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Deus Ex: Human Revolusion Walkthrough The Hyron Core

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Around the room are two storage lockers, initially locked, with a bunch of ammo I wont need as well as three zombies in each. My involvement in this so-called boss battle will be extremely limited. I rapidly cloak, running to take cover in front of Zhao. I recharge my energy then walk to the terminal highlighted in red and enter the code I got from Darrow, 2012. The drone's life support is now disabled and Hyron freaks out.

At this point, the second phase of the fight begins. All that is required is for me to do nothing. I just stay here for a couple minutes while the shield wall protecting Zhao breaks down. Quite the strategy, wouldn't you agree? The floor electrifies from time to time, but the EMP shielding augmentation negates that bit of nonsense. The patrolling robot is harmless. What about those zombies you ask? We don't even get to play with them since they don't even come out!

Once the shield shatters, I shoot Zhao a few times to end this awesome battle and watch a cutscene!

I walk through the door behind what's left of Zhao.

Here, the A.I. Eliza Cassan tells me I have four choices on how to end this crisis. I can choose to send either Darrow, Taggart or Sarif's messages, or, alternatively, blow up this whole facility and the people in it, me included. I reload to view all the different endings.

The credits roll as the game ends. Do yourself a favor, kind reader, and watch the whole credits for a special treat at the end! Hopefully, this walkthrough helped you! Game on!