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Deus Ex: Human Revolusion Walkthrough Detroit 1

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I make my way inside and go see Pritchard. Once there I get reminded why I don't like him then drop the Typhoon off. Time to go see Sarif.

I exit Pritchard's office and take a left heading to the elevator to Sarif's. I walk in on him in this dramatic shot while he's talking to Hugh Darrow. I get my next assignment; go to the police station to retrieve the neural hub of the terrorist hacker I killed earlier. I also need to go to the local clinic to get a checkup.

On my way down the elevator I get paged to my office. Once outside the elevator I go up two flights of stairs and look for my office. I had to run around a bit at first, but I eventually found it.

Once inside, I find Tim Carella waiting for me. Turns out he's the one behind the stolen drugs I found earlier and now he wants me to help him out by retrieving an incriminating tape from a guy named Tindall. I decide to help naughty Tim because deep down he's a really nice guy.

Time to head out into the city itself and explore at my own leisure. On my way out, I meet Megan's mom Cassandra. She asks me to look into Megan's death. I eagerly agree and she tells me to first hook up with the detective who was in charge of the case.

Looking at my objectives, I think I'll start by going to the clinic. I head north when I see a hobo looking through the trash. Turns out she used to be one of my informants from when I was a cop and offers to give me tips in exchange for credits. I decline for now and continue toward the clinic which is just around the corner.

The clinic is to my left but I see an old gas station to my right and decide to go check it out. Inside I find Grayson, an arms merchant. Here I can buy or sell all kinds of stuff. Very neat! When I come out of the station I go around to the right and grab a beer.

I'm glad I got the jump augmentation, because I find a doozy of a hidden stash on the roof of the gas station! I go behind the station, jump on the red dumpster then on the roof. In a vent I find a sniper gun, some ammo and a pocket secretary! To the right right I note the door leading to detective Chase marked in blue.

I jump down behind the gas station and pay Chase a visit. He tells me to check the police station and storage locker for clues about Megan's case. He gives me the code 4891 for the locker and with some convincing the code to a safe, 7196.

I head inside the building, behind Chase, and all the way up the stairs. I turn right, through a door and the only other door I can open is Thorpe's. I head in and Greg tells me if I mention his name I will get a discount from Seurat, a gun runner in a building on Earl's Court.

Unknowingly, Greg will provide me with even more help. I head into their bedroom and from the nightstand to my left I read an eBook for some XP and note a painting on the wall that I can activate. Behind it, a hidden safe! I crack it open for some more XP and credits.

I exit the building and turn left into a small alley. I think it's time I helped Tim with his blackmail issue. I turn left when I see these two bums near a dumpster and hack the fence for some XP and credits. I push the dumpster near the same fence and jump over for 200 more XP points! Sneaky!

Once I'm past the fence I don't go inside right away. Instead I jump over the cement blocks to my right for exploration XP, an energy bar and some credits. I head back and enter Tindall's building.

Once inside I go straight then turn right to find Tindall's apartment. I easily hack the door and walk inside. A hypostim is hidden under the fridge; only available if I have the augmentation to move heavy objects. A must for explorer types. I go through the door to the bedroom.

Once inside I find what I was looking for. When I read the second email on the terminal, a crazed junkie comes in looking for Tindall. I close the door and crouch, waiting for him to walk in. When he does, I take him down easily and get all kinds of XP bonuses for it. Looting the drawers, I score a sweet 520 credits plus a pistol. The emails tell me Tindall will be behind the gas station, near the red dumpster.

I leave, passing the locked door in front of Tindall's apartment. I'll be back for it later. I go back to the gas station to meet Tindall. There are several ways to deal with him. One is to simply shoot him, another is to use the social enhancer augment to convince Tindall to give me the tape, or, lastly, to take care of the two thugs as he asks.

I decide to help Tindall and deal with the thugs causing him problems. I head back to the alley and turn right in front of Tindall's fence gate as I wave to my two bum friends. I find the thuggish BEE-K and P-GEE in the basketball court. Shooting these guys will alert all the thugs in a four block radius, so I decide to take a different approach.

I climb up the fire escape ladder right next to the court to have a nice bird's eye view of the place. Then I use the tranquilizer gun to take them down, getting enough XP for another praxis point in the process! Note that a headshot with the tranquilizer gun will instantly disable your opponent.

I jump back down and loot the bodies for cash and ammo. I then get the urge to shoot some hoops, augmented cyborg style! I move a dumpster and some barrels around, grab the ball and jump on the top of the hoop.

I drop the ball and, voila! I get the Balls achievements! Now, back to more serious matters. I disregard the level 5 storage locker for now and go back to Tindall, behind the gas station.

Tindall finally gives me the security footage. I offer to hook him up with someone at Sarif so he doesn't have to steal Neuropozyne anymore. With my good deeds done, I proceed in front of the station and see my friend Tim waiting for some good news.

Before I talk to Tim I decide to turn right and visit the clinic. Once inside, Dr. Marcovic tells me I can buy Praxis kits from them. I get the two kits they have for sale and a few other goodies. I then head out and go see Tim.

I tell Tim I got the footage back and he's so appreciative he gives me a weapon mod. Tim vanishes so fast I didn't even have time to tell him how much he looks like a younger Woody Allen. But no matter, time for me to go on with my business and visit the police station.

I go up these stairs to the metro station then all the way to the other end. Coming out of the station, I turn right and go past the police station. Yes, yet another distraction. I'm going to check out the locker detective Chase told me about.

I walk on Jefferson Dr. until I note some conspicuous-looking area to my right, and the even more conspicuous hobos around a fire to my left. I use the dumpster to jump over the fence to my right. There are also some crates around I could use to help me get over.

On the other side I find a pistol, and on the dead body I grab an energy bar, some ammo and a pocket secretary. I find the code to a chop-shop, 2356, which is in Tindall's apartment building. I'll pay them a visit next time I'm in the neighborhood.

Behind our conspicuous hobos is a door leading to this little piece of electrified paradise. Since I don't have the EMP shielding augment, I decide to grab the crate behind the hobos (snatching their beer while I'm at it) and, using the one in the tunnel, I make myself a crate bridge. Dropping one in front of me, I jump on it, pick up the one behind and repeat.

Three hours later, I find a breaker box in the middle of the tunnel along with an energy bar. I shut the darn thing off and walk out the other side to find the storage locker Chase told me about.

I use the code 4891 to get inside; there's a lot of reading material here. I open the safe with code 7196 and make sure to read all the eBooks inside the safe. I then grab Megan's bracelet and head back out. I find some booze next to some hobos. In this alley alone are three different ways to get inside the police station!

Climbing up the fire escape leads to the side entrance. This puts me on the second floor and I'll have to sneak my way around. If I'm spotted, the whole station will be on alert. Not good. The vent at the very top rewards some XP, but puts me in a similar situation near the side door. I choose to go in through the front door, like any normal augmented corporate henchman would.

As I arrive at the police station, I meet with the unsavory Chet Wagner. I get nothing out of him, so I decide to talk to the officer at the desk.

At the desk I meet an old colleague, Wayne Haas. He's the one that can let me in but he deeply resents me. I choose the dialogue option Plead, Crush, Crush and Absolve. Wayne is happy and lets me in.

Once past the doors, I see this guy playing his video game. Since I need to hack things around, it's best if I take him down first which proves to be easy enough. I hide the body in the men's bathroom where in a stall I find a pocket secretary with the code 1856. I don't need to use the nearby vent, but it does give an exploration bonus.

Outside the bathroom, I find and hack into Wayne's office where I find some painkillers in the trashcan. Minding the security camera, I hack the computer and turn that camera off.

Next to Wayne's office is Melanie's. I use the code 1856 to get in and find a pistol in her drawer and 250 credits on her desk. On the shelves, I find a pocket secretary with the password "patriotism" for the armory. On her computer is Penn's office code, 2419 as well as 7668 for the laser grid.

Leaving the office I walk into the cafeteria where I find a pocket secretary with the code 2231 for Gum's office. I exit and go in the main area of the station.

In this open area, I go through all the desk drawers for quite a bit of ammo and credits. Hacking the computers will require me to go to the second floor and take out the officer highlighted above and hide him in the office just behind him. I go up near the officer in question.

I open the office with code 2419, knock the officer down and drag his body into the office. Wow, there's a lot in this office and it's also an objective in Megan's murder side-quest. I grab the Stop worm behind me, the credits chip and the pocket secretary with the code for the morgue, 9212. A pistol and ammo are in the drawer.

Hacking the computer I find out that none other than Joseph Manderley is meddling with Megan's investigation! I read the emails to complete another objective, then use the code 7668 on the laser control panel to deactivate it and get inside the vent. I keep going straight, not turning at the intersection.

I come out of the vent inside the armory and take the guard down. In the drawer I get some ammo and a pistol and use the password "patriotism" to access the computer. I turn off the cameras and open the doors to the goodies in the armory. Inside I find a whole bunch of ammo, a rate-of-fire weapon mod and a PEPS gun.

I exit the armory through the door and on my way out I hack the office on my left. Inside I find a shotgun, a pocket secretary with the code 3727 for Alexander's office, some ammo and credits in the drawer. The computer has no critical information on it.

Out of the office I turn right toward the stairs and spot an energy bar plus some credits in an employee rest area. Behind me I hack the alarm panel for some delicious XP and take the stairs to the upper floor.

I turn right on the third floor and crawl into the vent. This will allow me to access several offices on this level. My first stop is the office of this sleeping guy. That's your money at work people! I knock him out, grab the Stop worm and loot him for some credits.

Back in the vent, turning right, my second stop is my old pal Wagner's office. Let's see what I can find in here! I grab a bunch of credits from his drawer and hack his computer. Reading the last email I find out Wagner is mixed up with drug dealers. That's some serious leverage and I can't wait to talk to him again.

The last stop at the end of the vent passageway is Alexander's office. I grab the pistol on the desk, ammo from the drawer, the credit chip highlighted above and a machine pistol hidden behind some book in the shelves to my right. Nothing much is on the computer.

I walk out the door and enter the office in front of Alexander's, where two guys talk about the movie Robocop. I disregard this funny guy and teach him a lesson by grabbing the vodka from his desk drawer!

I walk out and use Gum's code 2231 to open the last office to my left. I'm right in front of the camera so I'm careful to avoid it and the patrol. Inside I find a shotgun plus some ammo and credits in the drawer. I hack the computer but there's not much on it.

I exit the office and go back toward the stairs. I pass them and enter the office on the other side of the floor, interrupting an interrogation. I grab the credits from the desk to my right, more credits in a drawer and a pistol on a shelf at the very end of the room. I'm done on this floor and go back to the stairs then all the way to the first floor.

After some time and using all manner of objects to block the officers' field-of-view, I manage to knock everyone out without anyone raising an alarm. Of the nine computers, four can be hacked. After I'm done with them, I head down to the morgue using the stairs.

On the basement floor, I take the vent to my right and follow it to the end. I end up in this office in the detention block. Knocking out both guards I get the password "blues" to the security computer to my left. I grab a shotgun and use the security computer to turn the cameras off.

I exit the office, pass in front of some working girls and hobos in the holding cells, and through the doors into a locker room. I grab an energy bar, several pistols, ammo and a sweet reload speed weapon mod hidden in a locked at the back of the room!

I turn around and exit the locker room through the morgue doors. Once inside, Gerald tells me that he didn't remove the neural hub and he'll turn a blind eye to me helping myself, as per Manderley's orders. Dear old Joseph. I grab the hub and Sarif tells me I should head to my apartment. With the newfound knowledge that I have a place I call home, I grab the Nuke virus next to the body, 400 credits and an XP book from Gerald's desk and another Nuke virus from the drawer. There's also a Hypostim on the counter near the doors.

I'm all done at the police station. Time to leave and make Wagner spill the beans on my way out! Once I got what we wanted from him, I exit the police station.

Once outside, Pritchard tells me Jenny Alexander wants to meet me at Grand River Road. It's on my way home, so why not! Outside the police station, facing the bank, I turn right and walk until I see some working girls. On the left side of the road, Jenny is posing as one of them.

Jenny wants me to help her bring down a dirty cop named O'Malley. I need to go check out his apartment, go in Derelict Row and then pose as a hitman. Oh and while I'm at it, be stealthy too! But first things first. I'm heading to my apartment to deal with this neural hub business.

My home is in the Chiron building, at the end of Grand River Road. I go in and find Megan's mom just hanging around. I tell her what I discovered about the investigation and also choose to give her Megan's bracelet. With that quest over I get a praxis point and take the elevator up to my place.

Not to brag but I got myself a pretty sweet flat and with a great view to boot! The kitchen has a firearm hidden behind some boxes; so does the living room. I sneak under my work bench, shown above, and grab some painkillers I must have dropped. I go into my bedroom.

I grab the XP book on the nightstand to my right, the combat rifle next to the cardboard box and search the drawer for ammo. In the bathroom I grab the energy bar pack. I use my computer so Pritchard can analyze the neural hub. After the cutscene I read my emails to find the code to my secret stash, 5375!

Going back to my living room, I punch the code 5375 into the security console and check out what I stashed away! A pistol, ammo, credits and an armor piercing weapon mod! I can safely drop all gear I don't want to carry since I'll be running around quite a bit. Once I'm done, I exit my building.

Outside, I get a message from Pritchard telling me one of my informants, referring to me as "Cholo", wants to see me in an alley off Bagley Avenue; noted. For now, I'll head next to the police station to meet with O'Malley, pretending to be the hitman he's waiting for.

In front of my building I turn right to head toward Grand River Road. Barely taking a couple steps, I note this alley. I head in and find a pocket secretary, highlighted above, giving me the code 2928 for a storage locker. Heading further in the alley, I find a credit chip hidden behind the two silver dumpsters (inset).

Going around the big red dumpster I find the storage locker matching the code I found, 2928, and grab a stun gun and some ammo from it. I go down the stairs and crouch into the crawlspace pointed to by the arrow above. I turn left inside the crawl space and walk out.

On my way to the police station, I notice a manhole leading to the sewers. This seems like a sensible route to reach O'Malley so I hold my breath and jump in.

The sewers are pretty straightforward. I walk past a few hobos and come to this spot, just before a ladder. I punch through the wall and find some firearms. I continue down the ladder and since I don't have EMP Shielding yet I'm careful not to step in the electrified sewer juice flowing down here.

I slowly make my way through the sewers and see a guy hanging around. He isn't too keen on letting me pass so I introduce him to my PunkBuster. Soon enough everything is sorted out.

Two more punks, two more dead bodies. I could also easily sneak around but a direct approach is quicker here. Not much else to see. To my right is the sewer entrance to the police station, no use going there. I go left, follow the sewer all the way to the end and take another left.

Near more hobos I find another weak wall. Behind it is a shotgun, some ammo and a pocket secretary with the code 2599 to get into the police station through the sewers. Continuing ahead I find a ladder heading out. At the end of the alley I find O'Malley, just standing there.

O'Malley tells me I need to get a weapon, kill Double-T and plant the murder weapon in a rival's gang stash in order to start a gang war. I'll see about that, Mister Man. Visiting his apartment sounds good right about now. I head back to the crawlspace I used to come here, turn left and exit near the basketball court.

Now, it just so happens that Double-T's hangout is right next to O'Malley's building. What a coincidence, huh? On the other side of the court, I climb the ladder and head toward the window pointed to by the arrow above. I find a Stop worm on the highlighted electrical panel before entering the building.

Once inside I take the stairs up and take cover to listen to these two MCB thugs. One walks inside the apartment allowing me to easily take out the other one and find the bedroom code 3733 on his pocket secretary.

Peeking inside, I see two more bangers. I silently take out the one walking back and forth in the kitchen then manage to dispatch the other two without alerting anyone.

I open the bedroom door as a distraction and none other than Double-T himself comes to investigate. I tranquilize him and another thug comes to investigate and gets the same medicine. I loot everyone then grab a beer and a pistol from the living room.

In the bedroom I find two pistols, some credits and a Stop worm. The computer is hard to hack and doesn't contain anything critical. I spot two lockers in the bathroom and grab a grenade, a shotgun and some more ammo. With my job done here, I head back to the lower floor and turn right.

I go all the way to the end of the hallway to find the gun dealer Seurat. I mention Thorpe's name and get a discount on some cool hardware. If I wanted to be really wicked, I could have sprinted down to Seurat's room and taken down his bodyguard while he was still outside the room, finding over 180 credits on him. Later in the game, Seurat will have new goods to sell.

While the main room of Seurat's apartment is rather unimpressive, the bedroom is another story. How shocking! All alone in his bedroom, that sexy-looking... safe! Investing yet another point in hacking, I manage to hack the safe open. Inside, I find a pistol, ammo and a pocket secretary with codes 1904 for a storage locker and 6542 for the security system inside said locker. I grab the XP eBook on my way out of Seurat's apartment, making sure not to wake up the missus.

I hack the door to the apartment next to Seurat's and get in. In the kitchen, I find an almost-hidden pocket secretary with the code 0739 for the safe in the bedroom.

In the bedroom is a mess of a computer to hack (inset)... wow. After numerous attempts, I get XP and credits and a bunch of conspiracy emails. Behind the picture frame is a hidden safe. Using the code I open it and find a pistol and a nuke virus.

I'm done here and head back out through the window. Anyone want to bet that the codes I found in Seurat's safe open that storage locker in the basketball court?

Huh, whaddayaknow. I punch in the code 1904 and the door opens. Inside I carefully remove the box and barrels to my right to access the security console and punch in the code 6542. I grab some combat rifles and different types of ammo and make sure not to open the valve behind the white crate.

O'Malley's apartment is in the same building as Tindall's, so I leave the basketball court and head that way. Tindall's building is right past the gated fence to my right and I'm really focused on getting this side-quest done now.

Entering Tindall's building I go up to the second floor, turn right and come to a locked door. I hack it open and head in.

Inside I find a second locked door. I take a pocket secretary from the white shelves with the code 1029 for the locked bedroom door. I go in, then... I reload my game. Note to self: don't run into a room full of beeping, flashing mines. To get close and disarm the mines, I crouch and hold the 'walk' key to slowly walk toward them. I grab the crossbow ammo from the bed and a shotgun from the bathroom.

The bedroom drawers are empty and hacking the computer reveals the code 0002 for the outside gate. I move the picture frame and hack the safe open for a Nuke virus and some shotgun ammo. Straight across from the safe, on the table with a lamp, are some drugs! That's what I need to nail O'Malley. I exit the room, head for the stairs and go up again.

On the third floor I open the door to the chop-shop with the code 2356. Inside I find some painkillers and another locked door. No beeping or red flashing light this time so I hack open the door and walk in. I later find the code for this second door, 8221.

I grab the XP eBook and hack the computer for the code to the locked gate, 3663. On top of leveling up as I open the gate, I find a sweet praxis kit inside the cage! I grab the pack of energy bars plus some pistols from the weapon locker. I leave the building by going all the way to the top floor and out on the roof for some bonus XP then down the fire escape.

I will be checking out the mysterious contact that Pritchard told me about, but first I head to the gas station to offload some hardware then turn right toward the convention center. To my left is a storage locker that I can hack for a couple beers and to my right is the entrance to the convention center. I go in.

The convention center is closed, but a few bangers call it home and don't want me to get any closer. If I'm quick I can just run to the bathroom to the left of the vending machine, grab the credit chip, enter the vent, grab the hidden stash on top of the vending machine (inset) and run back out. All they do is become alarmed and tell me to get lost, but they never open fire.

Time to meet our contact. I head back toward the gas station and then proceed east toward Sarif Industries. The alley I'm looking for is at the end of Bagley Avenue, in front of Sarif Industries, as shown by the arrow above.

Shockingly, or not, my contact is Zeke Sanders. Feeling he owed me a favor, he gives me a pocket secretary named "sitrep" with some helpful codes on it, including 7984 which is the facility door code and can also be used on all dedicated terminals. Also on this PDA is the account "spaxxor/neuralhub" which can be used on all upcoming security hubs. On the red dumpster next to him I find a Nuke virus and get some bonus XP.

Before leaving the alley I hack the storage locker and find an ammo capacity weapon mod plus some credits.

Now that I'm done with Sanders I go back in front of the Sarif building and look for these storefronts. I see the cardboard box on top of them and use the phone booths to jump up there. I grab an energy bar pack, receive some bonus XP and continue forward.

In front of the metro station, right behind the bus stop, there's this fence. I jump over and find several credit chips up for grabs. I jump back over, enter the metro station and exit on the other side. It's time to continue the investigation on that crook O'Malley.

I go down the stairs of the metro station and turn left. I head toward the crawlspace I used before and turn right once inside. I exit near my apartment building.

I go in past the Chiron building, toward these two metal containers. Going around the containers I notice one is open and I grab some painkillers inside.

Once that's done I go through the door behind the two hobos and at the end or the corridor, next to some boxes, I find the crossbow O'Malley told me to get. To my right are three big crates and two DRB thugs are behind them. I'm not going to worry about them for now. There are several ways to get into Derelict Row. I'll choose the high ground.

Walking back out I pass the Chiron building and stop by this alley. I climb the ladder all the way to the top and enter the door. I go through the building and come out the other door to the rooftop. I could have sneaked my way here from street level, but this is quicker and safer.

The roof is a great sniping position and it also lets me see many different ways to get into Derelict Row. The door to my left and the manhole are two ways in, as is the inset picture; but that way requires going through a weakened wall. I squint really hard and spot some painkillers in the car below me. The arrow at the far end of the alley shows the location of a storage locker.

I take down everyone silently with my tranquilizer gun. Looting the bodies I find a pocket secretary with the code 0187 to their storage locker, plus ammo and credits. In the locker I find pistols, credits and ammo. In the hidden weapon cabinet, I get shotguns and machine pistols. I head back toward the manhole and jump in.

I turn right at the first intersection and see some hobos hanging around. At the second intersection I see a crawlspace to my left. Going that route would let me bypass all the bangers but I would need to have the rebreather augmentation which I currently don't. Besides, going that way might have me skip some interesting loot, so I turn right.

Around the corner, through the steam, I see a banger patrolling the area. I tranquilize him and walk to the end of the tunnel; to my right is a makeshift barricade.

I use the tranquilizer gun to take them out. Once that's done I jump over and loot the bodies. On one of them I find a pocket secretary with a code for the antenna hub, 5962.

Going forward, I look to my right and see this weakened wall. Punching through I discover a praxis kit and some credits! I have a couple unassigned points so I take the cloak augmentation. The cloak is amazingly useful up to the very end of the game!

I take the passage behind the thugs' couch and at the end of the sewers I head up the ladder. As I climb, Pritchard tells me to hurry it up.

Once outside I spot the two possible passages, highlighted above. From now on I must be careful if I want to complete my secondary objective and remain undetected while in DRB territory.

I decide to go left. I move the barrels and find the DRB weapon cache! I need to move back and forth because it's not highlighting, but I can eventually use the suitcase and discover that it is O'Malley's weapon shipment! I have now completed all of Jenny's side-quest but since I'm here I'll continue on the main mission before heading back.

Getting to the antenna from here is pretty easy, but I would bypass a lot of loot and XP. I head back toward the manhole, go out through the hole in the fence then as shown above, I jump on the container to the far right and over the fence.

To my right is a lavishly decorated 3 bedroom dumpster. I find a pocket secretary hidden in the cardboard box, with the code 3290 for a nearby door. I reluctantly leave the dumpster and climb down the manhole.

After chatting with the hobo, I use the valve at the end of the tunnel to turn off the toxic gas filling the crawlspace. I crouch and go in to find a credit chip. Nothing more to see this way, so I turn around and head back outside.

I climb up the stairs behind the hobos and unlock the door with the code I just found, 3290.

A patrolling guard heard me walking around so I take cover and shoot him down. I carefully walk inside the room at the end of the corridor.

There's another guard inside this room. I flip from cover to cover until I reach the other end of the room. From there, taking down this punk is way too easy. Right behind the thug is a sweeeeet rocket launcher. I had to drop most of my unmodified weapons to even pick it up, but I can't pass on this bad boy.

Looking up, I spot a vent. I open it and stand right under its opening. Looking up I center my jump (see inset). I jump while moving forward and manage to crawl in, after a few tries anyway. I get bonus XP as I come out on the other side.

I go down the ladder and jump down on some boxes. Behind them is this other vent.

There's a bunch of guys at the other end of the vent so I open it up and very slowly push the crate and make my way out, sure to stay hidden.

Taking cover behind the concrete blocks, I wait for the patrol to head back and take him down. I'm far-enough away that the group in the distance won't notice me.

I'm going through this mission from the way opposite that I should. For that reason bad guys will face me instead of conveniently having their back to me. If I go close, that guy behind the red dumpster that I can barely see (highlighted above) will spot me. What I do is aim right and take him down so the others converge on his location.

Once the guy facing me is down, taking down the rest is easy. Ahead is the way back into the city. Instead I go inside, turn left then head through the door.

Behind the door are two passages, both lead to the same room but the one on the right is more stealthy.

I take out this patrol and head down the stairs where I find a weakened wall. I manage to punch through it without alerting anyone.

As a patrol comes close to the wall I busted through, everyone gets alerted. For some inexplicable reason, two of them run off the opposite way, leaving a single guy for me to deal with. I need to be extra careful of the windows in this place, the guys outside can easily spot me.

By shooting a decoy shot at the barrels I get the thug's attention. As he turns his back to investigate, I take him down. His buddy get the same fate.

Using stealth and cover, I head forward and turn right after looting the bodies. On some barrels I find an XP eBook and next to them a pocket secretary with the redundant code 5962 for the antenna. I continue up the stairs, into the next room and out the door.

I turn right past the door and along the wall. I spot this dumpster and quickly jump on it, over the wall and turn right toward the door.

The door will take me to the antenna and the end of this mission. But first I decide to take out the dude patrolling, to my right outside of the picture, and climb up the ladder.

I decide to use my perch to snipe down everyone left out here. Totally uncalled for, I know. Once I'm done with this shameful deed, I go back down the ladder and through the door.

Around the corner I spot a DRB member relieving himself in a corner. This place must stink something serious. Not afraid to get my hands dirty, or wet in this case, I take him down.

I grab the energy bar pack and sneak past the two guys watching TV, then slip into the elevator shaft to my left. Going up the ladder I hear the now-familiar beeping of mines. I slow my pace as I climb a second ladder.

Once on the upper floor, I see four mines. I crouch, hold the walk key and disarm each mine. Once that's done I continue to the next door.

While these two guys are talking, I slip outside and wait for one of them to go back in. I follow him and take him out, then his friend outside gets it too. I head to the antenna and enter the code 5962 then deactivate the jammer.

Faridah comes to pick me up; it's time to continue tracking the thugs responsible for the attack on Sarif.

After landing, I head toward the guys in the corner and spot two containers. In the first I find some ammo and an energy bar. In the second, behind some guy, I find more ammo. I buy ammo and a weapon mod from the gang leader, talk to him some and head on.

Looking around I spot some hidden revolver ammo, highlighted above. As shown by the arrows, I climb on the red container using the crates then jump on the ladder. I drop down to get the ammo.

I take the credit chip from a chair then head through the only usable door.

Inside I spot another credit chip on the shelves and stop to gaze on the beauty of the graffiti on the wall. Feeling mentally refreshed, I continue into the building for a cutscene.

After the cutscene, I look out the window and manage to spot a guard. Fearing he will pose a threat later, I shoot him right through the window with my silenced machine pistol. I continue as I grab a credit chip from a crate.

I open the door and wait until these guys are done talking. I go inside the red container to my left and pick up some ammo and credits.

Taking cover behind the booth, I can easily take out this guard with my machine pistol (the weapon of choice for this area). I quickly hide the body.

Still under the cover of the booth, I take out this other guard.

And finally this one. Two of his chums come to investigate, and from this distance they are easily dispatched. This whole area seemed pretty-well guarded but that was all the resistance there was; pretty weak.

The red container on wheels has its door open so I hop in to find a stun gun and some ammo.

Past the container I find more ammo in a crate and see a trailer with the number 3 on it. I go inside through the window.

I find a lot inside. A disturbing pocket secretary about a man and his passion, a credit chip, ammo and a laser targeting weapon mod! I exit through the door.

A weird layout of malfunctioning generators -- or whatever these things are -- is next to the trailer. I climb on and flip the breaker switch. Walking inside, I find some painkillers and ammo.

Next to the generator garden, amidst some crates, I grab more ammo. I turn back, pass a forklift with its light on and also pass the front door.

In front of the truck I grab some ammo and a grenade. There is some hidden ammo under the scaffolding (1) and I climb on top of it to get some credits and a precious Typhoon clip from a crate (2). I make sure to keep all the Typhoon ammo I find for later in the game.

In front of the truck are two big red containers. Behind them is this locked fence. I hack it, grab the shotgun, ammo and a grenade and hop on the ladder. I go around the ledge and enter through the door.

Once inside I come to these windows. I spot a couple guards and one of them has a sniper gun. I switch to my tranquilizer gun and easily take them both down; they don't even see me up here. After grabbing the credit chip behind me, I take the door to my left.

Looking down, I see a guard patrolling. He is hard to see through the dust or smoke, but I take him down with my tranquilizer gun.

Looking left, another guy is patrolling and I take him down too. I move toward the far end of the catwalk.

He is hard to see, but inside this other trailer is a guy about to take a nap. Shooting him brings another patrol which I hastily take out too. That took care of all the bad guys running around this place.

I notice a vent but first I go around the corner of the catwalk and grab the sniper rifle then crawl into the vent and take two of the three ladders down.

I crawl into another vent and come out in this small room. I grab the sniper and revolver ammo and exit through the door, turning right.

Just before the laser gate, I head toward the stairs and enter the office. On my way I grab the combat rifle ammo behind the cardboard box on top of the barrels in front of me.

As I enter, I grab the tranquilizer darts to me left (out of view), a credit chip and Nuke virus on the far left shelves and an energy bar next to the security computer. I access the computer with the password "neuralhub" and turn the cameras off.

I go out of the office using second door and turn left. I grab the credit chip and notice a vent. No use going there. I head the other way -- pointed to by the arrow -- and take the ammo from the black-wrapped crate. There's nothing else to see up those stairs. I turn and head back to the office, out the other door and to the laser gate I saw earlier.

I use the code 7984 to deactivate the lasers. I could also have activated my cloak and gone through undetected. To my right I get the sniper and revolver ammo then head back left.

Before I get to the trailer, I see some revolver ammo on a table and a credit chip on another.

In the trailer itself, there's a credit chip, weapon capacity mod, PEPS ammo and a pocket secretary for the computer, with the password "ntlsec59". Sleeping beauty laying here has an EMP grenade on her. These guys work themselves too hard! On the computer, I find an email with Manderley ordering the evacuation of this location.

I take another look around for loot then head for the elevator doors. I grab the ammo on the crate near the vent and press the elevator button; going down Alfred, please.

As I come out of the elevator, I run and crouch behind the crates. I grab another EMP grenade and some ammo as I prepare to disable the huge robot. I move right, still under cover, and time my throw so the two guards are close to the robbot when it goes off. The bot explodes and kills the two guards.

With everyone alerted, I take cover and roll to my right then quickly crawl under the platform. This is a pretty safe sniping position and I manage to kill three guards patrolling the upper catwalk without them spotting me. Moving the white crate, I take a few steps in the hidden crawlspace behind it to get the bonus XP. I can now safely run around.

I grab the contents of the ammunition case and head to detention cell A in front of me. I grab ammo from the crate next to the door then jump over the pipes and into the cell.

Inside I find some ammo to my right and to my left another sweeeet rocket launcher! I make room in my inventory and grab it since I left the other one in my apartment. Highlighted just above the launcher, outside the cell, is more ammo.

I head for the stairs and go up. To the very far left, there's some sniper and combat rifle ammo. Out of view to my left are a set of doors. On the other side are crates and under one is a stun gun plus ammo, as shown above. I loot the bodies and go through the door in front of me.

In the small office I find a Nuke virus and stun gun ammo. I go through the back door, picking up some combat rifle ammo from a crate, then head through the other door in this office.

Turning the corner, I see this guard patrolling on the level below. I grab the PEPS ammo to my right, dispatch the guard and climb down. On the lower floor I grab the pistol ammo behind the yellow-wrapped crate, loot the body and continue toward Detention Cell D.

At the security office I grab some darts, credits and a pocket secretary with the password "usprotkt" for the nearby computer; nothing critical in it. I decide to invest one of the praxis points I saved in Turret Domination. I access the security computer with the password neuralhub, disable all cameras and set the turret on "enemies". Show time!

The turret killed all but one guards; a sniper is still walking on the upper catwalk. Right behind me, outside of view, is a vent hidden behind a box. I take a few steps in to get the XP bonus then walk back out. I grab the ammo in front of me then loot the bodies, making sure to not be seen by the sniper.

Searching each room for loot, I end up with various types of ammo: an energy bar, a credit chip hidden on a chair and a couple of pocket secretaries (one with the passcode "bullskull" from interrogation room B2). There's also some combat rifle ammo on a crate in one of the corners of this large room.

Deciding to get more bang for my buck, I go back to the turret, grab it and go up the stairs! That sniper didn't even have a chance to fire a single shot! I drop the turret and enter the security office to my left.

I access the computer with the password "crrctions", but find nothing interesting. Under it, I grab the content of the ammo case and enter the small room to my left.

I use the password "neuralhub" on the security computer, turn the camera off and open the door to the weapon locker. Inside I get some sweet Typhoon, rocket, and shotgun ammo.

I head back to the detention room and head for the left office at the end of the catwalk.

I grab the pocket secretary, the credit chip and the stun gun ammo. Under the left desk is more combat rifle ammo. The pocket secretary has the computer password "hmldsec1" and I read some more emails from Manderley. I enter the vent and crawl to the next office, picking up a credit chip inside the vent.

In this office I get credits, tranquilizer ammo and a Stop worm. I grab a fully-loaded hidden machine pistol on top of the shelves to my right. I access the computer with "hmldsec2" and read some more fascinating emails.

I exit, turn left and enter security office A, where I find some credits, stun gun ammo, a Nuke virus and an EMP grenade. Always using the same security password, "neuralhub", I access the computer and turn off the remaining cameras.

I exit, go back on the first floor and head through the door at the end of the detention block.

I turn right and follow the passage to another set of doors. On the other side are two FEMA officials. I could have talked to them if I came all this way peacefully, but now they are hostile and I'll need to take them out.

I hack the doors and head into the locker room. I find some credits, painkillers, a Stop worm, sniper and combat rifle ammo.

I exit the locker room and spot some credits in the rest area. I go to the secured room pointed to by the arrow above and access the door with the code 7984.

I grab an XP eBook from the table, plus an energy bar pack and some credits. I access Barrett's computer with the password "bullskull" and read emails between him and Manderley.

I head back to the rest area then through the door at the back.

This security camera is easily avoided. I go into the security office and use "neuralhub" to access the computer.

I grab the ammo from the shelves and in the corner, wickedly hidden behind some cardboard boxes, is a reload speed weapon mod!

I exit the office, turn right and head into the first room in the medical bay. I grab some credits plus a hypostim then go through the door to the second medical bay.

In this room I find some painkillers and a pocket secretary with some story info. I exit the medical bay and take the elevator down.

I come out of the elevator to a room filled w