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Deus Ex: Human Revolusion Walkthrough Panchaea

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I find this entrance and two boxes of heavy rifle ammo. In the container next to it are a couple credit chips in a box. I could enter Panchaea this way, but it's riddled with traps and mines, although there is some nice stuff along the way. For now I'll keep looking around.

On the other side I climb a bit and find some ammo and an energy bar in the container highlighted above.

I turn around and jump from container to container when I notice a vent I can enter Panchaea from, shown above. On my way there I loot this container for some more ammo and weapons then I continue my jumping until I reach the vent.

Coming out of the vent I turn right. I spot another vent between the crates below. This place is in fact riddled with vents and most of them give bonus XP, so I'll make sure to visit all of them. In the crawlspace ahead I see a dead body I can search for credits and a rocket launcher next to it. I grab some crossbow ammo from the white crate below. I jump down and go through the vent marked by the arrow.

I come out in this small storage room and grab the rockets on top of the crate. In the room next to this one is a shotgun and some ammo. I exit to the central room.

I grab two ammo cases behind the burning truck, then go left in the maintenance bay.

Before going up the stairs I stop by this room, grab the machine pistol ammo and hack the security computer to activate the military robot.

I exit the room, go up the stairs and make my way toward the control tower using the elevator. On top of a crate, highlighted above, are a sniper rifle and an ammo capacity weapon mod!

I grab the painkillers and ammo from the locker and through the door, in the cafeteria, I find an energy jar. I exit the cafeteria.

I enter the door in front of the cafeteria and after moving the refrigerator out of the way, I crawl into the vent.

The vent leads to this room where this poor guy rambles about senseless stuff. I grab all the ammo and the energy bar, plus the code 8024 for a dressing room. I head back out and continue along the corridors.

To my right is a bathroom where I find a Stop worm; to my left is a storage room with a credit chip. I walk to the end of this corridor to find a locked door before going up to the command center.

Using the code 8024 I found earlier, I open the "dressing room". In here I find some booze, a couple hypostims and a Nuke virus. In the bookcase is a Stop worm. On the computer I find the login and password: "amelie/lstforver". There is, behind the cardboard boxes, evidently, a vent. I crawl in.

I crawl out in some sleeping quarters and grab the weapons and ammo, plus a cooling system weapon mod. I head back out then up the stairs toward the command center.

At the top of the stairs is a dead guy, too many bullet holes in the wall and a locked door. Do I sense a turret? I hack the door and go in.

After hacking the security computer I disable the turret, grab the plasma rifle ammo and the ammo case highlighted above. I exit the room.

Going around the corner I find the only way into the command center, this broken window. Jumping in starts a cutscene.

After the cutscene, I get to talk to Darrow. Here, in order to get the most out of the conversation, I choose the "critique" option every time. If I wanted to use pheromones on him, I would use the "Omega" choice. Who would have thought this eccentric psychopath would have an omega personality!

Now that I managed to secure the codes from Darrow, it's time to head all the way back to the entrance then go through the previously-locked blast doors. I have a few praxis points left and over 30 Typhoon ammo packs. What is ahead of me is far from subtle, and using the dramatic Typhoon augmentation will make things easy, fun and prevent unnecessary vent crawling.

On my way down I'm faced with countless zombified workers. After running all over the world using stealth tactics, using the Typhoon on these guys is immensely satisfying!

Coming out of the elevator I see the robot I activated has been destroyed. With my objective in view, on the other side, I break a window, jump down and charge toward the door behind the robot.

Just before going through the blast doors, more Typhoon action is required and I'm happy to oblige!

Past the blast doors I jump through the window, grab the ammo from the lockers and go out through the door.

I turn left at the first intersection and come to a monster of a locker room, pun intended. I grab a Stop worm, Nuke virus, credits, painkillers and ammo.

Moving along, I see a sign that points to a Limb clinic right here in Panchaea! I move the vending machine out of the way and go in to get myself two more praxis kits, all the Typhoon ammo they have and continue on my way. Yes, more Typhoon goodness to come.

At the end of the corridors, this door is the only way forward. I grab the ammo and go through.

All those wonderful zombified workers make for great times! This storage locker is nice too, with its shotgun, grenade and heavy rifle ammo.

Once the workers have been dealt with, I do not go down the stairs yet. Instead, I go to the very end of the level, past the blue porta-potty, where a door is almost completely blocked by metal beams. This is the way to Taggart.

Following the hallways I arrive near the server room and I need to mind the security camera while I slip in. A second door down this corridor also leads straight to Taggart, but going through the first room is more enjoyable (hint: zombies!).

Between a few rounds of Jensen vs. Zombies™, I find a security computer amidst the servers. I hack it and turn the cameras off.

I jump over some machinery as I get out of the server room and have the choice to hack the level 5 door or bust through the weakened wall to finally meet Taggart. Why choose? I can do both for extra XP and showmanship!

Dissatisified with only two ways in to see Taggart, I finally find a sneakier alternative, behind some crates.

Taggart wants me to shut down Darrow's signal and send a message blaming a contaminated Neuropozyne supply. Once I'm done listening to his Illuminati mumbo-jumbo, I grab the laser ammo, Nuke virus and the credit chip, then make my way back outside.

Once back out I make my way around the huge white conduit then down the stairs to level two.

On this level I find two storage lockers. The one in front of me has a shotgun and several types of ammo. The locker at the far end of the level, highlighted above, has a plasma rifle plus a bunch of ammo for it as well as ammo for the heavy rifle.

Right next to the door on this level is yet another storage locker. This one has some ammo and credits. In the red dumpster on the right side of the screen I find a couple boxes of heavy rifle ammo.

I go through the door and while jumping over the junk on the floor I get a message from Sarif saying he and others are locked in a Machine room. I follow the sign and take the elevator down to try and find Sarif, but I'll be coming back up here when I'm done.

I grab the ammo and hear a whole lot of zombies on the other side of this door. Time for another level of our favorite zombie game!

Once the zombies are dead I see there are two ways out. To the left are two doors, the first leads to a storage room with some lockers where I get some ammo, an energy bar and a pocket secretary with story stuff. The second door, locked, leads to Sarif but I'll take an alternate route for more XP. I head through the door to Section B.

Hidden under the stairs as I come inside Section B is a weakened wall. I punch through.

I grab the plasma ammo to my right, the combat rifle ammo on top of the pallets, as well as the heavy rifle ammo boxes behind them. I hear the beeping of a mine and as soon as I get close to open the door, it blows up. I turn right.

Going through a door, I spot two more mines to my left. I need to head that way, so I blow them up. I could also disarm them, but my inventory is packed.

I finally arrive at a blocked door leading to Sarif and his group. I grab the pocket secretary near the dead worker, and get the code for a maintenance room, 9823. I remove the crates blocking the door and go in.

Sarif's take on the current situation is that we should send a message falsely accusing The Humanity Front for what has happened so that augmentation technology can continue its progress. Not much better than Taggart's view on things, if you ask me. Taking my leave of Sarif I search the room for a whole lot of ammo and a credit chip. I use the vent to leave this room for bonus XP.

Coming out of the vent, I turn right and make my way back to the elevator and ride it up. I turn right again after I get out.

I follow a series of corridors, picking up a heavy rifle and ammo on my way and end up in front of this security checkpoint. The only way in I can see is a vent.

Behind the closed door are more zombies and a vent. I crawl in and enter the security checkpoint room. In there I can use the security computer to turn the turret against the zombies and get some ammo from the locker. However, the gas being pumped into the room is quite lethal without the Rebreather augmentation.

After dealing with the zombies, I arrive near the broadcast center and jump over the crates.

Using the lift from this large room, I go down to the Hyron core where my final battle awaits.

Just before entering the core room, the bodies of the poor souls laying at my feet provide some extra supplies. I spend my remaining praxis points, fill up my health and energy then head in.