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Deus Ex: Human Revolusion Walkthrough China 1

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Going down the stairs, this girl asks me to go break Mei's and Edgar's fight. It seems reasonable enough so I head inside.

Inside, Mei tells me that her friend Ning is missing and that she fears for her. She asks me to talk to the bouncer Chuanli on the rooftop. I will head there as soon as I'm done snooping around. I go through Mei's balcony door.

To my left I find a credit chip. Turning right I see two more doors. The first one leads to an empty room so I head toward the very last one, as shown above.

I sneak into the room and, after listening to these two love birds, I snatch the TYM smart card. I'm sure that will come in handy later. I tiptoe my way out through the room door and head back to the rooftop.

I turn left on the roof and see Chuanli smoking outside. After a bit of convincing, thanks to my social enhancer augmentation, he reveals Ning's location.

After I'm done with Chuanli, I turn right and head down a series of stairs, basically taking me directly to where Ning is being held.

Here I go around to get on the other side of the canal, closer to the quest marker.

Sneaking close by, I spot 3 thugs. After numerous attempts at stealth, I decide shooting is the quickest way to resolve this situation. On one of the corpses I find a pocket secretary with the code 5377.

Inside the storage locker I find Ning crying. After freeing her I am to report back to Mei. I head around the canal again.

On my way I notice four storage lockers I can hack. From left to right I find credits and crossbow arrows, Typhoon ammo, a Nuke virus plus a pistol and some credits, and finally in the last locker various ammo along with a shotgun.

I decide to go up these stairs instead of those I used to come here.

At the top of the stairs is a quaint little shop. I stop by and snoop in the backroom of this merchant to find an ammo case with some tranquilizer darts. I continue, jump over the cement blocks and come out to a street next to the hive club.

I turn left then take the alley shown above.

I arrive at the front entrance of the Hung Hua Hotel and see another shop to my left. In addition to a backroom, this one sports a sweet safe. I find credits in both the safe and backroom. I grab the pocket secretary highlighted above at the right edge of the screen and enter the hotel.

In the lobby of the hotel, I grab a beer from the counter, highlighted above. To my left is the door to a gun merchant.

I offload some merchandise and acquire a brand-new crossbow. Looking around at the back of the merchant's store, I find some empty lockers and behind a door is a ladder leading to the sewers! I climb down.

In the sewers I note a crawlspace to my right. I'll go there in a second, but before I go forward and turn left. To my left again, I spot a weakened wall and punch through. Behind the wall I find a Praxis kit and some painkillers.

I head back to the crawlspace and on the other end I see yet another weakened wall. I grab a mine template and some ammo then go back to the hotel. Nothing else can be found down here except for a pocket secretary with the code 7845 for one of the lockers I already hacked open.

Coming out at the gun merchant I turn left. Spotting this office to my right, I enter. From the lockers I get an energy bar pack and using the code 7657 on the safe I get some pistol ammo and credits. I use the pass "oleander" on the security computer and turn of the camera for the guns merchant.

I exit the office, go right, then take the stairs to the third floor. The pocket secretary I see highlighted above has the code for the safe I just opened. There are three rooms on this floor. In the first I find a Hive club membership card -- that should save me the cover charge on my visit there. In the second I find an energy bar on a nightstand. The last room is empty, so I head to the fourth floor and talk to Mei.

Mei is happy I saved Ning and gives me both my payment and a next task. I am to deal with Chan once and for all. I wouldn't kill someone for a woman but a small knock on the noggin, there's almost no harm in that. Chan is in the Youzhao district, which is also where my main mission objective is.

I go to the rooftop of the hotel and turn right, descending the stairs shown above.

Down two flights of stairs I grab the stun gun ammo shown above. I go down the stairs to my left.

At this merchant I get XP but no items from his backroom.

I go down one more flight of stairs and arrive at this diner. I'm pretty sure I heard somebody mention something about hard candy, but no matter. I grab a credit chip from the backroom.

Straight across from the diner is a produce merchant and I grab an energy bar from the backroom. Done shopping, I go back up 3 flights of stairs.

At the top of the stairs I see yet another shop and go through the backdoor for some XP. No loot however, so I continue around the corner.

Before entering the Youzhao district, I hack open this storage locker and grab the tranquilizer gun then get on my way.

Once in Youzhao I head forward, passing the stairs for now, then turn right. I spot a locked door, hack it and then enter.

Inside I get a credit chip from the counter and an XP eBook on the desk. After getting sniper ammo from the safe, I nab another credit chip hidden behind the bed.

Moving on, I spot Chan's apartment, highlighted above. There's another apartment to the right I could hack so I jump across and head that way. The level one lock lets me inside quickly.

Inside the room I grab the credit chip from the kitchen and head into the bedroom to find some tranquilizer darts on the floor, next to the bed.

I exit and get close to Chan's door. I hear him talk to someone on the phone so I wait until he's done and moves away to open the door. I walk in silently and knock him out. After planting the drugs I leave.

I jump back on the other rooftop and decide to enter the building from these stairs to my left. I go down to the third floor and open the door. I find a locked door which I hack.

Inside I find some revolver ammo in the bathroom and a credit chip next to the refrigerator. I exit and head down to the second floor to another locked apartment door.

I walk quietly inside where I find a guy dozing off in front of his computer. I grab the machine pistol ammo, the XP eBook plus the credit chips then head to the last apartment I can get into, on the first floor.

Here I find some credits and a Nuke virus. I leave the guy in peace in his apartment and exit to the street.

Coming out of the building, I turn left and notice the manhole before turning right and spotting the storage locker in front of me. I hack it and inside I find an ammo capacity weapon mod and some credits!

I turn left and continue to the end of the street where I take a right.

At the end of the street I see some merchants. Time to do some snooping around the shops. I start with the one in front of me where I find a credit chip in the back room.

Continuing down the street is this other store to my left where I find a credit chip both in the backroom and in the safe hidden behind the counter.

Going to the very end of the street, I see a storage locker and get quite a surprise hacking it open! Explosive barrels... Lots of explosive barrels! I grab the credits from the chair and the ammo from the ammo case.

After messing around a bit with the barrels I turn around and climb the nearby ladders to the rooftop, close to where Chan's apartment is.

To my left, just out of view, I see an inactive security console. Moving on, I take the stairs to my right.

Going to the other rooftop, I turn right as shown above.

I bash through this wall, or shoot it until it breaks, and grab some stun gun ammo. There is no reason to go through the second weakened wall for now, so I head back to the rooftop.

Time to get on with my primary objective and check the penthouse. I climb the ladder behind the parking sign, noticing another inactive security console next to it, meaning I'll be coming back here later.

Behind the parking sign, I climb on the roof and head to the passage ahead.

I'm getting close to my objective and there are several ways into the building. This locked door will take me inside and reward me with a little bonus, but first I'll go around the corner and see what I'm up against in this area.

After these two guards are done talking, I take them out silently and look around.

This is the penthouse courtyard. There are a lot of guards but this is a great sniping position. The ease by which all these guys can be taken down using the tranquilizer gun is impressive. Once that's done I head back to the locked door I passed coming here.

After hacking the door, I walk in and find a vent. This is one of the very many ways to enter the building, but the only one worth taking.

I drop out of the vent into an elevator shaft. Going up will allow me to get to the penthouse floor but I first climb down to the bottom of the shaft.

Under the elevator cart I find a praxis kit! Sweet! I climb back all the way up and notice the elevator cart starts moving. I jump on it.

From the top of the elevator cart I spot two vents. Both lead to the same level, so I'll take the left one.

I crawl out of the vent in front of an unlocked room but I'll be back here a bit later so I walk past it. I spot a hidden vent behind a vending machine. I looked and looked but couldn't find any lemon-lime. Shame on you, Eidos! I move the vending machine and head inside.

I turn right at the fork and exit into this room where a few guards are patrolling. Right here, through the busted wall, is my objective. I sneak in.

I refrain from calling the guy that lives here a loon since my office often looks like this and grab the virus and two worms that are lying around. Hacking the computer and reading the emails completes my objective.

I take a look around before heading out. There are three guards here, easily dispatched. Note that the doll highlighted above opens a secret door to get to the computer. The bathroom -- conveniently located in the kitchen -- is empty.

The first bedroom in the apartment has a Stop worm, painkillers and a pistol. In the second, in a closet of sort, I find a beer.

I leave Van Bruggen's apartment through the door and see a couple of guards. To my right, in the small utility room, is another beer. I take the two guards down and head for the elevator. Time to make my way to the Hive nightclub.

I come out of the building and see the guards I dispatched earlier and three different apartments I can hack into. A fourth one is right behind me, to my left.

In the first apartment to my left I get some credits and a machine pistol from the safe in the bedroom closet.

In the second apartment I find an XP eBook in the kitchen. In the bedroom I grab a Stop worm from the nightstand and some credits from the safe.

In the third apartment I find signs of a murder and grab some credits from the safe in the bedroom. In the bathroom, in a bathtub with a toaster in it, I get revolver ammo. Pretty grim.

In the fourth and last apartment I find some ammo in the kitchen (right inset) and in the bedroom I grab two credit chips. One is from the safe and the other is hidden behind the bed (left inset).

I'm done in this place, for now, so I head down the stairs. There are three guards at the entrance. I decide to slip past them, so I cloak and walk away unnoticed. Alternatively, I could have used the nearby vent to escape.

I turn left as I come to the street and head toward the metro station. Before heading down, I see a storage locker behind the entrance. I hack it and inside find credits, a PEPS gun and some ammo. I head down to the station and ride to the next district.

I come out of the metro, turn around and see stores to my left and right. In the right one I find a pocket secretary with the code 6830 for a nearby storage locker. In the left one, I find a credit chip in the backroom.

Right behind the metro station sign I spot the locker I just found the code for, along with some combat rifle ammo on a dumpster. I use the code 6830 to open the locker.

The computer has a lot of cryptic talk about hacking matters. Hacking the safe gets me a revolver and some ammo.

I turn back to find the LIMB clinic entrance to T.Y.M. and the way to the Hive nightclub. I head into the clinic and buy the praxis kits they have. When I come out, I notice a storage locker right in front of the clinic. Inside I find a shotgun and ammo plus more of those super fun-fun joy barrels!

After playing with the barrels I follow the sign to the Hive.

The signs point to this alley and the only way to the Hive is through the hole in the fence. I've never been to China myself, but I'm pretty sure this isn't the best way to attract patrons to your club. I crawl through and grab the ammo.

As with most locations, I can enter the nightclub various ways. I'll use this vent to get inside, but I head down the alley first.

A few steps into the alley, I turn right and find a storage locker then grab the useful target-leading system for a crossbow or tranquilizer gun.

I move the dumpster at the back of the alley that is in front of the wall to my left, allowing me to climb up to a hidden location where I grab a stun gun and ammo. I climb down then head back to the vent and into the Hive.

I find myself in the women's bathroom of the Hive nightclub and grab the beer from the stall before inconspicuously walking out and entering the men's bathroom.

I grab the pocket secretary from the first stall, acquiring the code 0415 for the basement. I exit the bathroom and head up the stairs.

I grab a couple of drinks from the tables and walk to the bar to strike a conversation with the Manager. Huh... He sure does look familiar... After a bit of pheromone therapy he agrees to see me privately. I head back down the stairs, turn left and head through the door into the basement.

Past the basement door, I find some wine in the cold storage room to my right. The door at the end of this corridor leads right behind the DJ booth and sports a level 5 lock. Since I prioritized upgrading my hacking, I manage to open the lock after numerous failed attempts.

Past the door is the DJ booth, to my right. I enter and grab a pocket secretary with the code for a safe, 8953. I head back into the basement and go down the stairs.

At the bottom of the stairs, this bouncer tries to act all tough. I shrug and turn right. Spotting a vent that ends up nowhere, I continue and head into Tong's office.

I expected a more involved conversation but Tong simply tells me I need to visit the Alice Garden Pods to find Van Bruggen. I grab the credit chips to my left, the XP eBook to my right and exit the office. I head back to the bouncer but don't go back upstairs. Instead, I continue past him.

I spot a vent and a security camera. The camera is harmless since I'm in Tong's good graces. I head into the vent, where I find a Nuke virus before crawling out on the other side.

Coming out of the shaft, I search the dead body and find a pocket secretary with this poor guy's story and a cool rate-of-fire weapon mod. I exit through the door and turn right.

Just past the room I see a door that leads to the sewers. I'll use it in a second, but I first go up the stairs.

Following the corridors, I come to this unlocked door.

I grab the XP eBook from the desk and, using the code 8953 on the safe, I grab the two credit chips I find inside. The passwords to the security computer and terminal are "paperfan" and "vanguard". With that done I exit this office, turn right twice and open the door to the club main area where a bouncer tells me I better go talk to the bartender.

The bartender asks me to hack some relays across town and collect money that a woman owes him. Sounds simple enough. Since I'm all done here, I head back to the basement and exit through the sewers door.

It is kind of stinky down here. I turn the valve to remove the toxic fumes.

Moving on, I spot my favorite type of walls, the weakened type. I grab the Nuke viruses and try not to dwell on what I see on the mattress or how someone could live inside closed walls...

Now is the time to go and turn in the side-quest to Mei at the hotel. I continue in the sewers, turn left here and go down the ladder.

Next I turn right, climb the ladder, then continue this way until I arrive at the arms dealer at the hotel. I offload some goods and head up to see Mei.

Mei's happy and rewards me well. I bid her farewell and leave the hotel.

Time to go to the Alice Garden Pods. Exiting the hotel, I turn left and take the alley next to the information kiosk as show above. That will lead me straight to the pods.

Inside the pods I find the locked door to the manager's office. I might find the code for this door at some point, but I decide to indulge myself and hack the lock for XP. I indeed found the code later, 3824.

Highlighted above, a pocket secretary is hidden behind a box and gives the password "rbbthole" for the computer. I find over 1000 credits in the safe to my right! I exit the office and head into the common area.

As I walk inside, I'm surprised to run into Malik. She reluctantly tells me about her friend Evelyn's death and asks me to stick my augmented nose in the case as she suspects foul play was involved. I agree and she tells me to start my investigation by checking out pod number nine.

I overhear two guys talking about some shady stuff going on in the nearby storage closet... In it, I find a guns merchant; not what I expected. I climb up the scaffold at the back of the room to the very top where I find a rate-of-fire weapon mod! I don't break the wall right now, as a lot of people are going to get miffed about that.

I head for the stairs at the far back of the room, grabbing an energy bar from the cook's stall and a beer from a table.

Next to the stairs I spot a hidden armor-piercing weapon mod and another energy bar! On the second floor I turn left.

I start my visit with section zero and do my look-and-loot routine. I get a credit chip on a table and another in pod one. In pod nine, shown above, I find a pocket secretary with all manner of information about Evelyn's case.

Continuing left to section two, I find a credit chip in pod 211 and a suicide note in pod 205; pretty sad. I find a pocket secretary with the manager's door code, 3824, in pod 243. Finally, in pod 241, I grab a bottle of wine.

I go across to section one. I get some ammo in pod 101. While in pod 143 I get stun gun ammo, credits, an energy bar and an XP eBook! I grab the beer from pod 139 and head to the third floor.

I turn right on the third floor and head for section 4. I grab some credits from pod 411, a machine pistol from 429, a disturbing journal from 425 and a pocket secretary about a leaky pipe in 441. I go across to section 5.

Here I get a credit chip in 501, some spirits from 517, a pocket secretary in 505 about the job I'm doing for Bobby the Bartender and another credit chip on a trolley. In pod 543 I find a pistol but I do not pick it up. Instead, for a reason that will soon become apparent, I drop my modified one here then pick up the one from the pod. No worries, my pistol will not vanish.

I finally head to section three, where Van Bruggen is hiding. In pod 333, I grab some PEPS ammo and an energy bar pack then go to pod 301 to meet this hacker face-to-face. After the cutscene, Van Bruggen begs for a weapon to defend himself. There's no way he's getting my sweet machine pistol, so I give him the gun I just found instead.

TYM agents are swarming all over the Alice Garden and I need to make my exit. I could stealth my way out, but I don't think that would be fun at all. There are a lot of them so I need to be extra careful. I clear the third floor and make sure to pick up my modified pistol from section 5 and head down the stairs.

I pick everyone off easily, but on the main floor are a couple of heavy armored soldiers. This is a good spot to take out their leader and send the two armored guys to sleep. On Kahn I find a pocket secretary with the password "ironfist" for the terminal named "Nemuni".

With the main doors locked I head toward the locker room where a few more guards patrol. I get some shotgun ammo from the lockers straight in front of me and turn left.

This guy is just begging me to take him out and I'm just too happy to oblige. I act quickly and put my moves on him. Sadly, I am not the smooth operator I thought I was and manage to get spotted by the security camera. A few more guards swarm in and force me to dish out more of my kung fu.

At the end of the locker room is a bathroom with a vent that would allow me to cowardly go around the turret above and miss out on the energy bar, but that's not how I roll! Instead I grab the energy bar then I cowardly go around the turret, as shown above.

I tiptoe my way to this mine and disarm it; cowardice has its uses after all.

I find the security terminal that controls the turret. Time for some turret action! I hack the computer, turn the turret on my enemies, pick it up and get on with my escape.

In the shower room I see the electrified floor ahead and to my far right is the red glow of more mines. I opt to go for the mines. Note to self: going through en electrical field while carrying a turret, even with the EMP augmentation, is a bad idea. I temorarily drop the turret here.

There are three mines that I disarm and pick up. I go back for my deadly companion and push ahead.

Arriving at the laundry room I put the turret down, open the door and enjoy the show! There is nothing interesting behing the weakened wall.

I grab the turret and make my way near the exit. Those two armored guards are certainly not enjoying the show as much as I am! And I get XP for the kills to boot! With those guys out, I exit the Alice Garden.

After taking a few steps outside, I spot a lot of TYM guards blocking the way. I stealth and quickly get over on the other end of the street.

There are two stores here and I find various ammo in both their backrooms. I turn right at the end of the street.

I enter the backroom of the store shown above for some exploration XP. I need to finish my side-quests before making my way into TYM, so I will go to the LIMB clinic and talk to Malik's informant. I turn left and head to the clinic.

I meet the wannabe spy, Anonymous X, and he tells me to follow him outside the clinic so we can talk freely.

I follow X's directions then turn left outside the clinic to find him in a corner. He hands me a report and after I read it, Malik contacts me and tells me to go to Lee's apartment to find evidence that he killed Evelyn. I head back toward the clinic and to the Youzhao metro station at the end of the street.

Coming out of the station I go to the very end of the street and turn right.

At the end of the next street I spot a little shop I haven't visited yet. I grab the credit chip from the backroom and continue left.

Near the end of the street I climb the ladders to the rooftop.

As I get on the roof, to my left, I find the first relay I need to hack for Bobby B.

I turn around, go up the stairs and immediately turn right, crossing the overpass.

Lee's apartment is right after the Kuaigan's district sign, down these stairs. I hack the door and head inside.

I examine the broken clock to my left, the answering machine next to the bed, hack the computer to my right then check out a baseball bat next to the apartment door. Once I'm done, Malik tells me to head to the Hive.

I leave the apartment and go back toward the parking sign I saw some time ago to take care of the second relay, highlighted above. Once I'm done I climb the ladder to the left of the relay.

Here I jump across and go right.

I am heading to the rooftop of the penthouse I visited earlier; I jump left just before the ladder.

Here I head to the other side of the rooftop, all the way in front of me.

I grab the machine pistol ammo from the table and, to my right, I find the last relay I need to take care of.

Bobby B. tells me that Jaya has an apartment right here in the court gardens -- very convenient. I can either jump down and go in or use the door highlighted above. Once inside, I take the elevator.

Jaya's apartment is the last room to my right as I get out of the elevator.

I convince Jaya to give back the chip and I assure her I will not let Tong's crew bully her any longer. With everything complete, I head back to the Kuaigan district and make my way to the Hive.

Arriving at the hive, Malik contacts me and tells me to find Lee and get him to confess to murdering Evelyn. I talk to Bobby and persuade him, for 5000 credits, to leave Jaya alone. I receive a Praxis kit for my troubles then head up to the second floor looking for Lee.

I find Lee drinking alone in a corner. Time to work my augmented magicks on him!

It turned out I didn't have to use any tricks to get Lee to confess. He told me what I wanted to know and Malik tells me it's time for some justice. She tells me to hack a nearby control panel.

I find the control panel behind the bar where I first met Tong and hack it. Once I'm done Malik tells me to head outside the club to see the surprise she prepared for Lee.

I meet Malik outside and she gives me a praxis kit. She tells me to watch the front of the Hive club. Once I'm done watching her show-and-tell, I head over to the TYM building, right next door to the LIMB clinic.

I enter the TYM building and take the shuttle to the factory.