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Deus Ex: Human Revolusion Walkthrough China 2

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Next, I need to get rid of the robot and the heavy riflemen, as they will quickly destroy Malik's helicopter. The bot is easily taken down with an EMP grenade and the riflemen can be taken down by an explosive barrel thrown at them or a couple sniper shots. The best way to do this is to jump on the red dumpster to my right and flank the guards highlighted above.

Once the two guards are taken down, I have a great view of the battle. I throw a grenade at the bot and it blows up in a million pieces.

I was hoping the explosion would take down one of the riflemen, but it didn't. I quickly correct that with a couple shots to the head.

The second rifleman is right under me and I need to be quick and dispose of him, too.

With the riflemen down I can easily eliminate the other troops.

I won't lie, It took me a few tries to find the proper way to save Malik before the chopper blows up, but I managed to do it.

Searching the bodies, I spot this area and, since I have the EMP shielding, I can just walk inside the pipe. All I get, aside from bonus XP, are two grenades. Looking around some more, I find a couple energy bars and that's about it.

I head for the elevator while Pritchard tells me that Belltower is now out to get me. He also tells me to not go near them, but to be honest, they kinda rubbed me the wrong way by trying to kill us so from now-on they better not come near me.

Leaving for Hengsha is a point of no return, not that there's much to return to.

As I arrive in Hengsha, everyone's augmentations go crazy and need a reboot. My money is on them being Windows-based and they should have called them "Wingments". Catchy name, right? Several shops I visited earlier have new loot so I make sure to grab all I can.

As I make my way to the LIMB clinic for the two new Praxis kits they have, Pritchard tells me everyone is having their biochip replaced and that it's up to me if I want to have it replaced or not. I make sure to NOT have my chip changed or I will loose access to all my augmentations during the next boss battle! There are no downsides to keeping my current chip and, to be honest, I'm not sure what this story contraption tries to achieve.

I slip into the clinic unseen by Belltower and grab the Praxis kit as well as all the Typhoon ammo they have. As I leave, the doctor to my left asks that I track down and have a chat with one Michael Zelazny. I agree and exit the clinic then make my way to the Youzhao district.

At my arrival, none other than Hugh Darrow contacts me and tells me to meet an associate of his, a woman by the name of Mengyao. I head to the downtown apartments, as shown above, and climb onto the roof to find her waiting for me.

Mengyao wants me to stop a meeting from taking place in front of the Alice Garden Pods and neutralize all of the sellers.

I'll deal with Zelazny first, however. I head to the alley shown above and hack the gate open.

Up the stairs I find this store and head into the backroom then down the stairs. It is also possible to get to this store from the rooftops.

I search the body for a pocket secretary, giving me the location of Zelazny. I hack open the safe for a couple credit chips. The next part of the Zelazny quest isn't updated after reading the pocket secretary, but the sewer entrance located in the canal right under the Alice Garden Pods will take me to Zelazny. I go out and turn right then go through the gate to the Kuaigan district.

As I get close to the Alice Garden, I spot some Belltower guards looking for me. Here, I turn right.

The party I'm supposed to crash for Mengyao is right here. I need to take down all these guys without killing them. Taking them down from up here as they patrol is trivial, as long as I make sure to mind their line-of-sight. There's also a stationary guy right under me.

I finish with these two guys in the corner, jumping down to take them both out. I search the bodies then grab the biochip from a guy named Li.

With that done I grab the beer from the nearby table and head into the sewer through the manhole a few feet away.

I turn left in the sewers and go through this doorway then climb the ladder just next to the entrance.

Looking over the catwalk, I find Zelazny below. I could just shoot him and be done with the quest, but I decide to go and talk to him.

Zelazny's story is a sick and sad one. I decide to let him go; I'm not going to get in the middle of this battle. I head back out the way I came in.

Once outside, Zelazny contacts me and tells me since I let him go he made sure I would come across fewer Belltower guards in the street. I can now head back to Mengyao to turn in the quest and return to the doctor at the clinic. I'll have to do some explaining there...

At the clinic I decide to tell the doctor the truth -- he could be useful in bringing down the corrupt government. He gives me a Praxis kit for my trouble. I exit the clinic and go to the Youzhao district to meet Mengyao.

I manage to convince Mengyao to tell me more about the data chip; she tells me about the Hyron project. As with the introduction to the game, what she tells me will make a lot more sense at the end of the game.

Now for my main objective, to follow the GPL, I stay on the rooftop. I need to enter the harvester's hangout and there are a few ways in. One is from the sewer I can access from an alley nearby, but it's pretty crowded in there. The other is through the door below.

I decide to cloak, jump down and get behind these two. I take them both down silently in order to hack the door and get in undetected. I could get rid of other harvesters too if I wanted to play it safe.

Once in the hideout I need to get to the objective marker. All these harvesters are hostile, but once I reach the marker they will become friendly and I'll be able to look and loot unhindered. I enter the door to my right.

In order to avoid the turret, I take cover on the wall and flip from cover to cover until I get next to the last concrete block to my left. Noticing the weakened wall, I cloak and get inside the makeshift office.

I grab the laser ammo and knock out the guard. I then hack the security computer to turn the turret on the enemy and flip the breakers highlighted above.

I walk out and punch through the weakened wall I saw earlier and crawl into the vent.

I carefully jump out of the vent and land in this room. After a while, the harvester to my left starts patrolling. Behind me to my left is some sniper ammo. To my right is a level 5 locked safe. I take down the patrol, looting an energy bar and a pocket secretary with the code 1975 for the safe. In the safe I find laser and stun gum ammo plus a cooling system weapon mod!

I spot a weakened wall and punch through. I need to time my punch right or the other patrolling guard will hear me and investigate.

On the other side of the wall, I go down a ladder.

There is another weakened wall, but breaking this wall will alert a bunch of harvesters. Since I have no choice, I punch through and immediately hide.

After a short while, they all go back to their normal patrol routes, except for this guy, who offers me the chance to easily take him out. I time it right and KA-POW!

Heading out, I need to move the cardboard boxes highlighted above to reveal a hole in the wall.

With my destination just a few meters away, and with harvesters patrolling the area still, I flip cover, cloak and dash through the door!

Surprisingly enough, or maybe not come to think of it, I find Tong wearing the scientist prosthetic arm with the GPL inside... Tong tells me he knows of a ship that might take me to the other scientists. I grab the credits chips and the booze highlighted above. There's also a laser rifle behind Tong, and he doesn't seem to mind if I just grab it. It's rather cumbersome but it can shoot through walls! Nifty!

As I walk out of the room, my "Wingments" go on the fritz again and need to reboot. With everyone now friendly, I can look around.

The first thing of note, aside from the stuff I find in lockers, is this computer and safe. The computer only has story information but the safe has some nice stuff in it, although it is a doozy to hack open. For my efforts I get an ammo capacity weapon mod, Typhon ammo and some credits. I later find the password for this computer, "mirrshds".

Exploring further I come across these cells, all numbered 34 for some reason. In the one shown above, I find a damage upgrade weapon mod. I continue looking around.

On a couch, near these gentlemen, I find a pocket secretary with the password for Tong's computer I accessed earlier, "mirrshds".

With my exploration of the hideout done, I head through the door, to the sewers, to proceed on with my mission.

I peruse Mr. Lu's wares then casually make my way into the crawlspace to my right. I navigate the corridors and then climb the ladder.

I'm now at the dock and my goal is to get on the ship. In order to do that, Tong wants me to get some explosives and create a distraction so I can board the ship. I start by heading to the small security office at the end of this courtyard.

I spot these two guards and security camera on my way to the office. They talk about a gas leak underground.

There's a lot in here. I grab the ammo from the case plus the credits and crossbow to my right. I hack the security computer and turn off the camera, open the doors and disable the robots.

I exit the office, cloak to avoid detection, then dash to the wooden crate in front of me.

I move the crate then go through a hole in the fence, getting XP and progressing on my mission.

Once the guard at the gate moves away, I slide this window open and silently jump inside the trailer.

I move close to this unsuspecting fellow and take him out, looting the code for storage unit B, 5895. I use his computer to turn off cameras and turrets then grab the grenade before leaving the same way I came in.

The guard next to the truck was caught in an endless loop in all our playthroughs. Whenever he turns around, he goes backward a little more each time. He ends up going through concrete blocks, trucks -- you name it. I let him be and flip my way left.

I jump on the containers and head inside the opened one where I find a target-leading weapon mod!

Outside of the container I spot two snipers. I easily took them out but alerted one of the guards in the process. Luckily, he didn't spot me.

From the top of the containers, I see this lonely patrol. I tranquilize him then, jumping down, I hide his body. There's some ammo in the container behind him.

The weakened wall ahead is a no-go; breaking it will have a guard trigger the alarm. I climb the ladder and search one of the snipers I took down to find the code 6555 for the warehouse balcony.

Sneaking around the building I find a couple windows and a door. I decide to cloak and go through the window in front of me.

Inside, highlighted above, I find the explosives Tong provided for me. The manhole here provides a way to go underground, but all it serves is a way to get around unnoticed. I'll stay topside and quietly go through the door ahead.

I approach the sleeping guard and, after I plunge him into deeper slumber, I grab the energy bar from the table then search the lockers for ammo. I exit through the back window and turn left.

Another lonesome patrol that's easily dispatched. On him I find the code 4589 for the reception office located behind him.

The security camera to my far right is easy to avoid, but I'll go left and jump down instead.

There are a bunch of storage lockers on this side of the dock area, and I see a guard patrolling in the distance. To my left, behind the crate, is some heavy rifle ammo. The door behind the turret leads to the underground passage. In storage locker C, code 3343, I find a rocket launcher and ammo. In locker B, code 5895, I get a damage upgrade weapon mod and a PEPS gun. Locker A, code 7785, has a rate-of-fire mod along with sniper and crossbow ammo.

At the far end, under the stairs, I take a few steps into this vent for some bonus XP then crawl back out. I climb the stairs and go on the other side of the dock, then jump over the rail, too.

The only things of value here include some ammo in the unlocked storage locker and an EMP grenade, looted after dispatching the guard. I sneak past the camera and up the far stairs.

The only remaining guard is highlighted above; sniping him at this extreme range will make sure the camera doesn't pick it up. On his body is a pocket secretary with the code 3343 for storage locker C. I sneak past the camera and enter the trailer.

I grab the tranquilizer rifle and pistol ammo, then use the security computer to turn off the remaining cameras. The other computer has the code 7785 for storage locker A I looted earlier.

This view of the shipping building shows the three ways in: the office on the ground floor, the vent on the catwalk and the balcony door. I'll head in through the vent; however, I go into the office first, using code 4589, and hack the security computer to turn off the cameras before grabbing some ammo from the drawers. There is some more ammo, credits and an energy jar to be found in the cafeteria through the balcony door.

I come out of the vent behind some crates and see a whole lot of guards patrolling this warehouse. The easiest one to take out is the one on the stairs, highlighted above. The second one I'll take out is the one closest to me, a tad to my left, when he walks in front of the crates. The other guards on the ground floor are now much easier to dispatch.

Carefully climbing up the stairs and searching the body of the first guard I shot gets me quite a bounty: 1000 credits, a gas grenade and some shotgun ammo.

As I make my way to the back of the warehouse, making sure not the be spotted by the guard on the catwalk, I see a guy coming out of the shipping office and starting his patrol. I sneak inside.

I dispatch this guy and hack the computer to disable the camera and turret, then grab the grenade and credit chip from his desk. I exit and climb the stairs.

Up the ladder is some heavy rifle ammo as well as a vent to get inside the office unnoticed. However, dispatching the two guys in front of the door sounds like a better idea. Besides, on them I find the code for the office, 3295 and the password for a computer, "mainman".

In the building, on the right side offices, I find a credit chip and both a Stop worm and Nuke virus. The computers have some story information.

I grab the pistol ammo from the container to my right, access Wang's computer using the password "mainman" and complete my mission by placing the explosives on the table, highlighted in red above.

After the bomb goes off, I end up on the ground while a ton of guards rush in. During the cutscene, I get a cameo appearance by none other than Tong's son -- the one and only Tracer Tong everyone came to love in the original Deus Ex!