sure if this is a real rush event, but I'd keep running forward if I was you just in case.

"After a bit of running, the path ahead will be blocked by the body of the Tentacle monster. Shoot the orange parts so it dies, and it will open the way to keep running. Other Necros spawn while doing this, don't worry about them, if you get the Tentacles down quickly enough you can run past everything else.

"Just after that, there is a Light tunnel flight section. With all these floating rocks, you should be very careful.

"Once you land, it's straight back to running.

"Another tentacle blockade, the quicker you dispatch of it, the faster you can keep running and the less enemies you need to waste your ammo on.

"Necros start popping up from the snow. Take them on, or keep bolting past them.

"You make your way inside the wreck of a ship (or something). This is a safe zone containing the last Bench and Suit kiosk in the game. The Final boss is just up ahead and you're standing on the door step. Make use of the stuff in this room and prepare for the last part of the game!

"Are you ready for the Final Boss?

"Pressing the button to open to door will blow everything up, and wreck the shit out of Isaac's headpiece and then fling him into a flying sequence. Quick, Speed towards the Codex!

"Isaac crash lands on a nice round platform only to get a view of the Giant Moon beast THING and the Codex.

"In the centre on your nice island platform is a massive blue disk. You want to stay on this at all times to makes sure you can Super Kinesis.

"Around the map floats markers that are conveniently highlighted for you to notice easier. Grab one with Super Kinesis...

"...and fire it directly at one of the Beast's Eyes!

"A wave of capsules will land on your island and hatch into Necros, but if you stay on the disk you can tear all their limbs off before they even get close. This will happen a few times before the Boss opens its eyes again.

"Your platform is slowly but surely floating around the boss. After you kill a few waves of those Necro Capsules, you'll be behind the boss. When you are, it will open up its mouth, latch onto your island, and try and drag you into it. Shoot the yellow parts of the tentacles that grabbed you to free yourself before it can eat you.

"Once you're free, you'll keep float around to its face again, and the eyes will be open again. Take the second eye out and prepare for another rotation.

"More necro capsules spawn, and then the mouth grabs you. It's nothing new or different, just do the same thing again.

"Once you float around to the face again, take the last shot at the third and final eye!

"It's not dead yet! It took the Island that has to codex the shoved it into its stomach!

"Grab it with Super Kinesis and drag it up as hard as you can! You'll drag the entire island through its insides, destroying it from the inside out.

"The island will fly out and towards your island, and you'll get a nice shot of the guts hang out of the dying Beast. Pretty sure he won't be bothering us after we shot massive pillars into its eyes and completely tore its insides out.

"Both islands connect and now there is nothing stopping you from removing the codex and ending this nightmare!

"And just like that, you've beaten Dead Space 3! Enjoy the ending cutscenes, and Congratulations!

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