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I get close to the door and see some sweet stuff behind a locked fence. I hack it and grab some credits, drinks, an energy bar and an ammo capacity weapon mod! I punch through the weakened wall, open the door to get inside the building and follow the corridors.

I turn right at the bottom of the stairs and search the offices. All I get are some credit chips, stun gun ammo and a pocket secretary with the password "staxx" for Phil's computer.

Coming around the corner I see a ton of desks, both on this floor and on the one below. I'm free to just go around and grab all I can, but most importantly is the praxis kit I find in the highlighted drawer. In addition to a ton of credit chips, I get stun gun and tranquilizing gun ammo, a Nuke virus plus an energy bar and pack. I also find a pocket secretary with these logins/passwords: jkenney/montroyal, tjackson/stinger and fdoyle/raven.

On the second floor, near some vending machines, I crawl into this vent.

The first stop is this office; not much aside from the stun gun highlighted above and some credits in a drawer right under me.

Continuing in the vent, I crawl out to this meeting room. Right under the vent is some ammo for the tranquilizer gun, hidden behind some drawers. In the desk is a credit chip plus more tranquilizer darts. I exit the office and turn left.

In room 402 I grab some credits and stun gun ammo from the drawers and the wine on the desk. On one of the couches is a pocket secretary with the password for the computer in the office I just came from. In the room next to this one, 403, I grab ammo for the stun gun and credits from one of the desks.

I finally enter room 404 where I meet Eliza Cassan in the flesh, so to speak. Now that I'm done talking to her, I need to deal with the troops that swarmed in and get to the lower floors. I use the computer to turn the cameras off then exit the room and turn right.

I crawl back into the vent and head up to the second floor.

Arriving at the top of the vent shaft, I cloak and take cover behind a desk. I need to get on the floor below and go through the door to the Picus Lobby. There are a couple of guards patrolling here and I take them out.

I didn't do that great of a job and the guards raise the alarm. No matter; while they all come upstairs to check on the unconscious bodies I cloak and run down the stairs to the door highlighted above.

Past the door, on my way to the lobby, I stop by the restroom and find a rate-of-fire weapon mod then enter the vent.

I crawl out of the vent in the lobby and see the guard in front of the elevator. I dispatch him easily.

I grab the ammo and jump down the elevator shaft for extra XP and loot. I can only take this route because I have the landing system augmentation -- if I didn't I would have to call for an elevator and ride it down.

I grab the energy bar pack and the credits and get in the vent. I then go up a ladder and into another vent.

I come out in this room and look around. I grab the XP eBook to my right and some ammo from the storeroom. I take the stairs down.

In this room I grab a credit chip and a pocket secretary with the password "skylark" on it. I leave the room, go through the door and turn right.

I take cover and need to be careful here; guards are patrolling in the room ahead. I cloak and enter the room to my left.

Only a single tranquilizer dart is to be found in this room. I crouch and go out the other door.

Taking cover behind the boxes, I grab the stun gun ammo and pocket secretary. On it I find the password "macro" for a security terminal. This means I can use it to turn the turret I see on my minimap to my advantage. I will use my cloak a lot here. I sneak in the room and hide behind the two black crates.

To reach the security terminal, I need to flip from cover to cover and jump between the crates, as highlighted above. I need to use my cloak and be careful; there are a lot of guards patrolling on this floor as well as on the catwalk above.

Once behind the crates I can safely access the computer and start the show. There is a heavy rifleman amongst the guards, so the turret won't last long. I use this diversion to cloak and run up the stairs.

By this time there should only be 2 or 3 guards left. I can easily dispatch the two that are still patrolling the catwalk, and then use my position to take care of the rifleman on the first floor.

I search the desks and find several types of ammo and a bunch of credits. On a pocket secretary I find the login and password "klighter/tiptree". Behind the highlighted boxes (A) is a hidden drawer containing a silencer weapon mod! Behind the highlighted black crate (B) I find a sniper rifle and some ammo. I head through the door (C).

I spot this weakened wall, but before going through I go into the office at the end of this corridor to my left and grab the stun gun and some credits from a drawer. I punch through the weakened wall or I could have blasted my way through using the shotgun if I didn't have the proper augmentation.

I go up the ladder and punch through the other weakened wall, into the server room! By doing so I get another praxis point, and it's time to plan ahead: I have a few spare points and in order to survive the next boss fight, or at least make it easier, I unlock EMP Shielding from the Dermal Armor category. I grab a bottle of spirits to my right, behind the servers.

Going behind the staircase, I find this desk. I grab the Nuke virus, a Stop worm, a bottle of vodka and some painkillers. Once I'm done here I go back through the wall down into the newsroom.

The way to the funicular is through the door to the right, but I grab the tranquilizer darts and credit chip from behind the screen wall first, as shown by the arrow. I head through the door.

There's two ways down to the funicular. I decide to punch through the wall for some extra XP and go down the ladder and into the vent.

I sneak down the stairs and see these two guys. They're sneaky and can cloak, but otherwise are easy to take out, especially using the double-takedown augmentation or the PEPS gun. One of them has a pocket secretary with the code for the storage room, 0068. I take the first corridor to my right, toward Storage Room A.

Searching through this locker hell, I find nothing more than a couple stun gun darts and an energy bar. I could enter the storage room through its door but instead I punch through the weakened wall in here -- simply because I can and I'm cool.

Inside the storage room, there's a heavy rifle and lots of ammo!

I exit and head into Storage Room B. I find a revolver and an ammo case.

Now on to the funicular. Since this room is pretty hazardous and since I pride myself on finesse, most of the time anyways, I'm going to take cover on the wall and make my way to the vending machine, behind which is a vent.

Finesse pays off! I come out of the vent and find the turret's computer terminal. I use the same password as before, "macro", and let the turret spread its gospel to everyone around the room. Highlighted above is a vent that will allow me to reach the other end of the room and provide bonus XP.

I put the turret on a crate to give it a bit more reach, then grab all the ammo and grenades laying around, call the funicular and go up to the catwalk to help take down the guards that are about to swarm in.

Things work out pretty well, and once I'm done with the guards I head into the funicular.

I enjoy the view of beautiful Montreal plus a bit of a chat with my good friend Pritchard while the funicular gets to its destination. Slowly.

Outside the funicular I spot a credit chip to my left, a pocket secretary with the login and password "demarbre/index". Out of view on the picture above, to my top left, is a weakened wall. I grab the machine pistol, stun gun ammo and the pocket secretary on the crates in front of me and punch through the wall. I need to time it right, but I get bonus XP. I head inside the vent.

I crawl out of the vent and see that room 802-11 is to my left. I'll head to the upper floor and armory first to see if there's anyone over there I can mess around with.

I don't need to head too far into the corridor to spot an open door. I tiptoe my way inside and take the guard down. I grab the machine pistol and tranquilizer darts, plus some ammo and credit from the drawers. The pocket secretary doesn't contain anything new, so I use the security computer to turn the cameras off and continue toward the armory.

This guy is pretty easy to take down now that the camera is off. I continue up the stairs.

I mind the security camera and open the door and race through. On a computer inside I get the login and password "ltodd/titom". Searching the desk, I find a Nuke virus and some credits. I exit the office, cloak, head past the camera ahead and enter the armory through the door just around the corner.

I use the security computer to turn off the camera outside this door and to release the robot. I hack the door to the armory and find plenty of goodies, including Typhoon ammo and a cooling system mod for the heavy or plasma rifle! I later learn that the code to the armory is 1980. Leaving the armory, I turn right and head toward operating area 3.

Opening the door without being noticed is pretty tricky but the cloak augmentation makes it easier. I head for the security office to my left.

I take the energy bar and hack into the security computer. Once I've turned the cameras off, I unleash the robot on the guards below then get back to the catwalk to witness the mayhem. After a while the robot was able to take out every guard in this area.

Further along the catwalk I see this conference room where I search the drawers for some stun gun ammo, an energy bar and a credit chip. On the table I grab the pocket secretary with the code 1980 for the armory I visited earlier.

The office next to the conference room has a locker; in it I find a weapons and ammo. I head out and go down the stairs.

With all the bad guys dead (hopefully they all were bad guys) I can search this whole place. I evidently find a whole lot of credits chips and ammo, plus a mine template and a Stop worm. On a chair I find a pocket secretary with the login and password "alingenf/duchess" for the computer next to it. I hack or access the computers for nothing more than story information.

There are two closed room on the lower floor. In this one, to the north, I search the drawers for a credit chip and revolver ammo, then read the XP eBook highlighted above. The computer had the code for the armory, again, 1980. The second room on this floor has ammo for the PEPS gun and a credit chip.

Once I'm done in this area I follow the signs and head toward room 802-11 through this door. That triangle above the door is reminiscent of the Illuminati symbol... What is that doing here?

Just past the door, booby traps! I slowly walk toward the mines and disarm them.

This weakened wall is the first thing I see at the bottom of the stairs. I punch through and get into the vent.

My first stop is this office. I search the drawers and lockers for credits and ammo and I also find a reload speed weapon mod! That baby will go on my tranquilizing gun right now, thank you very much!

I get back in the vent and come out the other end in this other office. In the drawer I find a pocket secretary with the password "widget" for the computer. On the computer I find the password "spitfire" for a security computer. I grab a Stop worm and Nuke virus, plus some ammo from the lockers.

I open the door and peek outside. I cloak to avoid the camera and head around the corner toward the door shown by the arrow above. I need to be careful since a heavy rifleman patrols that room.

I take cover and wait until this big fella turns his back to me and wham, down he goes! I find credits and ammo on him, Including a Typhoon clip. I head toward the very end of the room, in the smaller room with a security computer.

I access the computer using the password "diode" and deactivate the robot and cameras. I grab the machine pistol and the highlighted pocket secretary containing the login and password "bnorthco/sterling" then take the stun gun ammo from a drawer. I search the rest of the larger room and get credits, vodka, a Stop worm, a Nuke virus, an energy bar pack and an EMP grenade.

I exit the room and hack these doors to room 802-11.

Past the door I see a vent and a weakened wall. I love to punch through things so I indulge myself.

On the other side is this contraption. No, this is not a failed attempt at creating Cerebro. After gazing at the big screen featuring "Moonbase Omega", I head through the door behind me.

I grab the pocket secretary with the password "diode" for the security computer I used earlier and use the password "spitfire" on this one to turn off the cameras. I crouch, head to the door, cloak, open it, go through.

Two guards are patrolling this room. Taking down the one on the catwalk first will make things easier, so I head up there, take cover and take him out. With that done the second guard is easily dispatched. I search the room and get a mine template and some ammo. Nothing fancy. Right outside of this room, to my right in the robot bay, I grab some ammo.

I head back to Cerebro then head out the wall I punched through earlier then go down the corridor in front of it, again following the signs to room 802-11.

Just before entering the data storage room I find this supply closet with a heavy rifle and tons of ammo. I won't need it, so I just leave it here for now. I use painkillers to boost my health to 200 and finally walk into room 802-11.

Here is Yelena Federova, ready to duke it out, boss battle style! Even with the EMP shielding augmentation, this battle can be challenging, especially on the harder difficulty setting. I notice a bunch of lockers with all manner of gear around the room. Four power generators are herre. What I do is to walk in front of one, shoot it until it turns red, then when Yelena charges me I shoot again to destroy the generator.

This electrifies the wet floor and stuns Yelena long enough for me to shoot her a few times. I then reload while I move to the next generator. I repeat this until she's dead. If she's still standing after I've destroyed the fourth generator, I can just shoot her directly and take cover while I reload and recharge. I just need to make sure I don't get too close or she'll dish out serious damage.

A good weapon for this fight is the machine pistol or the combat rifle, especially if equipped with the Target-Seeking and reload speed mods. The stun gun also does a great job of stopping her. After a couple tries she's down for the count. I search her corpse and find 1300 credits plus a couple of Typhoon ammo clips, then go around the room grabbing all I can carry from the lockers.

I head for the exit then find Malik ready to pick me up and take me home! Nice work, Dent... err... Jensen!