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Deus Ex: Human Revolusion Walkthrough Singapore

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I turn around and hack the door to the storage room, in the shed is an ammo capacity weapon mod and a revolver. I exit the room and look for another door.

I open the door and spot these two guards talking. I crouch and hide while they start patrolling. When one of them enters the storage room, I take him down and from his pocket secretary I get the code for the dormitory, 1385. I dispose of the other guard while he patrols.

To my left I can see flashing lights around the signal jammer. I'll head into the dormitory through the hole in the fence as shown above. I push the dumpster, walk through and enter the building through the window.

In this first room I search the lockers for credits and ammo. I open the door carefully since a guard is patrolling.

This guard is easy to avoid and dispatch. In the room to his right I find a pocket secretary with the code 0111 for the jammer and grab the credits and ammo from the lockers.

To the right of the room I entered from is another sleeping quarter. In it, I find a rate-of-fire weapon mod and from the lockers I grab some Typhoon ammo and a credit chip.

In the room at the end of the hallway I find this guard and take him out before grabbing the pistol and credits from the lockers. I go through the door.

This room is crammed. First, I use the code 0111 on the console ahead to disable the jammer then use the security computer to turn the camera off. To my right is a supply room that I can hack into. I grab the damage upgrade weapon mod as well as the other ammo.

I make my way to the front doors, crouch down and walk out. To my right is the first building of the compound and avoiding the patrols isn't too hard with all the cover at my disposal.

I grab the credit chip behind this desk and head through the decontamination room to my right.

I take cover on the wall and look inside. This place is swarming with patrolling guards and security cameras. This guard patrolling close will be my first victim. I time my shot so that he lands out of view of anyone.

I quickly cloak and run to cover next to a bench. This room is open and raising an alarm is extremely likely if I stay in the open. I spot a vent on the other side of this bench as shown by the arrow. I recharge, engage my cloak and quickly crawl in.

I come out at the other end of the room and that makes things much easier. When the patrolling guard sits, I take him down and hide his body. On him I find the password for the security computer, "topfrag".

I use the password "topfrag" on the computer and turn the cameras off. The pocket secretary on the desk provides me with the code 9992 for the storage room and I grab the ammo from the case under the desk before heading through the far door to my right.

I grab the tranquilizer ammo before moving the cardboard boxes and heading through the hidden vent.

I crouch my way over to the door and follow the corridor, skipping room G-13. Room G-12 is open and this guard will be an easy takedown. Inside I punch through the weakened wall to room G-11.

The vent shaft leads me to the second floor where I find Nia Colvin. After a bit of talk I convince her to help me. Opening the door to my right is tricky as there is a guard patrolling the corridor.

Using my spidey sense I wait until the guard is sitting down, then open the door and take him out. I sneak past the camera to the end of the hallway.

I can hack into room G-23 or punch through the wall. With the security camera watching the door, I opt to punch through.

Inside I find a valuable XP eBook then exit and continue down the corridor, noticing the Skywalk as I go.

I open the door to room G-24 where a guard is dozing off on his chair. Bad for him, good for me! WHAM! On him I find the code for Colvin's office, 1504. I grab the credits and energy bar from this room.

I use the security computer in the adjacent office to turn the cameras off and go out through its door.

I turn right and take cover. I wait until the patrolling guard has his back turned, then crouch and run up the stairs to the third floor.

More patience is required as I wait for this guard to patrol away from the door. When he does I head through the door and enter room G-38.

Here, I grab a credit chip from the drawer under the desk, along with a pocket secretary with the code 2021 for room 22 on the second floor of the Biomech Lab. In the office next to this one, I grab some painkillers from the drawer then exit the office.

Walking down the corridor, I take cover behind a plant and peek ahead. Laser beams around a room are a dead giveaway for something important. I tranquilize this guard then drag his body close to the beams to deactivate them. I enter room G-33.

I find Eric Koss and he tells me that Declan might have the virus I need to complete my mission. With this done I sneak my way back to the Skywalk on the second floor to enter the second building.

In the second building I arrive at this entrance. There are two guards in the room and both of them are aggressively positioned. I decide to sneak my way past them and up the stairs to my right.

In the hallway I use the code 2021 and enter room B-22.

I grab a Stop worm and tranquilizer darts from the drawer then enter the vent.

In this room I take the two guards down and on one of them I find the password "keppler" for the "aoconnor" computer. Accessing that computer I find the code 5377 for Sevchenko's lab. The pocket secretary on the table to my right has the code for the laser beams near the elevator, 2535. I grab the tranquilizer ammo from the weapon cabinet and exit the room. I take the stairs down at the end of the hallway

This floor has several offices. Room B-11 has nothing new for me. I grab two energy bars and a credit chip from B-12; an energy bar pack and stun gun ammo from the cafeteria, B-13 and finally room B-14 has no loot but story information on its computer. I punch the code 2535 into the console to disable the lasers and get on the elevator.

I grab the painkillers highlighted above and continue down the hallway.

I enter the room to my left where I find Declan. He tells me I need to find a specific security terminal. I turn left coming out of the room and head into the morgue.

I can either go through this weakened wall or walk all the way back out, past the patrols and find the way to the security terminal. I evidently choose the punching way out, along with the bonus XP that comes with it. I make sure to turn off the valve behind the wall before moving ahead.

I come out in a safe spot and head to the end of this corridor.

A security bot patrols this area so I need to be careful. I head toward the red dumpster to the left and jump over it to find a secret area, where I get some mines, a shotgun and a sniper rifle. Straight in front of me is a storage locker I can hack to get a crossbow, a laser rifle and more ammo than I can carry. This much gear means only one thing; boss fight!

I carefully sneak my way past the camera and the patrolling robot and turn left into the tunnel.

Heading in I spot a camera. I sneak under then zap it with my stun gun and race into the security office.

In the office I loot the lockers for credits and mines then hack the security computer to switch off the camera and turn the robots against my enemies. I then use the disc reader to upload the virus. Show time!

As the two robots duke it out, I go through the gates that are now open.

I find even more ammo and a target-seeking weapon mod in this small storage room. I exit the room and take the elevator down.

As the elevator doors open, I notice from what I'm seeing that this is going to be one heck of a freak show... I walk out and the cutscene initiates.

After being totally freaked out by the shape-changing statues of the cutscene, I am equally freaked out by what is, in my opinion, the hardest boss of the game. Meet Jaron Namir or, rather, what he has become...

Going into this fight without a plan is hard and even harder if I had decided to have my biochip replaced, as I would now be fighting without any of my augmentations. I charge up on health and energy, load up my weapons and start running.

In this overhead view of the arena, I can see that the base of the statues are actually drawers filled with ammo, painkillers, grenades, weapons -- you name it. My strategy for this fight is to run in circles around the outer area of the room and never go into the middle. Jaron will chug grenades at me from time to time, so constant motion will help me to avoid those.

Jaron turns invisible from time to time, yet using my Smart Vision makes tracking him possible. The low energy cost of that augmentation means I can leave it on for most of the fight. I continue to run around, shooting at him when he gets close and avoiding the shots from his plasma rifle when possible.

Another strategy is to move to a corner and wait for Jaron to come into view, chug a few bullets at him, run to another corner and wait for him again. I love my machine pistol and upgraded it as much as possible so it does a great job on this fight -- especially with the target-seeking weapon mod installed.

No matter which tactics I choose, this freak is eventually going down for the count! I grab his plasma rifle and search his body for credits and ammo, then grab as much as I can from the drawers around the room. Once I'm done I head through the only open door.

After everything I went through, I manage to find Megan -- but things don't turn out like I expected. With Hugh Darrow playing everyone and Sarif caught in Panchaea, it's time to put an end to all this nonsense.

The freak show continues with this room... And that crash test dummy? I don't even want to know. After my flashbacks from "2001: A Space Odyssey" subside, I look around and see a computer and a safe. The computer has some nice story information about the next revolution in human augmentation, while the safe has a sizable amount of credits and an XP eBook. I take the elevator up.

I hit the button to open the roof doors and Malik takes care of all the loonies in this room. If I hadn't managed to save Malik back in Hengsha, I would have to fight these guys but they're pretty weak. Once I'm done, Megan tells me I need to use the shuttle to get to Panchaea.

After looting the bodies and shaking off more flashbacks, this time from "Moonraker", I hit the button and wait to be shot into orbit!