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Deus Ex: Human Revolusion Walkthrough Tai Long Medical

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I find an energy bar in more lockers and head through the door.

I follow the corridors and hear an explosion. I hack this door and go through.

On the other side I find this poor guy and decide to help him out.

I continue down the corridor and find this locked door. A pocket secretary is hidden behind the white bucket highlighted above with the code for the it, 4865. I open the door and head inside.

In the lockers to my left I find a pocket secretary with four codes: 3421 for storage unit 3, 9090 for the refrigeration units, 5720 for the catwalk and 4444 for the storage bays. I use the valve to save the worker then go through the other door.

I grab the gas grenade and credit chip from the lockers and move the crates to crawl to the other side.

The worker thanks me and gives me some directions to get to the upper tower. I wish him well and exit chemical storage through the back door of this room and turn right.

As I open the next door, this guard tries to prevent me from entering. I mention Lee, the guy I just rescued, and the guard agrees to let me through.

Once the guard leaves, I look around and spot the catwalk console. As I walk to it, the two employees start talking and get on with their work. I punch-in the code 5720 but for now I don't press the button. I go through the door seen above.

I grab the machine pistol ammo from the locker and the mine template. I head back and go through the door at the other end of the room.

I grab the tranquilizer darts from the locker and go up the ladder to my right.

I follow the catwalk to this room then grab a credit chip plus some ammo from the lockers. The pocket secretary to my right has the code for the pump room, 7934.

I head back down to hit the catwalk button, moving it to the second door and enter this room. Building such an elaborate catwalk only to access those two little rooms seems extravagant to me. Nevertheless, I snatch the ammo capacity mod and credit chip from the lockers. I don't enter the vent for now.

I head back to the room with the catwalk control and go down these stairs.

I turn left and walk to the other side, to the filtration room, where I hack my way inside.

At the back of the filtration room I find some more lockers. I grab the pistol, ammo, grenade and credit chip then exit the room.

Outside the room I go down the stairs and head behind the other staircase, as shown by the arrow above.

More lockers! I grab a revolver, some ammo and a Nuke virus. Remaining on this floor, I go around both staircases.

This area has me using my cloak a lot; I engage it and head behind the camera, grabbing the ammo. After a quick recharge, I race over to the other side.

To my right I spot more ammo, highlighted above. I open the vent and head inside.

The vent ultimately leads next to a security office of sort. I carefully get out.

Before going inside the office, I check around and spot this patrolling guard. I take him out.

Inside the office, I grab the energy bar pack and some ammo and credits from one of the two drawers then hack the console to turn the cameras off. There is a vent next to the other door. Crawling inside I get a stun gun and some ammo. When I'm done I exit the office.

I go through these doors and up the stairs.

There's a guard patrolling and I need to avoid or take him down. I choose the latter then go left, finding a locked door.

Inside the room I see two lockers, what else, and grab ammo and credits from them.

I head out and go past the door to pump room A-4, since its empty, and come to this gated area. What a shock, more lockers! I grab the weapons and ammo then go through the door.

I take the elevator up while Pritchard tells me I should be close to the Pangu.

I come out of the elevator and behold, lockers! To my right is a pocket secretary warning about a power cable that fell down. I grab some ammo and credits from the lockers to my left. I hack the door to my right, turn the power off then grab the energy bar, PEPS gun and ammo from the lockers. I open and crawl into the vent.

Inside the vent I don't turn left but continue forward to grab these two credit chips first. Then I head back and continue to the other side of the vent.

If like me you spotted even more lockers hidden behind those big white crates to my left, you'd be totally right! I jump over them and get some extra pathfinder XP then I loot the lockers for credits, ammo and a grenade. Using crates scattered around I make my way to the catwalk shown above.

I'm finally at the elevator to TYM. There are a couple things to take care of before going. I move the crate blocking the door to my right. In the small storage room are more lockers and after getting some ammo from them I use a small crate to access a hidden vent, as shown above.

Coming out of the vent I jump down the shaft. It's a long way down and requires the landing system augmentation to survive the fall. I grab the XP eBook, the reload speed weapon mod and the tranquilizer gun. Searching the body I get some credits, an access card for the TYM laboratory and a pocket secretary. I enter the vent and retrace my steps back to the main elevator.

The elevator takes me to a storage area with an amazing view of the city. I head left through the door.

This is a frendly area and I follow the hallway to this door. Once the two guards are done talking, one of them starts patrolling. I follow him and take him out. I search him and find a pocket secretary with the code 4713 for the labs. I go back to the second guard and take him out too. With those guys out of the way I can snoop around easily. I start with the unlocked lab to the left.

I search the highlighted drawer for some credits and grab the painkillers to my right. I move the wooden crates out of the way and behind them I find a trolley with a bunch of Typhoon and crossbow ammo. I also grab the energy bar pack and whiskey.

Across the corridor I hack my way into the security office. There is a lot of ammo spread around the room and another lab access card next to three helmets on a table. I hack the computer and turn the camera off. If I wanted a little action I could turn the robot against the guards, but instead I crawl into the vent.

I crawl out in this storage room. The lockers are empty so I exit and enter the restricted area to my left.

I hack the door at the back and go through.

I grab the ammo from one of the two drawers and, disregarding the vent, I exit through the door.

I talk to the guy guarding the doors to the lab. Since I have a pass, he lets me in.

Inside I turn right and go through the door. Nothing too interesting is inside so I go through another door to a second room.

In the second room I find a pocket secretary with the password "ghost" for the "jlai" terminal. The door in this room leads to the security office. I very quietly head inside.

I'm quick enough that I can take both these guards down without raising the alarm. I find ammo in two of the three drawers and hack the terminal and turn the camera off. I could turn the robot loose for some mayhem, too, if I so wished.

I exit the office and, snooping around, I find a pocket secretary with the password "ghong" for the terminal "lgeng". I take the stairs to my right and go up to the second floor.

I turn left here and go through the far door, highlighted above.

There are two labs in this section and the only loot is in lab B-2. I grab a sweet praxis kit from the drawer shown above and some ammo from another. I exit and go back toward the stairs.

On a workbench in front of the stairs is some combat rifle ammo. I go through the far doors.

I follow the corridor and overhear these two talking about vents in the data core room. I go up the stairs.

Hacking the door to server room A-3, I find a credit chip in the drawer. Further down the corridor, I get more credits from room A-2. I enter the last room, A-1.

From the drawer to my left I get a pocket secretary with the password "radium" for the terminal "squan". I grab the credit chip from the other drawer and exit through the back door.

This guard prevents access to the data core room, but points me, after an aromatherapy session, to the security room next to him. Strangely enough, if I get a little closer and use a takedown, he will fall out of view from the camera and no alarm will be raised. This way, I get his pocket secretary with the data core room code, 9762.

Right next to the security office is the laser-blocked way to the core room. Looks dangerous? Not so. I turn on my cloak, go through the lasers undetected and take the guard down. On him, I find the code 0703 for the back entrance to the core room.

To get into the security office I trick the guards. I open the door and hide while they come to investigate. Once they're back inside, I sneak in and easily take them out. I grab some ammo and credits from the drawers then get the password "muonrule" for the nearby security terminal. I use that terminal to open the doors to the core room and turn the cameras off.

In the locker room I grab some ammo on a bench and more ammo and credits from the lockers. There's no point in going in the vent, so I go through the back door of the security office.

This is the core room. I see a bunch of lasers sweeping the area, so the first thing I do is head to the vent on my right and find a box of goodies on the other side. Once I'm done with the vent, I use my cloak to go through the lasers undetected and dash to the small area pointed to by the arrow. Avoiding the lasers without a cloak is possible but a bit of a pain.

In front of me is a vent hidden behind a crate and a couple lockers with machine pistol ammo. I move the crate and crawl in.

The vent leads me straight into another security office. I use the code 9762 on the terminal to my right and turn off all the lasers. I take out the guard in front of me and for the first time in the game, I use the PEPS gun on the two others. That thing is sweet! I search lockers and drawers for ammo and credits and grab shotguns and a gas grenade from the weapon cabinet.

Straight across from the security office, through this other door, I search the lockers for some Typhoon and revolver ammo, a pocket secretary and computer with story elements. Once I'm done I get on the elevator to my right.

Walking out of the elevator starts a cutscene. Once it's over, I exit this weird room.

Avoiding these lasers is trivial with the cloak augmentation and still easy without. I go through the door.

In this corridor, the two archive rooms are devoid of any loot and only room A-2 has a computer with some story information. I turn right and go through the door to the office area.

Plenty of computers to hack and drawers to plow through. A couple of guards patrol the place but are easily taken down. From the nearby desks I get some PEPS ammo and credits plus some shotgun cartridges from the trolley. I hack the door to the small office I see ahead, later finding the code for it, 2967.

Here I grab some stun gun ammo from the drawer and use the password "pangutym" for the security computer. I turn the camera off. The robot I can release from this computer patrols the corridors past this area. I exit the office and continue to look around.

I look through all the drawers here and only find a few credit chips. At the far end of this area, to the left in the above picture, are more desks. I grab some stun gun ammo, credits and a pocket secretary with the password "sixiron" for the computer "htahn". I head through the door to the next area.

To my left there's a merc just chilling in his office while I see a security room at the end of the hallway. Using the tranquilizer gun I can one-shot this guy, through the glass, by carefully aiming at his head. No fuss, no muss, no alarm. I find 500 credits on him, ammo for the heavy rifle he's carrying and more ammo in his desk. The password for the computer is "ironfist".

I continue down the corridor and take the first door on the right. Inside, I move the white crate and find a vent. I crawl in and come out in the security office.

From inside the vent, I wait until these two guards are done talking and easily take them out with the tranquilizer gun.

I search the drawers, lockers and weapon cabinet for all manner of ammo and weapons. I hack the computer and get the code 3090 to the V.P. office just in front of this one. I exit the security office.

The door to the V.P. office is right in front of the exhibit numbered 2021, but aside from a computer with some story elements, there's nothing in there. I head through the door at the end of the corridor in front of me, grabbing the ammo on the cart on my way there.

I use my stun gun to zap the camera and temporarily disable it, then head underneath. On the computer I find the code for the door in this room, 6906. I can cloak real quick and unlock the door or go through the conference room, grab some ammo and punch through a weakened wall. Both ways lead to the elevator.

While the elevator takes me to the penthouse, Van Bruggen contacts me and hacks some credits into my bank account to thank me for helping him escape the Alice Garden.

I exit the elevator and enter the opulent office of TYM CEO, Zhao Yun Ru. I grab a pocket secretary under a couch, highlighted above, with the code 0117 for Madam's safe. From the desk I grab some ammo and a hypostim. I go up the stairs.

This is Zhao's desk. On my right, out of view, behind some white boxes, I get a mine template. On my left, under a couch, a revolver. From the desk I get revolver ammo then open the safe with the code 0117 to get some credits, a nice heat targeting weapon mod and a pocket secretary with a rather cryptic message. I go up the stairs and open the door.

After the cutscene is over, I find myself in a tough spot. The room below is now filled with guards that are converging on my location. I race down to a well-placed vent, highlighted above.

Coming out of the vent I take cover behind the couch. There are a lot of guards here and I just want to get out of this death trap. I flip from cover to cover and get close to the entrance.

Once I'm as close as I can to the door, I engage my cloak and get out. I take cover outside of the room as I overhear the guards talking about a surprise that's waiting for me at the exit of the building. From this spot I can mount a pretty good offense and after some time get rid of all the guards. One of them has a pocket secretary with the password "qilin" for the security computer in the hangar.

I turn around and head for the elevator.

I come out of the elevator and see some lockers containing ammo for the heavy rifle. I go through the doors.

Inside the hangar, I find the surprise the guards had planned for me; two security bots patrolling the room.

Taking down the security bots isn't too hard since I have a few EMP grenades. I wait until a bot gets close, then I cloak and throw a grenade. Kaboom!

I jump over the rails and see a few lockers with grenades, Typhoon ammo, a heavy rifle plus ammo and even some rockets for a rocket launcher. That's a lot of hardware! On the other end of the hangar, still on the east side, I find ammo for the heavy rifle.

Straight in front, behind the crates highlighted above, I find a rocket launcher and some ammo. The security office 2, on the left side of the picture above, has a security terminal I could have used to disable the bots without destroying them plus an XP eBook. Under the stairs to office 1 I grab some heavy rifle ammo and a jar of proenergy mix, then go up the stairs.

In the office, I search the drawer and find an EMP grenade, then hit the button on the console to open the doors that allow Malik to land inside the hangar. Before leaving, I go under the landing platform and grab some ammo and a pack of energy bars. I tell Malik to take me to Montreal.