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Deus Ex: Human Revolusion Walkthrough Detroit 2

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After headin towards the weak wall, In the small utility room I see a vent and some lockers. I grab the ammo capacity weapon mod highlighted above and the energy bar from the lockers. At the bottom of the vent shaft I find 615 credits. I climb back up and head to my apartment.

During my talk with Sarif I learn that Sandoval helped the kidnappers during the attack on Sarif Industries. I need to talk to Taggart and learn about Sandoval's whereabouts. My first stop will be the Convention Center, just past the LIMB clinic. The clinic has a new supply of Praxis kits and both Grayson and Seurat have updated inventories. Time to head out!

When I get down to the lobby I'm verbally assaulted by my old pal Wayne. He got fired for letting me into the morgue. I play nice with him and tell him to apply at Sarif. He was so on edge that any other course of action would have set him off. I walk out and head for the clinic then the convention center.

Just as I arrive at the clinic, Pritchard contacts me. After filling me in on Sandoval he tells me about a detective named Radford that Sarif hired to check up on me. I will look into this once I'm done with Taggart. I grab the Praxis kits from the clinic and enter the convention center.

I'm inside the center and I can freely walk about. I head into the main hall.

I grab the energy bar to my left, as shown above, and a beer from one of the tables then I head upstairs.

I turn right toward the meeting room where Taggart is currently speaking. Once past the doors, I take the corridor to my right until I arrive at room 2005. I can explore safely once I'm done talking to Taggart.

After barging-in on Taggart's conference and twisting his arm in front of everyone, he agrees to talk to me backstage. I exit the room through the back door.

I enter the first waiting room to my right and before talking to Taggart, I grab the XP eBook from the coffee table, highlighted above. I enter the door to my right.

I find Taggart and two body guards in this cozy little room. After Taggart tells me Sandoval has an apartment not too far from mine, I close the door and show the bodyguards some augmented love so I can snoop around. I grab the beer and hack the security computer so I can turn the cameras off.

I break through the weakened wall at the back of the room and grab the credits chip as well as the ammo case. I exit this small room and turn right toward the exit door.

Since I had peaceful dealings with Taggart, I am free to go as a please. I head down the stairs and make my way outside of the convention center.

I bump into another old friend of mine on my way out. He wants me to track down Jacob White, a thug who got his hands on explosives and is intent to "Smash The State", as it were. I agree and head toward the police station to investigate.

Behind the police station, I go to the end of this alley.

Reaching the sewer entrance was the first step in finding White. Now I descend into the sewers and look for the lunatic.

I notice this weakened wall and a beeping mine in the distance. Behind the wall is a normal eBook and a pocket secretary with all the passwords to the police station computers. I crouch and slowly walk along the corridors, disabling mines as I go.

Once I'm done clearing the mines, I head to the very end of this corridor and turn left, as shown by the arrow. White is around here, walking back and forth.

I need to be careful and move the crate a little so that I'm not in White's line-of-sight, then I hack the terminal and make sure to only disable the turrets since I want to take White alive.

Taking cover, it's only a matter of waiting for White to turn around so I can take him down easily.

Lastly, I disable the bomb simply by shooting the containers. Mission accomplished! I head back out of the sewers and head back to the convention center to turn in the Jacob White side-quest. Once that's done I make my way to the basketball court to go see Bradford.

At the court I listen to the hobo shouting that "a sickness is coming, gray and deadly". What a lunatic, predicting a gray death sickness... I climb the ladder next to the court and enter the building through the window, as shown above.

I get on the upper floor and find the door to Detective Bradford in front of the MCB hangout I visited a while ago. My smart vision allows me to see that Bradford has company, so I sneak inside.

I see a man in black listening to Radford rant and I easily get the drop on him. The detective is in bad shape and won't talk to me until I get the trauma kit, highlighted above.

Radford gives me the code for the storage unit where he stored the files about me. I'll head there now, but before I do I get on the lower floor and go check out Seurat's updated inventory. I head toward Radford's storage locker using the hole in the fence at the back of the basketball court.

At the locker I find a whole lot of men in suits. The first one I can take out is the one inside, if I cloak and run in. The rest are easily dispatched once the guy patrolling gets behind the building.

Once they're out, I use the code 4062 on the safe and get the stuff inside, including the pictures. I also hack and read the emails on the computer to find that the mysterious Michelle lives in Brooklyn Court. I head back to the basketball court.

I pass the court and stop by this ladder, in front of Tindall's apartment building just behind the gas station. I climb all the way up to the roof and enter the building through the door.

I head down the stairs. To my right is Michelle's apartment, but I first head to the door at the end of the hallway to my right and hack it open. I find a credit chip next to the phone in the kitchen and an energy bar in the bathroom.

I enter Michelle's room and find her quietly waiting for her food delivery. She tells me about my parents and that my last name is actually not Jensen... Since I can't get much more out of this poor woman, I leave the building and get on with my main objective, Sandoval. I go to the Chiron building using the crawlspace behind the basketball court again.

In front of the Chiron building, behind a police car, is this small alley. I climb up the ladder and enter Sandoval's building. Using my smart vision, I spot two guys on a floor below. I go through the opened gate.

I wait until these two finish talking then head down the stairs and turn right.

I enter Sandoval's room and find a dead guy with a Praxis kit next to him. That looks too easy...

Moving the body, I find this clever trap! I simply pick up the mines but not the Praxis kit -- not yet. I head toward the door, cloak, and open it.

Inside, none other than Zeke Sanders starts looking around. I hide and let him go back inside, where I can easily get the drop on him.

Using the code I find on Sander's pocket secretary, 5463, I open the safe behind the picture frame. I grab all the ammo and credits then grab the Praxis kit from the other room before removing the crates in front of a door.

I move more crates around and find a breaker box that opens a secret passage. It seems Sandoval has a secret lair and there are two ways in: the weakened wall or the passage. Since breaking things usually gives more XP, I'll go the way of the wall.

Jumping down the pipes, I see two guys guarding the way to Sandoval. With proper timing I can take both of them out without too much trouble.

I search the lockers and weapon cabinets to grab all I can use, then climb down the ladder hidden in the red container ahead.

In the sewers, I look around and spy with my smart little eye, some lasers and guards patrolling. I first take down the guard patrolling this area.

With mines to my left and guards to my right, I decide to crouch and get in the crawl space next to the green barrel.

I follow the crawlspace for some bonus XP then finally come out in this corridor. I take the patrol down and search his body for a pocket secretary with the code 8218 for the laser grid.

I turn right past the lasers and slowly make my way around the corner. I open the door to Sandoval's bunker.

I talk to Sandoval for a bit and manage to convince him not to kill himself. Now that I found out that the GPL for Megan has been set to a lower frequency, I am done with my missions and once I'm done grabbing some ammo from Sandoval's bunker I exit through the other door.

Heading into the sewers, I find a weakened wall very close to the bunker. In it I find a sweet ammo capacity weapon mod and some credits. I continue and go down the ladder.

I hack the lock to this gate then go right, left, right, right, and finally up the ladder. I come out in the now-peaceful DRB territory and make my way to the Chiron building. This is the last I'll see of Detroit, so I make sure to pick everything I need from my apartment.

I tell Malik to take me to Sarif HQ and wave everyone goodbye. Nice job Jensen, or whatever my name is!

As I arrive at Sarif HQ, Malik tells me Pritchard isn't in his office and that I should go see Sarif.

Might as well stop by Pritchard's office since he's not there and grab the XP eBook from his desk. While I'm at it, why not access his computer with the password "nuclearsnke" and read some of his funny emails again! With that done, it's time to take the elevator to Sarif.

After a short talk with Hugh Darrow, the father of augmentation technology, Sarif sends me back to Hengsha to track down one of the kidnapped scientists. I head back down.

On my way to the helipad, I take the stairs down instead of heading out right away.

At the bottom of the stairs I turn left and go back into the vent I previously found. This time, at the bottom, I get some ammo.

I exit the vent shaft and pass the stairs then exit to the helipad. I head to the storage area again; it remained open since my last visit but new items have now popped up!

I grab the burst round weapon mod plus the tranquilizer, stun gun and Typhoon ammo. I head back up and go meet Malik.

Once again, this is my last visit to Sarif HQ so after looking around one more time, I hop in and leave for good.