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Deus Ex: Human Revolusion Walkthrough Sarif Industries

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First head straight for the stairs then right to get in the office. Once in Pritchard's office I let him use his taser gun to fix my retinal display and nab the energy bar from his desk. Before going to meet Sarif, I snatch the credit chip from Pritchard's couch. No worries, he won't mind.

Time to go meet Sarif at the Helipad and proceed to our first real mission. Note that taking too long getting there can actually get the hostages killed. I exit Pritchard's office and turn right. I go through these guarded doors, take a right and down the stairs.

Turning left at the bottom of the stairs I spot a vent. I follow it and end up in an air shaft for some sweet bonus XP. Taking the ladder down I find a credit chip and a pocket secretary amidst stolen drugs. Sarif needs to run a tighter ship, is what I think.

Afraid to get in trouble, I hurry back out of the vent and I turn right past the stairs. Opening the door to the helipad I meet the sexy pilot Malik, the 'Jock' of my Human Revolution adventures. Highlighted is a ladder to a maintenance area I'll be able to access later on. I talk to Malik and board the chopper.

On the helicopter, Sarif asks me if I want to go in guns blazing or do the hidey-hidey thing. I make the stealthy choice but will be using a mix of stealth and lethal weaponry to maximize XP, fun and variety.

Malik drops me off on a roof with only one way in, through the door. Once inside I do what I do best, go through other people's stuff and grab the energy bar from the lockers. I move the highlighted box to find a credit chip.

Talking to this brawny fellow reveals all manner of information on what I'll find inside. Surprisingly, I get the sense he's not too fond of me. After more locker diving, I score some painkillers and walk through the door. Time to start looking for bad guys! I'm sure there are some around.

Pritchard gives me my options in regard to getting in the building, but my gun unlocks most doors so I should be fine. Did you think like me that "Shipping and Receiving" was a wink at Thief 2? If so then we're both probably reaching.

I go down a couple ladders and around the corner is a patrolling guard. I can either take him down silently, shoot him (and his buddies once they come to his rescue) or go around. Note that while Eidos advertises "play as you want" gameplay, I get seriously rewarded for being stealthy and not taking a deadly approach.

After my gun accidently goes off and kills everyone, I go through the door to get some ammo for the stun gun.

Getting some extra XP by using the less-travelled road is common and easy as ABC; this time anyways. I hop on the box and head for the ladder.

For now I better avoid walking through electric arcs, so I move the crate to my right and crawl behind the ventilation units to find a breaker box and flip the switch. Moving ahead I come to a vent and crawl in.

Several guards are patrolling this storage area but sneaking past or doing takedowns is easy. I see another vent I can use at the far end of the room. Getting down from my perch, I grab some tranquilizer darts and go down a ladder.

I end up in a small office with a terminal and some more lockers behind me. I loot the lockers for some ammo then casually read the eBook, newspaper and emails on the computer.

From this spot I can easily deal with the guards in this room. After looting them, I opt to go through the vent I spotted earlier. Going up the ladder I look around, spot more ammo and move a crate under the vent so I can crawl through.

Once in the vent, turning left would let me get near the cafeteria but possibly right in the middle of the path of patrolling guards. I choose to go right and drop in the safety of a storage room. I open the door to guards and more lockers. Here I learn that not using cover is a bad thing in Human Revolution. After dealing with the guards, I go through the lockers and find nothing more exciting than ammo, credits and a grenade.

I exit and take a right, getting an energy bar from the women's bathroom. Opening the door marked Exit, I find a couple more guys working on a turret. We can't have that now, can we?

I go back the way I came and find some ammo and booze in the cafeteria. Next to the bathrooms is the passage leading to the assembly lines. I get a message from Pritchard telling me I need to open the door myself. Since I couldn't find anyone to do this menial task for me, I hack the lock and go through.

Once decontamination is over, the doors open to a lab with a bunch of guys all clumped together. Dang what I would give for a grenade right now. Oh wait, here we go! What an explosion!

Once I'm done with the guards I go down the stairs and find all manner of ammo then head left to the storage room. I grab more ammo and a grenade. I exit back to the lab.

Now, I seem to remember I'm here for a couple reasons. One is to free the hostages, so I find the vent behind this box, under the right flight of stairs, and follow it to another vent that will lead me to the hostage room.

While going through the vent will get me some credits and XP, I could also just walk across the lab, up the far stairs and enter the hostage room. The bomb will arm itself, but hacking it, entering the code or shooting the green or amber containers will disarm it and resolve the situation.

With the hostages safe I can now return to my main objective, securing the Typhoon. I leave the room and go down the stairs, taking the door leading to the server room.

Putting my gun aside I manage to take down the patrolling guard, but not before the security camera spots me and sends two more my way. The deader the merrier, that's how I see it.

At the end of the corridor I turn right and get spotted by a camera. Not my day. I enter the meeting room and pick up some ammo from the table, read some eBook laying around then watch some Picus News before heading out toward the server room door.

The door is locked but hacking it is pretty easy. The door leads to another decontamination room where I find an energy bar.

I find myself in another lab with no less than five guards. I don't have time to take cover before they see me, but they prove relatively easy to get rid of. To my left are three crates hiding a vent to sneak into a storage room, but I can just walk in. Going around the room I pick up some ammo and a hard-to-see credit chip on the middle workbench.

From the main lab I enter Storage room 2, to the left, and find some stun gun ammo and a frag grenade. Storage room 3, to the right, nets me some more ammo and a sweet weapon damage mod, hidden in a crate.

Following the mission marker, I get on the elevator. When I walk out, at my feet, is a precious Praxis Kit! I'll save it for now, but investing points in hacking early is very helpful.

I go left and walk past the vent. I take cover on the right wall and peek to see certain death; a security camera, a turret and a mine. By crouching and holding the walk key I could slowly walk to the mine and disarm it, but the camera and the turret make that rather unlikely.

I race past the corridor of death and enter a packed room; a security terminal, a Nuke and Stop worm to pick up, as well as an XP eBook hidden under a cardboard box (inset)! I hack the terminal and disable the camera then go back to the vent I passed earlier.

Going through the vent I make my way past the mine and exit safely behind the turret. I grab the ammo and credit chip and go through the door, finally reaching the server room.

After the cutscene is over I search the dead hacker body and grab all the loot, including the hidden goodies highlighted in the picture. All that remains for this mission is to deal with the terrorist leader, Sanders.

I go through the door to the right of the dead body and get on the elevator. I first had trouble seeing that door and spent way too much time trying to find my way to the objective marker. Hopefully, you'll fare better. I walk to the end of this hallway, grabbing the machine pistol someone forgot on the couch, then take a right, a left, then up the stairs.

As I get to the top of the stairs, two guys yap about Sanders. Really guys, shouldn't you be worrying more about, oh let's see... me! A silent takedown is best here as three more guards will join if I open fire.

After looting the guards, I turn left and enter Meeting Room 1. I pick up a beer then get the pocket secretary for one of the terminals downstairs.

I exit this room and enter Meeting Room 2, at the end of the corridor, and grab some revolver ammo and note the vent. This one leads to an office downstairs. Instead I'll try to deal with the three remaining patrols by sneaking down the stairs.

Going near the stairs, I take cover and get ready to deal swift justice. It's also possible to do takedowns if I wanted to have a non-lethal approach. Gunplay yields faster progress at the expense of experience.

Once at the bottom of the stairs, I pick up more beer from the table and loot the highlighted shelves for some hidden credits and ammo.

Entering Meeting Room 3 I pick up some ammo. Going out the other door I turn left and grab the hidden ammo in the green container, as shown above.

I grab the pocket secretary, highlighted above, and after hacking the various terminals I take the left door at the far end of the room and go all the way up.

Finally nearing my objective, I grab the XP eBook from the desk then open the doors to confront the terrorist leader, Sanders.

The fight with Sanders ends up being a battle of the minds! Boy, is he dead or what! It turns out I decided to let him leave while managing to secure the hostage by always choosing dialog option 3. A bad guy owing me a favor might come in handy and couldn't possibly have any unforeseen consequences...

Before leaving the room I grab the pocket secretary and hack Josie's computer. Note that hacking computers, locks and safes -- even those to which you already have the code or password -- is a great way to level up quickly. If you do it diligently, you'll end up with most augmentations unlocked.

On my way out to the helipad I come across Greg Thorpe assuring me he'll find a way to repay me for saving everyone tonight. All modesty aside, I kinda deserve it don't you think?

With Malik waiting for me to get on, I complete the mission and all objectives successfully. I'm sure you did, too -- nice job!