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The elevator brings you to the upper Seattle city center. Your primary goal is to report to the Order Church in lower Seattle. Approach the guards ahead. After a brief tutorial screen on how to access your data vault (default 'N') you are given your second goal: report to WTO chief Donna Morgan.

Billie Adams gives you a map and your third goal: investigate Dr. Nassif's apartment.

Lin-May urges you to leave upper Seattle via the Inclinator. Here is the way there -- but we're going to explore our options in upper Seattle first. (If you like, you can jump ahead.) At this stage you can complete goals for any of the factions without dedicating yourself to one particular path.

As if there aren't enough factions to take goals from, we're about to get involved in the 'Coffee Wars.' Follow the COFFEESHOP sign.

Talk to the Pequod's manager. He's full of self-pity because his expenses in upper Seattle are higher than his competitor's at QueeQueg's in lower Seattle. He'll reward you if you destroy the QueeQueg's beans. Grab the ammo from the counter (inset).

Proceed to the back room and swipe this multitool from under the corner table.

Upper Seattle is an enclave for the WTO. Return outside and watch this hologram of WTO leader Chad Dumier defending his meticulous economic planning - by blaming JC Denton for the Great Collapse.

Ascend the nearby stairs to the second level and approach this Order Seeker. You'll have three dialogue options. Option 1 has no result. Option 2 prompts her to reveal more about the Order and its belief that the WTO is more interested in consolidating wealth than in promoting free trade. Option 3 results in a battle with the Seeker. Here I pick option 2.

Head over to the Galleria. I think these aerial security bots look like a cross between the alien and those floating light things from Dune.

If you're feeling naughty you can use your Spy Drone to disable the camera then shoot out the glass on the right for a multitool and an energy cell -- but you'll attract a guard and the security bot. If you have a neural interface you can hack the ATM on the left.

The Galleria's main attraction is this view of the Seattle Space Needle.

You'll find a multitool on this seat.

Next up is Club Vox in the southwest corner.

Before coughing up the 100 credits to enter the club, ask the door guard, "What's so great about this club anyway?" and she'll give you two goals: meet the Club Vox owner and talk to the NG Resonance sim.

To the immediate left is the VIP room -- we'll be heading there later. Instead, continue to this room on the same floor where you'll find the Culture Minister. Play cupid for him by arranging a date with Lionel in the corner, then offer to be the Minister's chamber-boy. You'll be rewarded with the key to the back stairwell of the Minister's apartment at the Emerald Suites. Note that if you chose to play as a female then you will have to pay Lionel 300 credits to get the key instead.

Grab these 50 credits from behind the bar.

You'll find the Club Vox owner upstairs. Talk to him and he'll notice your augmentations, then offer you an assassination job for 300 credits. He suggests that the name, "David Kurczec" will get you into the lawyer's apartment.

Continue down the walkway to find one of the most fascinating characters of the game - NG Resonance. Talk to her repeatedly and receive the goal of finding out what goes on in the VIP room. NG is a more disarming version of Orwell's Big Brother.

Also up here is this poor soul who was fired from Pequod's for refusing to sabotage the QueeQueg's beans.

Grab this 100 credits from the bar, and the multitool from the counter behind the keg (inset).

These dancer's won't offer you any quests but it's fun to talk to them.

Don't waste a multitool breaking into the secure area. Instead, mantle up as indicated.

Grab this multitool then drop through the vent, where you'll find another multitool.

You'll emerge in this room where you can grab the EMP prox mine seen here.

Quietly exit to the hallway -- you are now in the VIP area. Zap the bouncer with your stun prod. Continue up the short stairs.

Quietly pass through the next door and stun this bouncer as well. He'll drop a sniper rifle.

Talk to the Omar Trader and he offers you a discount if you'll obtain a tissue sample from a body hidden in the basement.

Backtrack down the short stairs then open this vent. Use an EMP grenade or your spy drone to disable the spider inside.

Follow the ventilation shaft to the Vox owner's office. Under his desk is this SMG, and you can just see the 25 credits to the left of the garbage can on the right. Read the data cube on the desk to learn that the strange appearance of the Omar is freaking out the customers.

Grab the energy cell from the nearby shelf then use a multitool to open this safe. Inside is a concussion grenade, an ammo clip, and a data cube with evidence that the WTO wants.

Swipe this Club Vox basement key before leaving.

Head downstairs and use your newly-found key on this basement door.

Pass through the maintenance door and you are presented with this red laser obstacle. You can place the keg as I have here to help you climb onto the shelves (tricky, but it does work). You can alternately use your spy drone's EMP blast or the terminal on the left to disable the lasers. Pass through the door beyond.

Read this datacube to obtain the Gray tissue sample for the Omar and complete the objective. On the nearby shelves you'll find a glass destabilizer, an energy cell, two ammo clips and a shotgun.

Don't miss this multitool on the floor.

Return to NG and inform her that the VIP area is an Omar black market. You'll receive a reward of 300 credits plus a free ticket to see NG in concert. If you lie and tell NG that the VIP area is no big deal you will not receive a reward as no crime has been committed. Note that if you rat out the Omar then you will lose the Omar's preferred customer status.

Return to the Omar to collect the 50% discount and a free black market biomod canister.

Here I use the black market canister to upgrade spy drone to level 2.

Exit the club then head over to the Emerald Suites in the northwest corner.

Ask the janitor, "What is this place?" and he'll tell you that the Culture Minister lives in the penthouse, that there's a research scientist in 2224 and a lawyer in 2226. Tell him you're just visiting and he'll whine about his job. Flatter him that he must know all the ins and outs and he'll offer to sell you the Penthouse key and the building's master key -- save your money.

Take the multitool seen here.

Use your penthouse stairwell key on this door.

Slip through this vent.

Bypass the first vent and keep right. Disable this spider with your spy drone and grab the multitool seen here.

Activate your biotox attack drone before dropping through the vent to suite 2225. Your drone will put this businessman to sleep. On the desk behind him is an image of the culture minister's secret vault, a concussion prox mine, an ammo clip, and a silencer mod.

Continue to the bedroom where you'll find this armoire with a boltcaster, 100 credits and a multitool.

Here is your first secret weapon of six in the game. Move the pillow to reveal the Toxin Blade. On the night table is a concussion prox mine.

The Toxin Blade releases toxins on contact.

Climb up the grate to return to the vent by holding the jump key (default space). Again keep right and you'll come to this grate. Billie Adams congratulates you for finding Dr. Nassif's apartment.

Approach this holocom unit for a conversation with Billie. Grab the EMP grenade from the nearby shelf.

Continue to the bedroom where you'll find an energy cell under the bed and another in the night table. In the trunk is a biomod canister and a scrambler grenade. I use the canister to upgrade cloak to level 2.

This datacube is what you're really here for. Read it to complete the objective to search Dr. Nassif's apartment.

Exit the apartment through the front door and return to the stairs, this time ascending to the top floor. Pass through this door to the Culture Minister's penthouse.

Once inside the penthouse this multitool can be found here.

In the neighboring room is this laser field. The beam generators are numbered for emphasis. Detonate your spy drone where the two arrows are and eliminate two beams with each blast. If you are lucky and time the blasts right you can also disable the spider on patrol.

That leaves this turret...

...and the security camera seen on the upper level. Alternately, the beams can be disabled by hacking the security terminal seen here on the left.

Head into the bar. Behind these two wine bottles is the penthouse vault access key.

Ascend the stairs and enter the bedroom. Here you'll find this vault which matches the image you picked up earlier.

If you missed the penthouse vault key behind the wine bottles you can instead open the vault by hacking the terminal hidden in this armoire on the right. Also on these shelves is an energy cell and binoculars.

Once inside the vault you can read this data cube for evidence that is of interest to the WTO. Also on this desk is a medkit. Two of the display windows hold items of interest: an EMP converter and an energy blade. The glass is easily shattered with your baton.

Swipe the 50 credits from this night table.

Inside the bathroom you can retrieve this medkit.

Adore the penthouse view before exiting the way you came.

If you're hell-bent on seeing everything, take this vent on the right which leads to the malfunctioning elevator shaft. A multitool on the power box will stop the sparking -- this is an alternate entry to the penthouse from below. Continue down the stairs to the lower level.

Pass through this unexplored hallway, passing suite 2225 on your left. Continue up the stairs ahead.

Suite 2226 on the right is where the lawyer resides that the Club Vox owner has asked you to assassinate. Before we head that way, let's pass through the stairway on the left.

Ascend the stairs and open the maintenance door. The security bot beyond is easily disabled with your spy drone.

Here's the multitool jackpot of all time -- grab all six!

The yellow security box on the right can be disabled with multitools, deactivating the red security grid on these skylights. If you intend on assassinating the lawyer, this would be a wise move.

Everyone else can use the front door. The appropriate response is, "I'm handling the SMG shipment for David Kurczec," as you were instructed earlier.

Proceed through another door and you are met with these gold lasers. Bypass them with a multitool to reach a sniper rifle, an ammo clip, a spider bomb, an EMP grenade, a scrambler grenade, a concussion grenade, a medkit and a legal retainer between the lawyer and Chairman Chris Ubair.

Approach the lawyer, Mr. O'Rourke, here. The combinations that result from response option #1 depend upon whether you told NG Resonance the truth about the Omar black market in the VIP lounge. If you told the truth, then you will be rewarded with 450 credits . If you lied, O'Rourke will offer to pay you 450 credits to kill the Omar trader in the VIP lounge. Response option #2 results in a fight. Response option #3 gives you the option to bilk O'Rourke out of 200 credits.

If you killed O'Rourke, return to Club Vox and retrieve your reward. If you lied to NG Resonance about the Omar black market, the Club Vox owner will honor his commitment in full by paying you 300 credits and giving you the VIP lounge code.

If you told NG the truth about the Omar black market, Club Vox is shut down by the WTO. The club owner will reluctantly pay you the 300 credits but will not give you the VIP club membership.

Also, if you told NG the truth about the Omar black market, the Omar will revoke your preferred customer privileges - but only if you return to Club Vox as seen here. If you avoid Club Vox you will keep your preferred customer privileges.

The reason is here in the VIP lounge. The Omar Trader was killed by the WTO while resisting arrest. A data cube on the coffee table visible behind the Omar explains what happened.

Exit the club and return to the lower level of the city center. We're heading to the inclinator.

But first, we have to deal with some thugs. Response #1 resolves the mugging peacefully. Response #2 results in a fight. Response #3 reveals that the thugs are involved in a jail break for a "Mr. P." Response #4 delays the fight for another day.

If you choose to fight you can lure the thugs to the security bot and WTO forces for an easy victory.

Once the thugs are dispatched you can unlock this chest for a glass destabilizer, an ammo clip, and a boltcaster.

Pass through this maintenance door to travel to the inclinator.

Talk to the inclinator director and learn that the facility is shut down until a toxic spill is cleaned up. She offers the clean-up job to you for 100 credits.

Up these short stairs is a multitool (visible to the left) and an EMP prox mine is to the right of the crates.

The WTO soldier warns you of the bots beyond. You can move the wooden pallet on the right and proceed through the ventilation shaft, but my preference is to just open the door on the left and send in your spy drone to disable the bot.

Once inside you can grab this medkit then send your spy drone downstairs to disable the second bot. Descend the stairs to the area below. Alternately, climb the crates seen on the left and crawl through a ventilation shaft. You will emerge here at (2).

In this alcove below you'll find this concussion prox mine, a multitool and an EMP grenade.

The toxic spill is behind this door -- don't go there.

Instead, return upstairs, pass through a door (inset) and then pass through the door to the facility director's office.

Before entering the vent on the right, grab the 100 credits and the multitool from these shelves on the left.

Climb the ventilation shaft and you'll emerge here, above the toxic spill.

Here's the view to your left. Follow the beams to a multitool at (1). At (2) is the air vent which leads to these boxes.

Follow the beams along the right as indicated to the vent at (1). The vent at (2) leads to the same shaft.

Open the grate and send in your spy drone through the left vent to disable this spider beyond (inset). There are several ways to proceed at this point. If you'd like to see everything and you have speed or strength enhancement, descend the ladder-like vent on the right. Otherwise, skip ahead.

Open the grate and descend the stairs to find Mathers, the maintenance technician that the inclinator director told you about. Talk to him to get the repair bot kennel code.

Use your speed enhancement to jump back into the ventilation shaft. Alternately, if you have strength enhancement, move the barrel downstairs into position to hoist yourself up.

If you have neither enhancement you can make a mad-dash to the repair bot kennel next door, using the code just given to you by Mathers.

Everyone else, descend the other ladder-like shaft down to the repair bot kennel. The repair bot will recharge your energy for you. Note the ammo clip to the bot's left.

Once here, opening the door releases the repair bot, which will repair the nanoformer bot. The spill is cleaned and Donna Morgan of the WTO congratulates you.

Alternately, you could follow this beam along the left wall to the platform ahead.

Once here you can access this hazard flush control panel to clean the spill.

This nearby chest holds two concussion grenades and a gas grenade -- I'd save my multitool.

Return to the inclinator director to receive your reward of 100 credits.

Return to the formerly-contaminated area and access this panel to take the inclinator to lower Seattle.

Toss an EMP grenade to disable the spider bot below before descending this ladder.

In this corner you'll find a medkit, an EMP grenade and a red phosphorous flare.

Return up the ladder. Use your speed enhancement (or move a crate and climb onto it) and mantel through at (1). Alternately, you could spend a multitool to unlock the door at (2).

Inside the unlocked room is this medkit and SMG. On the floor nearby is an EMP converter and an ammo clip.

Return downstairs and use this maintenance door to enter the slums of lower Seattle.

Talk to Lo-town Lucy repeatedly to learn that she can predict the future, or so she thinks.

Mack lost his big toe to Gob-zilla when it was just a baby. Behind Mack in the north east corner is a multitool. An ammo clip can be found in the nearby dumpster.

Open this grate and descend the ladder to the sewers below.

There are Greasels down here so activate your cloak or be prepared for a fight.

Beneath the body of this Omar Protector is the game's second secret weapon: the Red Greasel Hunter. Nearby are two credits chits with 50 and 100 credits, a scrambler prox mine, a spider bomb, and an energy blade.

The Red Greasel Hunter comes equipped with an infrared stealth light.

Return to street level then head over to the Greasel Pit.

Agree to the weapons safety-lock so you may proceed through the door.

Talk to the very suave Sid Black and receive a new goal: liberate his jet. Snatch the credit chit from the pool table for 50 credits.

Talk to the bartender. He advises betting on the Green Dragon. Further down the bar is a data cube describing the even-more-ferocious red greasels.

Check out these lockers behind the bar. The locker on the right holds a multitool, and the locker on the left holds 50 credits.

Continue toward the burn barrel and open the door on the right.

Approach the holocom to receive a goal from captive pilot Ava Johnson. Rescue her and she'll fly you anywhere you want for free. You may recognize this voice actress as System Shock 2's Shodan, voiced by Terri Brosius.

Grab this multitool off the shelf to the left.

Descend the stairs behind this thug.

Another multitool can be found inside this locker.

Approach the bookie and put your money on the gob of your choice. Green Dragon is the heavy favorite.

Walk over to the railing and watch the fight. Green Dragon usually defeats Shutterbug.

Return to the bookie to retrieve your payment and learn of a chance to quadruple your money at tonight's fight: Gob-zilla versus Snake-eyes.

Talk to Eddie to pick up another goal: kill Gob-zilla, still in Tina's apartment in the Heron's Loft.

Pick up this 25 credits at the west end of the room.

Return upstairs. Enter this room across from the bar. The NG hologram is a simple jukebox -- you can change songs but you cannot speak to NG. Note the multitool on the floor to the left.

You'll find Leo Jankowski here. He's now working for the Omar. Behind him you'll find a Seeker and a Templar arguing over philosophy.

Exit the bar then pass through this maintenance door to the Heron's Loft apartments.

Pass through another maintenance door and you'll emerge in this alley. You can either climb the ladder ahead and enter through a window, or, better yet, walk past the ladder and to the right.

Pass through this door.

Descend the broken elevator shaft. Grab the multitool and flash bomb before continuing through the air vent.

Climb the shaft and you'll emerge here, right behind a caged Gob-zilla. If you want to complete Eddie's goal, you'll have to kill Gob-zilla. Knocking him out isn't enough. Note that you don't need to kill him to win the 4-to-1 odds, as he can lose anyway. Killing Gob-zilla only nets you 100 credits.

You can bring down this thug guarding Gob-zilla with non lethal shots from your boltcaster. Be careful as she will toss a spider bomb your way once she sees you.

The apartment soft key can be found here, and there's an ammo clip on the nearby crate.

Use the soft key to exit the apartment. Continue down the hall to apartment 21.

Inside is the Queequeg's manager. He'll offer you a job to hack the zoning database.

On this table is 25 credits and the Queequeg's soft key.

Grab the medkit from this shelf.

Exit through this door and receive a message from the order. Talk to the guard and get permission to see Miss Sak. She is holding Sid Black's harrier at the helipad. Search the dumpster for a multitool and hack the nearby ATM if you like.

Return down the hall to the broken elevator. This time you'll be above the platform. Ascend the ladder to the top floor.

Hackers will want to make use of this security computer to the right.

Further down the hall is this room. The locked container at (1) holds two medkits and a concussion grenade. The unlocked container at (2) holds 50 credits. The locked container at (3) holds a datacube with Sophia Sak's security system login, a refire rate mod and an ammo clip. The unlocked container at (4) is empty. Be sure to avoid the watchful eyes of the guard when picking the locks.

Here I install the refire rate mod on the boltcaster.

Across the hall is your immediate destination - Sophia Sak's office.

Approach Sophia and you are presented with these three dialogue options. Option (1) resolves the situation peacefully, and completes the goal of liberating Sid Black's jet (a bargain). Option (2) leads to a fight. Option (3) does nothing.

Lin-May Chen would have preferred you to kill Sophia Sak and her henchmen, but commends your heart nonetheless. If you prefer to resolve the situation by force, it would help to use the security terminal visible on the wall. Grab the energy cell from the table.

Continue to the helipad area and the hangar (inset). You should do this now, as the hangar will be unavailable after you next meet with Sid Black.

Cloak and nobody will see you pick the lock on this door. Inside is a boatload of weaponry, including two flamethrowers, ammo clips, two sniper rifles, a boltcaster, an ammo scavenger, a medkit, an SMG, a pistol, and a repair bot to keep your cloak charged.

Return to the lower Seattle slums and proceed up these steps.

An Omar trader is to the right. If you still have your preferred privileges, you get a 50% discount. Here I buy the black market biomod and energy cells. If you are careful to avoid detection, the container on the right can be picked with multitools for a medkit, two ammo clips, an SMG, a datacube with a message from Hong Kong, and a scrambler prox mine.

Here I use the black market biomod canister to upgrade spy drone to level 3.

Around the right corner is the QueeQueg's coffee shop. Use your soft key or enter through the indicated vent. An energy cell can be found in the dumpster seen on the left.

Destroy these beans to complete the coffee wars objective.

Directly across from Queequeg's is the Order church. Use the indicated keypad to open the doors, then pass through another door on the right (inset).

Approach this holocom unit to converse with Her Holiness. She instructs you to receive a message from Lin May Chen in the next room.

As long as you don't mind stealing from church, swipe these two credit chits worth 125 credits from behind the pulpit. Phosphorus flares and a boltcaster can be found beneath the platform.

Continue through this door and ascend the stairs.

Approach the holocom and receive a new goal from Lin May Chen: find the Order traitor Captain Lamar in the inclinator. Grab the ammo clip from the table.

Inside this locked chest you'll find a spider bomb, 100 credits, a scrambler prox mine, and a noisemaker grenade.

Backtrack past Her Holiness and open this maintenance door.

Before descending the stairs, send your spy drone down and disable the two spiders on patrol.

Multitools on this power box will stop the arcing, but you can easily get around the other side if you prefer.

Grab this energy cell. There's also a concussion prox mine on the floor nearby (inset).

Approach this medbot on the far side of the room to heal. Note the ammo clip on the floor to the left, and the EMP grenade to the right.

Under the subfloor is this increased damage mod, a multitool and an ammo clip.

Backtrack to the inclinator. Three Templar recruits patrol the area and are hostile. Activate your cloak or use your biotox drone to subdue them.

Ride the inclinator to upper seattle. Lin May Chen spots Captain Lamar and the Templar fugitive in this office, completing the objective. You receive a new goal: find evidence.

More Templars are in this part of the facility. Activate your cloak and head to the facility director's office.

Even though you are cloaked, you will trigger a cutscene if you approach the Order Captain or the Templar. Not to worry, as they will be unable to see you once the scene ends.

This datacube is what you're here for. Read it to complete the objective. Lin May Chen instructs you to return to the Order church.

Don't forget about the facility's repairbot. Use it to recharge and keep your cloak active. One technique I found to be useful was to remain cloaked and activate the biotox attack drone, returning here to recharge. You can easily wipe out the resistance in the inclinator this way.

Return to the Order church and talk to Lin May Chen. She instructs you to hire a pilot and fly to Mako Ballistics.

Before leaving the church, Billie Adams interrupts for a brief conversation.

Return to Sid Black at the Greasel Pit. He'll instruct you to meet him at the landing pad when you're ready to fly.

Head downstairs and approach the bookie. He lets you know that Gob-zilla has been killed (he doesn't know that it was you), but you can still place your bet. I recommend putting 500 credits on Snake-eyes.

Walk over to the railing and watch the fight. Snake-eyes usually defeats the Claw. Return to the bookie to collect 1800 credits.

Return to Eddie and collect your 100 credits for killing Gob-zilla.

Exit the bar and take the inclinator back to the Upper Seattle City Center. If you didn't resolve the situation with the thugs earlier, you'll have to now. The dialogue options are the same, except you no longer have the option to run to the ATM.

Return to the Pequod's coffee shop and collect your 300 credits for destroying the Queequeg's beans.

Follow the signs to the Metro station.

Talk to the nervous attendant and learn that the prices have increased five fold. You can either pay the 250 credits to have him disable the gold security beams (inset), or you can sneak in.

Here is the convenient air vent. Open it and climb through.

Activate your cloak and pass through the door to the attendant's room. Activate the indicated switch to disable the security beams.

You'll find an ammo clip on this chair behind the door.

In the neighboring storage room you'll find a medkit, an ammo clip, and this dead body. If you talk to the nervous attendant again you'll have the dialogue option to tell him about the body. Not a great idea, as he'll start shooting at you.

In the hallway is this unlocked locker with the key to the nearby door, a stun prod and an ammo clip.

Use the key to open this door and pass through the now-disabled security beams. Ascend the stairs and press the switch to travel to the WTO air terminal (inset).

Ava Johnson tells you she is in the hangar on the lower level. Talk to the WTO Captain visible directly ahead and he encourages you to join the WTO. Ascend the stairs and keep right.

Approach the window on the right and talk to your old school chum Klara Sparks. She's now working for the WTO.

Head to the management wing across the way and hang a left into Donna Morgan's office. Approach the holocom to talk with her. She wants you to find a pilot and fly to the Mako lab north of town.

Grab the multitool on the floor under the desk. On the coffee table is this book with some background on the Dentons. The book faults them for the collapse but at least gives JC credit for resolving the Gray Death.

Wait for the civic manager to come out of his office, then approach him to collect your reward for spying on the Club Vox owner's finances.

Enter the civic manager's office (the door was locked previously). The left two lockers are locked. The first holds two ammo clips and the second holds a silencer mod. The right two lockers are unlocked. The third is empty and the fourth holds some food.

Inside this safe is the civic manager's login, a scrambler grenade, and an EMP grenade.

The login allows you to accept the zoning application that the QueeQueg's manager wants.

Ignore the nearby elevator for now. Instead explore the Pequod's and the surrounding air terminal. Check out the view and you can see Anna's helicopter below.

Return all the way back to the Heron's Loft in lower seattle and receive your compensation from the Queequeg's manager for fixing his zoning application.

You've now got a decision to make. Who do you want as your pilot? If you choose Sid Black, head to the roof and you can leave now. Sid drops you off closer to the action, but it'll cost you 500 credits. Personally, I want to see the entire map so I think this is a bad gameplay device.

If you prefer Ava Johnson, backtrack to the elevator in the WTO air terminal we bypassed earlier. Rescuing Ava will cost you some standing with the WTO (not that it matters) She will land in a different spot at Mako than Sid, but I don't think it's any worse, and she will not charge you for the trip.

Ride the elevator down and approach the terminal door ahead. Ava instructs you to disable the ground-to-air missile batteries and activate the pilot beacon.

Activate your cloak and bypass these WTO guards. Slip through the unlocked door on the right (inset).

Make a left then use multitools to open this door on the right.

Inside is this chest holding a black market biomod canister and a spider bomb. On the floor to the right is a concussion grenade and a medkit is on the opposite side of the room.

What's really critical about this location is the presence of a repairbot. The combination of cloak, repairbot and your level 3 spy drone will allow you to secure the area from the safety of this one room.

Use your level 3 spy drone to knock the two WTO guards unconscious. The repair bot will recharge your systems as they are deplenished.

Your spy drone's EMP blast will take out this security bot and the south missile battery with ease.

Repeat on the other corner of the building by taking out another security bot, the north missile battery, and the security camera seen in the background.

Lastly, send your drone down one of these openings to the lower level. Do this quickly as your spy drone will deactivate if over its maximum height for long.

Knock unconscious the lone WTO soldier patrolling down here. The area is now secure.

Deactivate your cloak. Head below (where you last sent your spy drone) and read this data cube to obtain the security login codes. The security guard you knocked out earlier has dropped a shotgun and a concussion grenade. The unconscious guards above have dropped a spider bomb, a boltcaster, a pistol, an EMP grenade, and ammo.

Don't waste a multitool on these lasers. Another access ladder is available on the other side.

Grab this multitool.

An alternative method for disabling the north missile battery is to access this maintenance room. Use the security login to access the security computer and deactivate the missile battery (inset). The only other items of note in this room are two ammo clips, a medkit and a data cube revealing the presence of the black market biomod, so save your multitool if you've already disabled the missiles.

Time to enter the control tower.

Slip through this vent. Grab the multitool before exiting out the other side.

This is the south maintenance room. An alternate method to deactivate the south missile battery is to use the security login on this computer. The softkey to the maintenance door is on the floor to the left of the vent.

Shimmy back through the vent to the control tower, where you'll find this locked chest holding an increased damage mod.

Here's the pilot beacon (a picture is on a data cube to the right). Activate it and Ava radios that you're ready to go.

More soldiers now patrol the area. Activate your cloak or prepare for a fight. The control tower makes for a good sniping location. Board the chopper and Ava will drop you off near Mako Ballistics -- a bit further away than Sid's harrier will take you.

Mako Ballistics

If you had Sid Black fly you to Mako, you'll be dropped off on the roof. Everyone else - you'll start here. Grab this multitool. Search the dumpsters for a medkit and a concussion grenade. Move these crates, ready your weapon of choice for destroying spider bots, and open the grate.

Destroy the two spider bots.

You'll find a multitool on the right. Avoid the radioactive barrel beyond by taking the path on the left. The multitool seen here is a bit more difficult to spot -- you'll have to mantle up to see it.

Grab the power cell seen lower-right and enter this vent.

This maintenance worker will offer to sell you the front door code for 250 credits -- your other options will be to blast open the door, use multitools on an upcoming maintenance door, or enter through a roof vent. Read the message at the holocomm unit seen in the background -- it warns of patrolling security bots.

On these shelves is an increased range mod, two ammo clips and a medkit.

A repair bot patrols the adjoining hall. Slip into this vent and grab the multitool inside. You cannot exit the vent because it is blocked with a box.

Backtrack to the hallway, cloak, and open this door.

Send your spy drone to disable the three guards, the single security bot and the camera on the lower level (inset). The repair bot will recharge you as needed.

Send your spy drone to follow the cargo bay/roof access signs and disable a fourth guard.

The area is now secure. De-cloak and follow the cargo bay/roof access signs to this locked chest, where you'll find a medkit and an EMP grenade. Down the stairs to the right is an ATM you can hack for 150 credits, and a maintenance door that you can pick to access the Mako interior (inset). Bypass that for now.

If your spy drone's EMP blast hasn't already disabled these lasers, knock them down now. Ascend the ladder.

You'll pass through a room with a multitool, an ammo clip and a concussion grenade. Continue through door (1). Use your speed enhancement (or the railing) to hoist yourself onto the roof, where you'll find a sniper rifle and two ammo clips (smaller arrow). Continue through door (2).

Proceed all the way up to the rooftop. If you chose Sid Black as your pilot, you'll be dropped off here.

Climb the short ladder and drop off the roof to the south awning. Follow the ledge westward to a crate with an energy cell, but beware the security camera and flame turret (inset). Enter the facility through this grate.

This holocomm has the security alert seen earlier. Read the datacube on the left for the biolab code. An SMG and a medkit are to the right.

Here's where you'll begin if you entered through the front door. (This area is to the right and down some stairs if you entered through the roof grate.) Your boltcaster will bring down the hostile receptionist and patrolling guards non-lethally with ease. Donna Morgan informs you that, unlike The Order, the WTO wants the Mako scientist alive.

Snatch this multitool from the reception desk. This datacube also holds the keycode for the biolab. The holocomm has a clerical message of no use.

Toss an EMP grenade to disable the security bot on patrol.

Swipe the multitool from this cart.

Head left up these stairs. Ignore the vent as it doesn't save you much and will cost you some ammo on a spider bot. (You would emerge here.) Ready your boltcaster.

At this point I have plenty of ammunition and medkits, but I am low on energy cells. I've decided to take out the guards with the boltcaster, and take out these two cameras with a pistol. There's an ammo clip on the left table.

This flame-throwing guard will charge in once the action starts, so be ready for him.

They're all still alive -- I promise. They've dropped a concussion grenade, an SMG, ammo clips, the flamethrower, and a pistol.

An EMP grenade disables this ceiling turret.

This isn't the scientist we're looking for. You can leave him alone.

Inside this guard station you'll find an SMG, a medkit, an ammo clip, a flashbomb, an energy cell (yea!) and a refire rate weapon mod.

Use multitools or skip ahead and grab the keycode to enter the weapons lab.

Ascend a ladder, continue down the corridor and open this door. There's the scientist we're looking for.

Approach the scientist and a cutscene plays. You now have a choice to make. The first dialogue option is best used if you wish to complete the WTO's goal of uploading the schematic. The second dialogue option results in a fight, and is best suited to The Order's desire to have the scientist killed. Here I choose option (1).

If you like, you can follow the scientist up to his office, where you can view a holocomm message from someone who sounds a lot like Dr. Nassif.

Once the scientist is in his office, you can use this switch to open the weapon case. (Doing so will seal off his office so if you want to check it out, do so before you press the switch.) You'll want to make room in your inventory for the mag rail. Select it and Donna Morgan of the WTO thanks you for uploading the schematic and directs you to the biolab on the second floor.

Grab the two ammo clips from this table and view the holocomm message from the Templars.

Backtrack the way you came. Ready your boltcaster -- more guards have spawned.

Here's another holocomm with some background.

Head down these stairs.

To the left is this room with a power box. Multitools will cut the power and make the area dark -- theoretically a boost to your stealthiness but I think it just makes it hard to see. Also in this room are a gas grenade, a stun prod and a flare.

Head through the service tunnel entrance on the left. The vent on the right is where you'd emerge if you had taken the vent we bypassed earlier.

Descend the stairs. On the right are these shelves holding an ammo clip, a multitool, a medkit and the weapons lab keycode.

The lasers ahead will release a spider when triggered. Bypass them by slipping through the indicated grate.

Grab the multitool then exit out the other end. Drop the SSC guard before he gets this close.

Don't waste a multitool on this door. The only thing inside is a single ammo clip.

This door isn't of interest either -- it leads to the exterior we saw earlier. We'll be back later.

This is the door we want. Pass through and ascend the ladder.

On these shelves you'll find a concussion grenade, a sniper rifle and an ammo clip.

Exit the room and head across the hall to this elevator. Use your biolab keycode (1) (2) to open the door then ride the elevator to the second floor.

Approach these scientists to trigger a cutscene. Lin May Chen directs you to find a clue to Dr. Nassif's whereabouts.

One guard is on patrol and another is in the guard station. Lure him out if you need to.

For the lethal crowd you can hack this terminal and free a Gray.

The Gray will help you attack the guards. Just keep your distance as he is highly radioactive while in combat mode.

Watch this holocomm for some background and grab the multitool on the shelf behind it.

Head upstairs and enter the guard station. Inside is an ammo clip, a spiderbomb, and a datacube with the project director's office keycode.

Ready your boltcaster, pass through this door (inset) and bring down another guard. A medbot is here to heal you.

Unlock this cabinet and retrieve a standard biomod canister. A vent to the right leads to the project director's office but is gas-tripped. I recommend ignoring it.

Here I use the canister to upgrade Cloak to level 3.

Here's another holocomm with some background. Grab the multitool to the right. If the project director is too scared he won't talk - no biggie.

Use your keycode to enter the project director's office.

View this holocomm and learn that Dr. Nassif has left for Cairo. Donna Morgan of the WTO informs you that your pilot is waiting on the roof to take you there. Grab the medkit from the desk and the energy cell from the floor to the left.

Return down the elevator and descend back down this ladder across the hall. Be careful -- more guards are on patrol.

Exit through this door we ignored earlier.

Continue through this door.

Activate your cloak and slip past the patrols. Follow the roof access sign beyond and climb the ladder.

Head all the way to the roof. Signal your pilot that you're ready to go and end the level.


If Ava Johnson is your pilot, she'll drop you off at this small landing pad at the south medina. She didn't know about the lack of commercial air travel since the collapse and was flying to a nonexistent airport. If Sid Black is your pilot, he'll drop you off closer to the action - the arcology flight bay 23. He's even set you up with a pass for entering and leaving the arcology. Even though Sid provides a head start, the NPCs will send you back to the medina anyway.

You'll find this multitool on the railing behind you.

Ascend this ladder.

You'll find these binoculars on the railing, and a datacube on the opposite railing with an ad for employment in the arcology.

Don't waste your multitools opening this locker. Inside is a medkit and a stun prod. The truly valuable item is on top - an energy cell. A datacube on the nearby table instructs the management of this landing pad to cease operations due to an unpaid balance to the WTO.

Head back down the ladder to where you were. (Don't go all the way down to street level.) Climb these crates and jump to the indicated opening. You'll find a sniper rifle and binoculars.

Lin May Chen gives you a new goal: report to Billie at the mosque. Drop down through the indicated window. (Alternately, descend the stairs on the right after disabling the gold beams.) Inside you'll find an EMP converter, two ammo clips and a spiderbomb.

Climb out the window and drop down to street level. You receive a new goal from the WTO: destroy the Nassif greenhouse.

Talk to the Queequeg's manager to receive a new coffeehouse wars goal: bribe NG's manager for a QueeQueg's endorsement. Grab the medkit from behind the bar.

Talk to the sheriff and receive a local map.

Up the alley to right is a locked locker holding phosphorous flares, 100 credits and a noisemaker grenade. Follow the mosque/apartments signs to the north medina.

Climb these stairs.

Speak with Leo Jankowski and receive a new goal: spy on the Templars. Note the multitool rear-left.

Talk with the Omar trader. He's selling black market biomods and prox mines. He also offers you two new goals: uncover a conspiracy and enter hangar 24. Read the indicated datacube for the hangar 24 keycode.

Go back down the stairs and follow the mosque/apartments signs. You can spend 20 credits on this guy's snake oil if you want.

Ignore the mosque and apartments for the moment and follow the street northward to this holocomm. Grab the indicated energy cell. The chest lower-right holds a medkit and 100 credits.

Destroy the wooden pallet in front of this grate (the mag rail works well) then climb through the shaft.

Send in your spy drone to disable the security camera. Steer clear of Harvester to avoid knocking him unconscious if your spy drone is level 3.

Quietly open this chest and snatch the ammo clip, increased range mod, medkit and energy cell.

Exit back down the chute and follow the sign to the medina apartments.

Turn right and talk with Harvester -- he harvests biomods. He offers you a goal: kill the security chief.

Before heading up the stairs take a moment to eavesdrop on the affair between the dying poet and the arcology citizen.

On the next level up, you'll find the unlocked Nassif residence. Talk to Maskini Nassif and he'll give you his parental code to Cairo Tarsus and a new goal: investigate Tarsus. Search the room for an energy cell and two ammo clips.

In the bedroom is this locked chest with a medkit and another Tarsus pass.

Return to the stairs and climb up to the next floor. Jostle the barrels seen in the background to get the attention of the Templars. Bring them down with your boltcaster when they emerge from their apartment.

Pass through the vent behind the barrels. Destroy or disable the spider inside, and you'll emerge in this bathroom. (Be careful as another exit from the vent is a dead drop to the street below.) Note the spiderbomb and the medkit.

Read this datacube for the headmaster's secret room keycode.

Open this chest for an energy cell, a medkit, and an ammo clip.

Head out to the balcony and read this datacube to learn that the Templars have been spying on Leo and the Omar. The adjoining room holds a sniper rifle, binoculars and an ammo clip.

View this holocomm message before leaving the apartment.

Return to Leo and tell him what you've learned. He offers to split his combat bonus if the Omar survive the impending raid.

Head over to The Order church.

This is another weapons-free zone. Agree to the scan and enter the church.

Lin-May Chen offers this advice once you are inside. Head left.

Jump onto this barrel so you can reach the multitool visible on the beam. An energy cell is found in the basket beyond.

Head downstairs to the Infirmary.

Speak with Mrs. Ameer to receive a new goal: Hack the Tarsus enrollment to accept her daughter. Spot the medkit in between the beds.

Heal your wounds at the infirmary's repairbot.

Talk with the infirmary's other patients, including this sick woman who asks an interesting question.

Head up the south stairs and you'll find two medkits in this basket.

Pass through the large doors and you'll find Billie Adams here.

Grab the 50 credits from under this desk in the back room.

Upstairs you'll find Saman. Talk to him repeatedly to learn that he is planning a schism. The locked cabinet holds two energy cells, 100 credits, and a glass destabilizer. Binoculars are on the desk.

Exit the church and return to the south medina. Follow the Nassif Greenhouse signs.

Along the way you'll encounter bandits. You can fight them or pay them off for 150 credits. They tend to catch themselves on fire.

Upon entering the greenhouse, Donna Morgan advises that there are three ways to destroy the family's illegal food production: (1) Destroy the filter system. (2) Destroy the plants directly. (3) Reprogram the greenhouse software. Take out the security camera with your spy drone or the mag rail's EMP blast (alt-fire). Alternately, hack the security terminal visible straight ahead.

Enter the warehouse and take down the security bot with your method of choice. Note the spiderbomb on the crate to the right.

Climb these boxes or use your speed enhancement to jump to the indicated grate. Climb through for an SMG, two ammo clips and a baton (inset). Climb back down.

Two concussion grenades are along the east wall by an explosives crate. Climb this ladder to the north.

This holocomm has a message from Maskini Nassif.

If you can hack, you'll want to access this computer to the left.

Across the room are these shelves with a multitool, an energy cell and a flare.

If you haven't already hacked these beams, disable them with an EMP blast before climbing the stairs to hydroponics control.

Heal at the medbot; disable the camera.

Head left to this balcony for a flashbomb, binoculars, and a nasty jumping puzzle. Climb over the railing and jump to the ledge on the right. Climb under the boards at (1), mantle above the window at (2) then onto the balcony above. Enter the grate at (3).

Here's your reward: the game's third secret weapon - the Hellfire Boltcaster. Also in here is an ammo clip, an ammo scavenger and a multitool.

The Hellfire Boltcaster fires incendiary bolts rather than tranquilizers.

Backtrack to the balcony's neighboring room where you'll find an unlocked chest holding a sniper rifle and two ammo clips, an SMG atop a bookcase, and this datacube with the hydroponics login.

Continue to the hydroponics computer. If you don't have the ability to hack turrets you'll want to send your spy drone to disable that ceiling turret ahead. Use the hydroponics login to terminate the greenhouse program. Donna Morgan congratulates you on completing the goal of destroying the Nassif greenhouse.

Alternately, open this door with multitools or blast it open with an explosives crate. Place another explosives crate near the filtration unit then shoot the crate to destroy the greenhouse. This room holds a crowbar, an energy cell and a multitool as well.

Backtrack to the greenhouse entrance and enter hydroponics.

No need to disable the lasers on the right. Head through the door on the left and descend the stairs.

Disable or destroy the two spider bots on patrol. Grab the multitool from the cubbyhole on the right.

Continue to the the two hydroponics gardens. Destroy both security bots guarding the plants -- the spy drone works well.

An energy blade is atop the upper cabinet, which is locked and holds two energy cells. The unlocked lower cabinet holds a medkit.

Note the "No Flame" signs on the walls. With a flamethrower (or the Hellfire Boltcaster) you can destroy the plants directly to complete the goal of destroying the greenhouse.

Lin May Chen is displeased. She sends two seekers to intercept you on your way back to the south medina. Scout ahead with your level 3 spy drone to take them out easily yet non-lethally.

Follow the arcology signs to this guard. The nearby locker holds two concussion grenades and there is an ammo clip on his desk. Present your arcology pass (1) (2) to enter the arcology.

Follow the tunnel to this power box. Grab the 25 credits and read the datacube for a map. Multitools on the power box will stop the arcing, allowing safe entry to the adjoining tunnel.

Climb through here to another room. Inside you'll find a medkit, an energy cell, and an ammo clip.

Return to the main tunnel. If you want, you can head to the left tunnel to nanoformer programming, but we'll be back later. For now, head up this ramp to the right and enter arcology levels 107-108.

Speak with the Templar recruiters and you have three dialogue options. Option (1) causes the Paladin to suggest you go to a clinic to be purified. Choose option (2) and the Paladin informs you that Templars will begin watching you and will be in touch once they've given you a security clearance. Option (3) results in the Paladin urging you to join the cause. Cloak and crack the safe behind him for the access to Archer's hidden office, a scrambler grenade and 100 credits.

Walk east to the Pequod's and talk with the manager. He'll offer you a new goal: bribe NG's manager. The safe behind him holds 100 credits and an increased range mod.

Talk to NG and receive another goal: find information.

Return west and ascend the stairs to Tarsus. Move the garbage can away from the grate visible on the left. Open the vent.

Send in your spy drone to disable these red lasers.

Climb through the vent, ignoring this shaft on the right (it leads to the SSC guard station). Instead, follow the shaft on the left.

Peek through the grate and spy on the Templars to complete the goal and receive a new one.

Exit the vent and use your Tarsus keycode (1) (2) to enter the elevator to the academy.

Approach the receptionist. Donna Morgan of the WTO gives you a new goal: find the missing students.

Speak with the receptionist then enter this lecture hall on the left.

Speak with the two students and their teacher.

Continue up the hallway to the nanotech lab. Speak with the SSC guard to get a new goal: kill the greasel infestation.

Enter the lab and take out the two greasels with your method of choice. Not surprisingly, I found the Red Greasel Hunter to be best suited for the job. Return to the guard and collect your 100 credits.

This datacube has some background on the red greasels. Don't miss this multitool under the desk.

Search the surrounding cabinets for a medkit, an energy cell, and this biomod canister.

Here I use the canister to upgrade speed enhancement to level 2.

Climb down this vent to the left. Be careful, it's a long drop.

You'll enter in this room, where the missing girls are hiding. Talk with Eeva Nassif to learn that they suspect the headmaster of wrongdoing and she'll direct you to his secret office.

Begin by descending through this opening in the floor. Alternately, you could begin through the vent above, but you will lose out on a multitool and have to fight spider bots.

Crouch-jump over the steam and ignore the first ladder. Grab the multitool just visible to the left.

Ignore the ladder on the right and proceed to the steam pipes ahead.

Descend the ladder and you'll find a medkit and an energy cell on a box behind these barrels.

If you'd rather fight the spider bots than do a jumping puzzle, backtrack up the ladders to the ventilation shafts. Otherwise, activate your speed enhancement and jump onto the pipes to advance through the opening seen above. Avoid the hot steam.

Climb this ladder into the ventilation shafts.

You'll find Archer's secret office just beyond this grate. Be careful of the spiders in the vents behind you. Send in your spy drone to disable that camera ahead.

Search the area for ammo clips, the soft key to this room and a datacube with this message indicating that the SSC regulars are Templar supporters, but their commander is not.

View this holocomm to obtain the ApostleCorp facility keycode and complete the goal of investigating Tarsus. You receive a new goal: interrogate Dr. Nassif. The datacube on the right reveals that Archer was planning to kill the students.

Use multitools (or hack the computer seen on the right) to access this safe. Inside are two ammo clips and a fragmentary round.

Continue to the neighboring room where you can recharge at this repair bot. A spiderbomb is by the door ahead.

Pass through the door and quietly make your way down this ladder.

Three Templars patrol below. Your spy drone brings them down non-lethally.

Search the area for supplies, including two multitools, two EMP prox mines, gas grenades, an EMP grenade, and this chest with two ammo clips and an SMG.

Backtrack up the ladder then continue up these stairs.

Activate the switch at the top to exit through this secret doorway.

Speak with Silas Archer and you have these two dialogue options. Option (1) results in a fight with the guards. Option (2) allows you to continue peacefully -- and get Silas lawfully.

You could hack the computer ahead to open the safe to the right, or use multitools. The only thing inside is a single medkit.

Exit through this doorway and follow the corridor north to the receptionist's area.

The receptionist's back is to you -- don't talk to her and keep it that way. If you can hack, this computer will allow you to approve the application for Mrs. Ameer's daughter. (She rewards you with a whopping 5 credits.) Ammo is on the nearby shelf.

Exit Tarsus and return to NG. She instructs you to report your findings to the SSC office on level 108.

Proceed up this ramp.

Continue up the next ramp to level 108, bypassing the Order church and Arcology Air to arrive at this SSC guard station.

Choose dialogue option (1) to receive your reward of 300 credits.

The locker behind the guard holds a Mag Rail and a spider bomb. The room beyond the gold lasers holds a black market biomod canister. The easiest thing to do is to back off and send in your spy drone, disabling the security camera, the gold lasers, and knocking the guard unconscious all in one EMP blast.

You'll find the biomod canister here.

Exit the guard station and proceed to Arcology Air.

Step off the elevator and NG's manager is straight ahead. Time to choose sides in the coffee wars.

The Pequod's manager has promised you a biomod canister -- a very good deal.

The Queequeg's manager will reward you with a choice of an ammo scavenger, a frag rounds mod or a glass destabilizer.

My vote goes to Pequod's. I use the biomod canister to upgrade Speed Enhancement to level 3.

Back at Arcology Air you'll find this mother-daughter pair discussing terrorism and the government's lax response. Binoculars are on the table to the right.

There's a medkit on this cart.

Head down this ramp to level 110, hopping behind that desk ahead for a multitool and a stun prod.

Speak with this WTO tax auditor to pick up a new goal: search hangar 24.

Approach the reception agent and tell her you have a friend in common. She'll give you the flight bay 24 door code. The ATM in the background can be hacked for 150 credits -- just don't get caught.

Proceed to the hallways behind the reception desk and head toward bay 24.

Before you make it to the hangar you'll find this vent on the right. Slip through.

Continue up this ladder.

You'll find an energy cell here.

There's 50 credits on this desk.

Below is flight bay 23, where Sid Black would drop you off.

The locked locker on the right holds a refire rate mode. The unlocked locker on the left holds the bay 24 safe code.

Head back down the ladder and you'll find this multitool directly across the hall.

Activate your cloak and use the keycode the receptionist gave you to enter the hangar.

The Omar asks you to locate the power-assault armor schematic. You've just completed his goal to enter flight bay 24.

Send in your spy drone to bring down the military bot and the two Templar Paladin's patrolling the area.

A third Paladin is in that overlook. Still cloaked, climb the ladder in the right corner.

Your biotox attack drone allows you to bring down the Paladin non-lethally while still cloaked. The area holds binoculars, an EMP grenade, a sniper rifle and ammo clips.

View this holocomm to receive the storage room code and update your goals. Note the baton behind the holocomm.

Return down the ladder and you'll find this sniper rifle and ammo clip atop these crates. Approach that chest upper-right.

Inside the chest is a scrambler prox mine, an EMP prox mine, and the schematic that the Omar wants. Grab the multitool behind the machine to the right.

Use your storage room code to proceed through here. Fill up on health first, or activate your hazard drone if you have one installed.

The area is contaminated so move fast. Use your safe code on this safe, dead ahead. Inside are two medkits, an energy cell, and a datacube with the molecular spec for the counter-nanites and the login and keycode for the arcology nanoformer bay.

Return to the flight bay 23 overlook to confront the chairman. Options (1) and (3) get you an explanation that the counter nanites have not been fully tested, but option (1) also gets you 750 credits. Option (2) gets you nothing.

Head back down the ladder and follow the corridor to bay 23.

Recharge at the repairbot.

Another multitool is behind this machine.

Continue through these doors in the northwest corner.

Inside this locked chest you'll find scrambler and EMP prox mines.

Back at the reception desk, the tax auditor will reward you with 200 credits if you respond with dialogue option (1) seen here.

Next stop: ApostleCorp. Enter through the corporate suites entrance with your ApostleCorp keycode. An ATM to the left can be hacked for 150 credits.

Klara Sparks is waiting for you inside. She'll give you a biomod canister as reward for securing the mag rail plans at Mako Ballistics.

Klara opens the door beyond and starts shooting. Send in your biotox attack drone to help her. Keep an eye on her health as it is possible for the Templars to kill her at this point.

Here I install the biomod canister and upgrade biotox attack drone to level 2. Search the area for ammunition.

Hack the computer on the left to lower the red beams ahead, or wait quietly for the Paladin to approach and send in your spy drone to take out both the lasers and the Paladin in one EMP blast.

Sneak through this grate or enter the same room through this door (inset). Inside are two Paladins.

Drop the Paladins with your method of choice and search the room for a concussion grenade and ammo clips.

One more Paladin awaits inside this conference room. He'll drop a flamethrower and there's a spiderbomb on the table.

Hop over this couch to the adjoining room.

Talk to the security chief inside. Use option (1) and he'll offer you the keycode to the nanoformer bot bay -- but you already have that. Use option (2) and he'll brag about his biomods.

If you kill the security chief, return to Harvester to collect 300 credits. Note that you will have to kill the chief to collect -- knocking him unconscious will complete the goal but you will not be paid.

Return to the hallway. Ignore the beams. Instead, proceed down the ramp to the right.

More Templars are through this door. Fill up on health and energy, then cloak and activate your biotox attack drone before entering.

It is extremely cool to walk around invisible while your attack drone knocks everyone unconscious -- just remember to keep an eye on your energy level.

View this holocomm next to a concussion prox mine for some background.

Search the area for supplies, including an EMP grenade, a boltcaster, a silencer, and this multitool.

Climb onto these boxes and mantle over the railing above.

Search the area for supplies, including ammo clips, a spider bomb, a sniper rifle, a shotgun, and this energy blade. Through the doorway ahead are the lasers we bypassed earlier.

Drop below and continue through the doors to the laboratory suite.

Continue down these stairs as Lin May Chen urges you to kill Dr. Nassif.

Send in your spy drone to take out two security bots and one camera.

Alternately, hack this security computer.

Grab the standard biomod canister from this locked cabinet.

Here I install the canister and upgrade biotox attack drone to level 3. You should be feeling very powerful by now.

Around the corner is this locked cabinet with another mag rail.

Search the area downstairs for an EMP grenade and a medkit. Don't waste your multitools on this cabinet -- all that is inside is a lone spider bomb.

Approach Dr. Nassif and she reveals that you are a clone of JC Denton and that you must hire a pilot to take you to ApostleCorp's last remaining facility in Trier, Germany.

You have a choice to make: support The Order by killing Dr. Nassif, or support the WTO by interrogating her. If you want to kill her, you'll have to fight Klara Sparks. If you interrogate her, you'll learn of a teleportation gate that can lead you to JC Denton. Talk to Dr. Nassif repeatedly to learn of the Dentons' plans to provide biomodification to the masses.

Return to level 107. Ava Johnson tells you that she is waiting for you at the landing pad outside the arcology. Tell NG Resonance what you've learned about the arcology chairman and collect a reward of 300 credits. Talk to NG again and tell her that her manager takes bribes and earn another 200 credits.

Return down this ramp to the maintenance tunnels below.

Proceed down the tunnel to nanoformer programming that we bypassed earlier. If you chose dialogue option (1) with the security chief, he'll offer you the code to enter. Otherwise, you can use the code you obtained from the hangar safe.

Login to this computer to enable the counter nanite distribution and clean Cairo's air of the nanite infestation. Watch the bots leave through the window ahead. Very cool. Grab the energy cell visible above the computer. A locked locker behind you holds another energy cell and a refire rate weapon mod.

Next stop: the apartments in the north medina. Return to Leo Jankowski. If you support the Omar, choose option (1) and tell Leo the truth of what you learned when you spied on the Templars.

Talk to the Omar Trader. The schematic analysis reveals a weak spot in the power-assault armor.

Exit the zone to simulate the passage of time. (A quick trip to the south medina will do.) Return to Leo Jankowski. If you told him the truth, he has defeated the Templars and rewards you with 400 credits. If you lied, the Omar trader is killed and you receive nothing.

Time to choose a pilot again. Ava is free and waiting for you at the south medina landing pad.

Alternately, you can hire Sid Black at the Pequod's in the arcology.

Activate this beacon in flight bay 23 to have Sid fly you to Trier.


Ava Johnson's chopper will drop you off in Trier, Germany. She suggests you begin your search at the Nine Worlds Tavern. Sid Black's harrier will drop you off right in front of the Nine Worlds Tavern.

From Ava's drop off position, proceed through this doorway.

Turn right where indicated.

To the left is an ATM and a grate which leads to the Black Gate Ruins -- we're ignoring that for now. Behind your right shoulder are some boxes with an ammo clip. Enter the QueeQueg's on the right.

Talk to the Queequeg's manager and receive a new goal -- investigate his lawsuit against Pequod's. Find the office softkey where indicated.

Listen to the patrons' complaints about the disruptions caused by The Order.

Talk with David Kurczec, former partner of Mr. O'Rourke in Seattle. He gives you the keycode to meet the Omar at the Trier Curio Shop. Slip through the door visible on the left.

Use the softkey on a second door and bring down the greasel inside with your weapon of choice. Here I use the spy drone.

On this table you'll find a credit chit worth 100 credits, an ammo clip, a stun prod, and a receipt for the greasel from Galleria Pets.

Crack this safe for a spider bomb, a glass destabilizer, an energy cell, a boltcaster, and 200 credits.

Return to the bar area and talk with NG. The three responses here have no real difference. Choose the response best suited to your character.

Return to the Trier streets. Keep right, then climb this ladder to the helipad above.

Grab this multitool two-pack and energy cell from the southwest corner. Hop over the railing to the roof below for an ammo clip.

Drop to the street below and speak with these seekers to learn more about the friction between Panzerworks and The Order.

Enter the Nine Worlds Tavern and consent to the weapons deactivation scan.

Listen to the humiliating Talk Bullet interview with WTO Chairman Dumier.

Ascend the stairs and use your Trier Curio Shop keycode to unlock the door.

Inside, the Omar are selling a black market canister, three scrambler grenades and five multitools. If you helped the Omar avoid the Templar raid in Cairo, they will offer you a half-price discount.

Purchase the black market biomod canister and the Omar will tell you where to find it in the Black Gate Ruins.

Clear away the boxes in the southwest corner to find the game's fourth secret weapon: the Assassin Pistol. Also here are a boltcaster, an ammo clip, an energy cell, and two concussion prox mines.

The Assassin Pistol has been modified by the Omar for greater range and damage. The light has been replaced by a scope.

Descend the stairs to the tavern.

Keep right and pass through that door ahead, then another.

Approach the holocomm and speak with Ava Johnson. You can choose any of these dialogue options and still fly with Ava later.

At the other end of the room you'll find Tracer Tong, a major character from the original Deus Ex. Talk with him and learn that the Templars have a highly-placed spy within ApostleCorp and that they are holding Her Holiness at the Black Gate facility. Tracer will give you a biomod infusion - the equivalent of a biomod canister, and the keycode to a secret entrance, hidden behind some crates. Grab the energy cell and Trier map from the table.

Here I use the biomod infusion to install the aggressive defense drone.

Exit the room through this door in the southeast corner.

Keep right and you'll find this multitool in a bathroom.

Unlock this door across the hall.

Here's the jackpot - 400 credits on this desk. Note the medkit on the desk's far corner.

There's a shotgun and an ammo clip atop this bookshelf.

Speak with this seeker and learn than Luminon Saman's schism is taking hold.

Listen to the conversation of these two patrons and learn of some weapon mods ripe for the picking.

You'll find Sid Black here. If you wish, you can hire him now. The NG Resonance hologram is only good for changing songs.

Return to the Trier streets and turn right. Chairman Dumier asks you to report to him at the SSC station. Use a glass destabilizer (when the guards aren't looking) to shatter this window. Climb inside to complete the weapons mods goal. You'll find a shotgun, a sniper rifle, increased range and increased damage mods and two ammo clips.

Further up the street you'll witness a confrontation that results in a gun battle between Panzerworks techs and Order seekers.

If you're playing as a pacifist you'll want to send in your spy drone in advance to knock them all unconscious. Proceed up the stairs beyond.

You'll find the SSC entrance on the left.

Inside the SSC, you'll find a Trier map on the reception counter. Speak with Vera Maxwell then follow her through the doorway beyond.

Continue following Vera into her office. On her desk is this energy cell, a multitool and an ammo clip.

Proceed to the evidence room.

Shatter the window with a glass destabilizer. Disable the camera inside with your spy drone or an EMP grenade.

Alternately, hack this security computer.

Clockwise from top left: Inside you'll find two energy cells on the counter; three unlocked lockers hold an SMG, a shotgun, and three ammo clips; read the datacube by the rightmost locker to complete the Queequeg's coffee wars goal; these shelves hold a black market biomod canister, two flashbombs and two scrambler prox mines.

Before ascending the stairs, follow the alcove on the right to a multitool and 100 credits.

Enter the holdings cells on the left.

Grab this multitool and EMP grenade.

Sadistic hackers can use the nearby security computer to activate a stun field and shock this inmate.

Proceed to the observation room and watch the conversation between Dumier and Saman. Dumier instructs you to meet him at the visitation room down the hall.

Head to the visitation room and talk with Dumier. You'll share what you learned from Tracer Tong, and Dumier will give you the Black Gate Ruins keycode. If you interrogated Dr. Nassif, he'll also give you a standard biomod canister.

Exit the SSC HQ and use your keycode on this door to enter the Black Gate Ruins. Alternately, access the ruins via the grate we bypassed earlier.

The SSC guard warns you of a Templar military bot up ahead.

Stay behind the corner and send in your spy drone. Two or three EMP blasts will bring it down.

Three Templar Paladins patrol the area. My preferred method for dealing with them is the cloak/biotox drone combo. Search the area for a flamethrower, an SMG and a spiderbomb.

This is where you'll emerge if you prefer the sewer access.

The risk is high down here. Three greasels roam the sewers. The payoff is also high -- two multitools, a flamethrower, an ammo clip, a scrambler prox mine, an EMP prox mine, 100 credits and a spiderbomb.

Search this dumpster for a multitool then proceed through the door ahead.

Carefully open another door and disable this camera.

An ammo clip sets atop the crate and a shotgun is on the the ledge ahead. Climb the ladder.

Your cloak/biotox drone combo will take out these two Paladins non-lethally.

Here is the secret entrance that Tracer Tong told you about. Don't go through just yet. We'll be back in a moment.

Don't head up the stairs yet, either. Instead, cloak and walk across this mezzanine.

Descend this stairwell on the western edge.

Past the patrol and under the stairs is a multitool and 50 credits.

Return to this position (where you emerged from the ladder) and climb these stairs.

Two Paladins patrol up here. You can bring them down with your method of choice, or remain cloaked and leave them alone. Don't miss the EMP grenade on the ledge (inset).

This doorway is your destination. The guard has dropped another EMP grenade.

On the ledge is a crowbar and a multitool two-pack. The unlocked steel chest holds an energy cell and, if you bought it from the Omar, a black market biomod canister.

Return to the secret entrance. Grab the two energy cells from atop the crate then use the elevator to enter the Black Gate Laboratory.

Emerge carefully. A single Paladin patrols the elevator area. Here I bring him down with the biotox attack drone.

Shoot out this window with a glass destabilizer then hop on through.

On this shelf is a baton, an ammo clip, a shotgun and an image of the Black Gate Teleporter. Pass through the grate visible on the right.

You'll emerge in this room where you can grab a multitool, three ammo clips, 25 credits, and an energy cell from these shelves.

You can continue using the vents to move around or just climb this ladder and confront the Paladins directly.

Three Paladins patrol the area. Again, my preference is the cloak/biotox drone combo. A multitool is at the bottom of the inactive reactor.

Enter Tracer Tong's office.

View this transmission from Dr. Nassif. Also on the desk are a multitool, an energy blade, and a datacube with the login for the Black Gate control terminal and the keycode for the Black Gate lab doors.

The nearby shelves hold 100 credits, and you'll find a whopping three standard biomod canisters (plus a spiderbomb) in this locked cabinet.

Here I use the canisters to upgrade Aggressive Defense Drone to level 3.

Follow the "Containment" sign. Bypass these gold lasers with an EMP blast, or use multitools. Pass through the unlocked door beyond.

This is where the game really picked up for me. Inside are Her Holiness and Donna Morgan. Speak with them and learn that Her Holiness is actually Nicolette DuClare, a major figure from the original Deus Ex! She reveals that the WTO and The Order are actually part of the Illuminati!

Chad Dumier tells you to hire a pilot. This Illuminate Elite Trooper assumes command of the facility. You can repeatedly talk to Nicolette and Donna to learn more, but the trooper will protest.

Before leaving you can chat with this Gray and heal at a nearby medbot. The terminal seen through the window will allow you to open the door to the Gray's holding cell.

There's more to do in the lab, but first we need to return to the streets of Trier. If you haven't done so already, go back to Queequeg's and tell the owner what you've learned -- that Queequeg's and Pequod's are the same company. Collect your reward of 200 credits.

Talk to NG and you have this dialogue option. Use option (1) and NG loses her charming demeanor.

Head back to SSC HQ and speak with Dumier and DuClare. Dumier gives you a map of the Templar compound.

Return to the Nine Worlds Tavern and chat with Tracer Tong.

Time to choose a pilot. Talk to Ava Johnson at this holocomm if she is your choice.

Alternately, you'll find Sid Black here. Again, Ava is free, but Sid is not.

Either pilot will meet you at the helipad atop this ladder.

This time, the drop off point for both pilots is the same.

Talk with Crazy Wendy and learn of a secret entrance to the cathedral through basement tunnels.

A Paladin patrols the area -- bypass or defeat him. Follow this tunnel on the right.

Talk with Billy. If you picked up the map from Chad Dumier, Billy will update it for 200 credits.

Here's the map with Billy's writing. He's marked where the Templar Paladins can be found.

Inside this dumpster is an energy cell. Climb atop the dumpster to jump over the railing above.

A flame turret is around this corner. Here I disable it with an EMP grenade.

Cloak before climbing onto these boxes.

Two Paladins patrol above. Here, my biotox drone brings them down non-lethally while I remain cloaked. Among the items the Paladins drop is a sniper rifle and two concussion grenades.

Two black market biomod canisters and an ammo clip are found in this chest. The datacube holds Templar orders to destroy the canisters.

Here I bring down a third Paladin with a boltcaster before dropping below.

An entrance to the Templar church can be found up those stairs to the left. But an alternate entrance (and more goodies) can be found through the grate on the right.

An EMP grenade disables this security bot. Descend the ladder.

Cloak, then disable these lasers with a multitool. You'll find a multitool on the machine up ahead to the left, and another in the alcove beyond, and a third on the machine beyond that.

Send in your spy drone to bring down the three Paladins patrolling the tunnels.

Search the area for supplies, including a flamethrower on this bunk. You'll find three ammo clips in the locked left locker, an ammo clip and a refire rate mod in the unlocked middle locker, and soy in the unlocked right locker. The three lockers inset lower-left are all unlocked, and hold, left-to-right, an energy cell and a medkit, soy, a spiderbomb and a noisemaker grenade. The locked chest inset lower-right holds a concussion grenade and an EMP grenade.

At the north end of the tunnels is this lift - your alternate entrance to the Templar church.

The lift will leave you behind these boxes. Stay crouched behind them and send in your spy drone to disable that camera ahead. There's a multitool on the crates closer to the camera. The music in here is beautifully eerie.

Stay crouched behind the crates and send your spy drone into the cathedral to bring down the three Paladins patrolling the area. There's also a rocket turret in the center of the room.

Dumier instructs you to find Saman's computer. Approach this holocomm for a message from Saman to learn that, like you, Billie is also a clone of JC. Saman has sent her through the teleporter to kill the Dentons. The datacube next to the holocomm has Saman's login. The pulpit behind you holds a stun prod, and the Paladins have dropped ammo clips, a shotgun, a concussion grenade, and a spiderbomb.

Pass through this door on the north side of the cathedral.

That's Saman's computer on the wall. Use his login to download the Black Gate sequencing module. The security camera and rocket turret can also be controlled from this position. The trunk on the right holds a medkit. Behind you is a desk with a holocomm message from the Templars, ammo clips (one clip is under the desk) and a pistol.

Dumier orders you to meet your pilot and return to Trier. You can head back through the lift at this point, or continue for a bit of exploration. At the east end of the cathedral is this laser field. A locked door on the right leads to an energy cell under some stairs and up to a chest with range and scavenger mods, plus an ammo clip.

Disable the lasers, then carefully open the cathedral door and toss out an EMP grenade to disable the security bot.

Take down the lone Paladin patrolling the area. She'll drop a spiderbomb and a pistol. Use a multitool to stop the sparking ahead.

This repairbot is your reward.

This door in the southeast corner is your alternate route back to the Templar compound.

Return to the drop off point, and Klara Sparks is waiting for you. You'll inform her that Billie is the Tarsus mole responsible for the destruction of Chicago. Board your flight back to Trier.

Upon your return to Trier you are quite popular. Dumier instructs you to repair the Black Gate, Tracer Tong asks you to meet him at the tavern, and Lin May Chen confronts you about the rumors of an alliance between The Order and the WTO. You have two dialogue options. Option (1) reveals the truth; option (2) is a lie. Either way, you learn that Lin May is the daughter of Maggie Chow and Max Chen! Maggie Chen is found in the town square -- backtrack if Sid Black was your pilot. If Ava Johnson was your pilot, she'll drop you off in the square and warn you about Luminon Saman.

If Sid Black was your pilot, he'll inform you that he's booked up. Your next pilot must be Ava Johnson.

Return to the Nine Worlds Tavern and talk with Tracer Tong. You learn that Paul Denton was the leader of ApostleCorp-Cairo abducted by the Templars, and how you must transfer your biomod architecture to the Dentons and revive them.

Return to the Black Gate ruins and help the SSC mop up any Templar resistance.

Return to the Black Gate laboratory through the secret entrance. Chad Dumier instructs you on how to activate the gate.

Ignore the stairs for now. Climb the ladder instead.

Chad Dumier shares his doubts about Klara Sparks. Stop the sparking on that generator with a multitool (the box is on the right). Or go around it by entering that vent on the left. You'll have to fight a spider bot. Don't open the floor vent as it's a long way down.

Use the Black Gate lab doors keycode on this door. Allow the repairbot inside to recharge your systems.

Use this power box to activate the generator. Beware the radioactive barrels on the right. Between the gas barrels behind you (inset) is the Black Gate lab security beams keycode.

Ascend the stairs you bypassed earlier, using your Black Gate lab doors keycode to enter. Take down the single Paladin in the room, and access the computer under the "Gate Control" sign visible on the left wall. Choose "Begin Gate Sequencing."

Chad Dumier congratulates you. Look out the window to see the portal.

Return downstairs. Follow these signs and jump through the portal to Antarctica and end the level.


Speak with the Gray leader and receive two goals: free the captive Gray and revive JC Denton. Talk to him repeatedly to learn more about the history of the Grays and their relationship with the Dentons. Read the datacube for the area map. Also on these shelves is a medkit, an ammo clip, a multitool, a phosphorous flare and binoculars.

Use your speed enhancement to jump up to that ledge. You'll find an increased range mod, a scrambler grenade and a spiderbomb.

Exit out this door and push your way past the workhorse and hazard cones beyond.

Follow the tunnel and receive a new goal from Billie: view a holocomm message from her in tent 04.

A military bot and two Paladins patrol the area. Bring them down with your method of choice.

Complete the goal by using multitools on this cage to free the captive Gray. Read the datacube for some background.

Option (1) never prompted any action, so I just sent him home. You can also free the neighboring greasel -- he's harmless, too.

Here is tent 04. You could charge through the door, but a little exploration is always wise.

Underneath the structure you'll find this multitool and phosphorous flare. Climb the ladder ahead.

Drop through this air shaft.

Talk with Billie Adams through the holocomm. The locked trunk visible on the left holds a medkit, a standard biomod canister, and a datacube revealing that the canister is intended for Billie. Ha! The locked trunk on the right holds an ammo clip, an EMP prox mine, and a noisemaker grenade. Grab the excavation site keycode from the desk. A multitool is on the floor to the left of the desk.

Send your spy drone into the next room to knock out both Templars and the security camera with a single blast. The soldiers will drop a flamethrower and an SMG, plus an ammo clip and concussion grenades. In addition to the datacube on this table, the lockers on the left hold, left-to-right, three ammo clips, an ammo clip and a datacube indicating the Templars have found JC's base, a spiderbomb and a scrambler grenade.

The security computer on the east wall can control two cameras and the military bot outside.

Continue to this tunnel marked, "Site X." Send in your spy drone to disable the flame turret ahead.

Use the excavation site keycode to unlock the door to the next area, where you'll find Paladins wearing power assault armor. This Paladin drops a flamethrower.

Here's the schematic. If you're a good shot, you can focus your fire on the triangular weak spot. There's a repair bot here, so your spy drone has all the power it needs -- that's my preference.

JC communicates with you for the first time.

A rocket turret and two more Paladins patrol the next area. They'll drop a flamethrower and a mag rail. This Paladin is sparking because my spy drone didn't give him quite enough juice - yet. Note that knocking the power-armored Paladins unconscious results in their self-destruction. A pacifist technique? In my mind they are killing themselves -- but if you want an extra challenge, ditch the spy drone tactic on the power-armored Paladins from here on.

Lastly, take out this security camera and another Paladin below. He drops a mag rail.

Use the purple orb ahead to travel to JC Denton's sanctuary.

Receive a new goal from Tracer Tong: repair the JC-Helios core. Talk to Ava Johnson through this holocomm unit and receive yet another goal: meet her at her helicopter to return to Cairo. Ava must be your pilot, as Sid is currently booked up until after the summit.

Read this datacube to learn of a greasel threat before descending the ladder.

Yup, greasels. There are three of them. You can snipe them from above...

...but I think it's more in-keeping with the spooky atmosphere of this place to use the cloak/biotox attack drone combo to put the greasels to sleep.

Rummage through this busted trunk to find two ammo clips, a medkit, an EMP grenade, an energy cell, and two journal entries from the VersaLife expedition.

At the north end of the cavern is this standard biomod canister. The sparking arcs do not move -- just observe where they hit the ground and avoid them. A ladder leads to the canister.

Return above and access the purple Helios module. The datacube holds a journal entry from the Versalife expedition.

You're now traveling inside JC's memory of Maggie Chow's apartment. Talk to this Gray after a brief message from Billie. Note the game's fifth secret weapon - the Dragon Tooth Sword - atop the left bookcase. An energy cell can be found on the cabinet along the right wall.

The Dragon Tooth Sword was a powerful weapon from the original Deus Ex.

Head down the ladder in this level, similar to the one you descended before. This time you'll find two Karkians and a single Greasel protecting this broken trunk. Among the debris is an EMP grenade, an energy cell, ammo, two medkits and two journal entries from the VersaLife expedition.

At the east end of the cavern is another standard biomod canister.

Ascend the stairs and access the next Helios processing module.

This time you're back at the UNATCO offices. Proceed through the door by the flag.

At the bottom of this ladder are two Karkians and a Greasel.

This time a biomod canister can be found above ground, along with another Versalife expedition log.

And below ground at the south end of the cavern is this trunk. You'll find an EMP grenade, two ammo clips, an energy cell and a medkit.

Follow the next Helios module to JC's memory of the 747.

There's no ladder this time. (What, are ya greedy?) Activate the next Helios module and prepare to fight the Billie boss. Before you move, activate your cloak and biotox attack drone. She'll teleport in once you take your first step. Both dialogue options have the same result.

Take down the spiderbots with your spy drone, and remain cloaked while your biotox attack drone knocks Billie unconscious. This room is JC's memory of the cloning facility at Area 51.

Two rocket turrets can be found in the sunken area in the center of the room. You can take them out with your spy drone, or shoot the conveniently-placed explosives crates. You'll notice in this shot that Billie will curiously attack the turrets if she's hit by their splash damage.

Alternately, just make a mad dash for the final Helios module. The entrance is in the southeast corner of the room. Activating the module completes the goal of reviving JC Denton.

After activating the module, turn right and talk with JC.

You'll repeatedly have two dialogue options. Option (1) will end the conversation. Choose option (2) and JC will continue to explain his plan to merge humanity with the Helios AI into a single consciousness.

Head back up and activate this module to return to the Shackleton ice shelf.

Backtrack to the repairbot and Saman 'invites' you to meet him at tent 04.

Stay with the repairbot and send your spy drone through the tunnel. You'll find the place swarming with power-armor equipped Paladins. Send your drone repeatedly to bring them all down, including a light spider bot. The Paladins will drop rocket launchers. Pacifists who have accepted the challenge to avoid the spy drone on power-armored Paladins can walk among them undetected with the cloak. Combined with the thermal masking biomod, you will be invisible to bots as well.

Just make sure you avoid the penguins.

Once the area is secure, return to tent 04 and talk to Saman through the holocomm. It was Saman who had Chicago destroyed, and he threatens to destroy more cities unless you help him.

Return to the Gray leader and learn that the Gray you set free is doing fine.

Next up: the VersaLife facility.

Before exiting the tunnel, spot the two guards crisscrossing with your boltcaster's scope. Their pattern is very repetitive, making them easy pickings. At least the penguin is paying attention.

Disable this rocket turret in the southwest corner. As you enter the area, Tracer Tong advises that you need to power up the beacon with a generator in the B wing's lower level.

I've just brought down a Templar with my boltcaster, then destroyed this spiderbot with a pistol. Continue into the A wing.

Send your spy drone upstairs to knock out these two greasels. You'll find a multitool, a medkit, two ammo clips, a concussion grenade, and an SMG up here.

Two air vents can be entered here, leading to two locked rooms below. You'll find 25 credits, 2 phosphorous flares, an ammo clip, a medkit, and a holocomm from Dr. Fenning ending what seems like a tumultuous relationship. A locked chest holds a fragmentary round mod.

Also downstairs is this unlocked room, with the holocomm visible here, plus a VersaLife datacube claiming success on making meaner greasels, 50 credits, 2 ammo clips, and a multitool on the closet floor.

In the hallway are these lockers. The unlocked locker on the right holds a flamethrower. The locked locker on the left holds two ammo clips. The datacube holds interior and exterior maps of the base.

Head back outside and climb the barrel/boxes/pipe on the right to reach the vent on the left. You'll spot an energy cell just outside the vent and a multitool just inside.

You'll emerge in a room with a medkit, an ammo clip and two phosphorous flares. Open the door and take down two greasels with your method of choice. Beyond is an SMG, an ammo clip, and a concussion grenade.

Follow the helipad signs back outside to the west end of wing B. Descend these stairs and pass through a vent underneath. You'll find an ammo clip, a stun prod, and a security computer that controls this flame turret.

Backtrack across the helipad and into the building. Downstairs in this room you'll find a repairbot, two lockers with a medkit, two concussion grenades and an energy cell, a holocomm unit and datacube with some background, a riot prod, phosphorous flares, and a multitool. These two glass doors (inset) slide open. Behind the door on the right is some beer; the other is an alternate entrance through another air vent. Follow the Power Generator sign downstairs to the VersaLife base interior.

Head downstairs and Tracer Tong tells you that the generator is in the northeast corner of the complex. Get your Red Greasel Hunter ready, it's going to get a lot of use. Defeat these two greasels, then either destabilize the glass at (1), pick the keypad just left, or follow the pipes to the vent at (2). Behind the locked door at (3) is a datacube which hints at a black market biomod canister, a holocomm with some background, two ammo clips, a multitool, binoculars and an energy cell.

My preference is the vents. Two karkians and a greasel are roaming the area (inset). Continue to the next room via these vents, or the adjoining corridor below.

Follow this Templar's cries for help and receive the goal of rescuing him. Multitools on the keypad to the left will free him, but he'll turn on you and open fire.

The generator is a short distance to the northeast of the cell, guarded by two very nasty greasels. A multitool is on the floor to the right of this door.

Activate this switch in the middle of the generator to turn on the juice. The datacube holds a VersaLife journal. Elsewhere in this room are two energy cells, a medkit, and a locked trunk with a refire rate weapon mod and two concussion grenades.

To the northwest of the cell is this ladder, leading to a locked trunk holding two ammo clips, a spiderbomb and a glass destabilizer. The door ahead and to the left has a medbot, an energy cell, two ammo clips, a locked trunk with two medkits, and a holocomm with some background - plus an exceptionally nasty greasel.

I recommend cloaking, cozying up next to the medbot and taking careful aim.

Follow the corridors further west then south to battle three Templars, one of whom is seen here flaming a security camera and turret. A locked room to his left holds a medkit, a scrambler prox mine, a concussion prox mine and two multitools. Drop through that hole in the floor, careful to avoid the greasel goo.

Follow the subfloor to this black market biomod canister. The datacube reveals that the canister was stolen.

Continue through this vent (inset) rather than climb the goo-covered stairs. The vent will bring you back here, where you began. Climb the stairs and return to the VersaLife base exterior.

Climb these stairs and activate the pilot beacon. A datacube with some background and a multitool are next to the beacon. Inside the structure is a sniper rifle, a locked trunk with two ammo clips, an energy cell, binoculars, and a security computer which controls the rocket turret.

Back at the helipad you'll find Ava Johnson. Board the chopper and return to Cairo.

Return to Cairo

You receive a new goal from Chad Dumier: kill Paul Denton. Dumier orders you to talk to this Illuminati elite trooper at street level. Choose dialogue option (1) to continue peacefully.

Choose option (2) and you'll have a fight on your hands.

Talk to Sid Black. You can choose to hire him now for 500 credits, upon which Ava Johnson will tell you that she's leaving for New York.

Talk to the Queequeg's manager. If you choose to tell him the truth about Pequod's and Queequeg's he'll give you the keycode to the safe at Pequod's in the arcology. There's a medkit behind the bar.

Head to the greenhouse and battle these two greasels. Two more will spawn behind you. You'll find the greenhouse closed, but a medkit, a multitool, a flare and 100 credits can be found at the gate.

The arcology doors are locked. They can be opened with multitools, or, for a little more drama, your rocket launcher.

Take out the two power-armored Paladins and security camera. In an open locker is a medkit and a datacube revealing that the Templars have disabled the arcology elevator. A multitool two-pack is on the elevator floor.

Travel to the north medina. JC Denton urges you to revive his brother Paul.

Ascend these stairs and receive a goal from Nicolette Duclare: talk to Leo.

Purchase what you want from the Omar. There's a multitool on the floor behind this gate.

Talk to Leo downstairs in front of the Order mosque. There's a multitool behind the tires. Option (1) is the clean option to get Leo out of his predicament. Choose option (2), though...

...and watch the fireworks as Leo unloads on the Omar. Either way, Leo continues to be your friend and will offer his support in New York.

Talk to Lin May Chen at the north end of the street to learn that the Illuminati elite trooper will self destruct with toxic vapor once he locates his enemy - Paul Denton. A nearby locked trunk holds two energy cells -- just don't let the SSC see you picking the lock. Listen to the public terminal for the final Talk Bullet.

Head to the apartments and talk to Maskini Nassif to learn of hidden Templars. Two ammo clips are on the shelves to the right and an energy cell is on the shelves in the northwest corner. A medkit is in the trunk in the bedroom and another is in the bathroom.

Head upstairs to the same Templar apartment as before. You can bypass the outer vent as the door is unlocked and the two Templars (Silas Archer and a Paladin) are just as easily startled either way. Here I've just knocked both out with a single EMP blast from my spy drone. The locked crate holds an energy cell, an ammo clip and a medkit. A silencer can be found on the nearby table. Return to Maskini Nassif for your reward of 200 credits.

Return to street level and enter the mosque. Just don't make the mistake I did here by charging on in.

The place is swarming with Templars. This bot and the single power-armored Paladin are easily taken out with your spy drone. The other Paladins can be brought down almost as easily with your boltcaster. A table to the right of the entrance has two chits worth 25 credits each. As before, a multitool can be found on this beam, and an energy cell in the basket ahead.

More Paladins are downstairs. Talk to Mrs. Ameer and she'll give you the code to the SSC kiosk in the arcology. As before, a medkit can be found between the bunks. Heal at the medbot.

Still downstairs, follow the corridor east then north and receive the gratitude of Jennifer McAllister. There's a multitool on the floor beneath the stairs.

Upstairs you'll find these two Templar scientists. Spot the two ammo clips on the desk. The cabinet beyond holds two energy cells and a medkit.

Return downstairs and ride the elevator to the arcology.

Ready for a fight once you step off the elevator. Dumier threatens to kill Klara Sparks unless you do as he says.

Don't head up the ramp yet. Instead, head down. Send your spy drone to disable a security camera and take out the Paladins in this room, including one equipped with power armor.

More Paladins are at the recruiting station. Here, I bring them down with the cloak/biotox attack drone combo. Search their bodies and the bodies of fallen SSC for ammo and supplies. An ammo clip is on the desk and there's 100 credits in the safe. An ammo clip can be found among the palms.

Open this wall safe with the code given to you by the Queequeg's manager. Inside you'll find a scrambler grenade, 100 credits and an increased range mod.

Talk to NG Resonance to receive a new goal: determine if she is trapped on level 110.

Descend to the arcology's maintenance tunnels.

Crawl into the alcove we had visited earlier to find the final secret weapon of the game - the Widowmaker SMG.

The Widowmaker SMG is more accurate and fires spiderbombs with its secondary fire.

Continue up the hall to nanoformer programming. Defeat the three WTO guards (including Donna Morgan) and free Klara Sparks.

Talk to Klara and she gives you a range weapon mod. The locked locker holds two ammo clips. Drop below (where the nanoformer bots used to be) for a standard biomod canister, a multitool, energy cell, ammo clip, flashbomb, and an EMP converter.

Return above and find that the elevator to Tarsus is unavailable. You can search the fallen SSC guard for supplies. You can either head up the ramp to level 108, or use this vent. You'll have to defeat some red lasers and the first ceiling vent (above the guard station) is blocked, but the second will allow entry to level 108.

If you chose the vent, you'll have a bit more surprise in taking out this Paladin.

Send your spy drone into the guard station, taking out these Paladins before they can activate the ceiling turret, as well as dropping the gold laser grid. Use the keycode Mrs. Ameer gave you on the locker and find a mag rail, an ammo scavenger, an ammo clip and an increased range mod. Past the fallen grid you'll find an increased damage mod.

The elevator to ApostleCorp is locked down. Proceed to Arcology Air.

You are met by the Illuminati elite trooper.

Saman interrupts. You can ask him to make you a knight or insult him. Either way he informs you that his Paladins have been ordered not to fire upon you - yet. He orders you to give blood for analysis. Your pilot, either Ava or Sid, now informs you that you must activate the pilot beacon if they are to land.

If you plan to rescue Paul, it's best to take out the Paladins now. Once you open fire (I used the spy bot on the power-armored Paladins) a battle is joined by the Illuminati elite trooper, the Paladins, and the SSC. If the trooper is killed (that's his toxic vapor on the right), Dumier asks for your help.

Before entering flight bay 24, grab the ammo clip seen on the left and read the datacube to learn that Paul's belongings are upstairs.

Talk to Dr. Todd. Choose option (1) and Paul Denton will die. Choose option (2) and you've got a fight on your hands.

If you choose to rescue Paul, your first priority will be this military bot. Bring it down, along with the power-armored Paladins. Again, my weapon of choice is the spy drone. Your cloak and the large crates afford you some safety. If you need energy, you can skip ahead to flight bay 23, where you'll find a repairbot. The remaining Paladins can be brought down nonlethally with your biotox attack drone or your boltcaster.

The rocket launcher works well against this ceiling turret, but it's splash damage likely incinerates the Paladin in the overlook. Pacifists will find the cloak/thermal masking combo to excel in bay 24.

Climb the ladder to find Paul's supplies in this locked chest: two biomod canisters, an energy blade, a glass destabilizer and two ammo clips. Also found in this overlook are an EMP prox mine, a shotgun, another ammo clip, and a concussion grenade. The security computer up here is useless.

If you gave your blood to Dr. Todd, barriers will rise around Paul and he will die. Otherwise, activate this computer and you can either revive Paul, or terminate life support, resulting in Dumier's congratulations seen here.

Alternately, revive Paul, have a conversation with him, then receive this message from JC Denton.

A multitool is to the right of this machine. Behind it is a sniper rifle, two ammo clips and binoculars. Head to flight bay 23.

If you've angered Dumier, he sends more elite troopers. Like the power-armored Paladins, knocking them unconscious with your spy drone results in their self-destruction. A pacifist technique? You decide.

Two ammo clips are on a shelf to your left as you enter flight bay 23. If you didn't kill Dr. Nassif earlier, she'll give you a biomod canister now. The SSC chief asks you to locate and activate the pilot beacon. Recharge at the repairbot then proceed through the storage bay door on the right.

You've found NG Resonance - but she is none too grateful. Her nearby trunks hold 200 credits, an ammo clip, a silencer, and a medkit. Just don't let the guards see you breaking the locks. If you return to the NG hologram, you'll have different responses depending on whether you've left NG alive, dead, or unconscious.

Slip through this vent near flight bay 24, then climb the ladder to the flight bay 23 overlook.

If you have the Illuminati on your tail, an elite trooper will be waiting for you -- take him out or remain cloaked.

Two spiderbombs are inside this locked cabinet. A mag rail and an EMP grenade are alongside. You'll find a multitool behind the corner couch and a medkit on the nearby desk.

If you allowed Dr. Todd to take your blood, you'll receive a message from Saman on this holocomm now.

Activate the pilot beacon. If you've hired Sid Black to take you to New York, he offers your choice of strafing runs for 2000 credits. Don't do it -- he'll rip you off. No matter which pilot you've chosen, you can leave for New York immediately from this position.

Liberty Island

Sid Black drops you off at the former UNATCO helipad. If you paid him for a strafing run with his "sunfire missiles" you're in for a disappointment. Maybe you'll get to beat your stolen credits out of him in a sequel. Ava drops you off at the statue, being rebuilt by JC's nanites.

You are now allied with one of the three factions. (1) ApostleCorp (the Dentons) if you rescued Paul. (2) The Illuminati (Chad Dumier and Nicolette DuClare) if you did not allow Dr. Todd to take your blood, but instead killed Paul yourself. (3) The Templars (Luminon Saman) if you allowed Dr. Todd to take your blood. If you aren't allied with ApostleCorp then you will be attacked by this gray and the other ApostleCorp supporters at the statue.

Likewise, unless you allied with the Illuminati, you can expect a rough reception from them at their south docks base camp.

The Templars will pummel you at their camp on the east side if you are not allied with them. In this shot you can see my aggressive defense drone taking out a Templar rocket.

The starting point for all factions is here -- UNATCO HQ.

This hunter seeker is unfriendly regardless of your affiliation.

Chad Dumier claims to have sent in commandos, but they only appear if you are allied with the Templars.

Take note of this flag.

This bum is selling equipment. My preference is the EMP grenades. You can snipe the lone power-armored Paladin from the overlook ahead. You may recognize this as the spot where you exploded Anna Navarre. Continue down either stairway.

Here's the lone Paladin on this floor. If you didn't snipe him before, you can avoid him with the cloak, use your spy drone or just blow him up. If you are allied with the Templars, you'll witness a battle between them and the Illuminati elite troopers.

Continue to this toilet in what used to be Joseph Manderley's office. Make sure you save your game before you continue. If you carry the flag noted earlier (the flag seen here does not work) and then flush the toilet...

You are transported to what is dubbed, "The REAL Endgame" - the DX2 Rap Party.

You'll find floating datacubes such as this...

...where you can read indulgent quotes from the development staff. Too bad they didn't indulge us.

The quotes are boring, but it is fun to watch the 'cast' dancing. It reminds me of the dancing credits from Comedy Central's Strangers With Candy.

Ava looks just as great as she sounds.

Reload your save to arrive back at UNATCO HQ. Three power-armored Paladins patrol the immediate area below. If you are allied with the Templars you may instead see a mix of Paladins and elite troopers.

You'll find yourself at the ruins of this hallway.

Head left. Send your spy drone all the way back to the holding cells to find this final Paladin. Again, drone him, avoid him, or blow him up.

This datacube has prompted speculation that there may be a seventh secret weapon.

It is a shipping receipt for Gunther Hermann's skull gun. Alas, no such weapon is to be found.

This cell on the far left has lots of goodies, including a rocket launcher, medkit, scrambler grenade, five ammo clips, a noisemaker grenade and a concussion grenade.

An energy blade can be found to the left of this locked trunk, inside of which you'll find an EMP converter. The locked trunk on the right holds a black market biomod.

Backtrack to this position and turn right to find the Aquinas control room.

You're in Alex Jacobson's office, complete with secret subfloor. Drop below to find two multitools.

Receive this holocomm message from Saman.

Here is Aquinas Hub - Alex Jacobson's old computer.

Time to decide what faction you wish to support. Yes, you've come all this way and you still can switch sides. Here's where you'll need to save your game if you want to play all endings.

If you find none of these factions appealing, you may be in luck. A fourth outcome is available after speaking to Leo Jankowski in the UNATCO bunker, just outside UNATCO HQ.

Leo wants all of the leaders killed. Here I recommend dialogue option (3) because Leo dies pretty quickly in combat.

If you helped Leo in Cairo, you'll receive a black market biomod. Grab the refire rate mod, medkit and two energy cells. Choose which side you want to support before continuing.

ApostleCorp Ending

This ending is my personal favorite, and is the only ending where you can complete the game without killing anyone. You have uploaded the Aquinas spec to the Dentons and allied yourself with ApostleCorp. Three Illuminati elite troopers now patrol UNATCO HQ. Defeat them or, better yet, cloak past them to avoid their toxic vapor.

Saman threatens as you approach the exit.

Upon exiting, you'll find Saman and several power-armored Paladins waiting for you. If you choose to cloak past them, you can witness this battle between the Templars and the Illuminati.

For an optional side quest, take that door ahead to the Island's east side, careful to avoid the fire from this hunter-seeker.

You'll find the entrance to the north dock on your immediate left. The large military bots are allied with you. Avoid or drop the lone Illuminati elite trooper on the dock.

You'll find Tracer Tong rear-left. You may need to defend Tong against the elite trooper as he can die. He explains why the island is frozen and gives you a new goal: repair the three bots he has brought with him. Inside the shack you'll find a biomod canister, a medkit, two energy cells, two ammo clips, a stun prod, and a frag round mod.

Use multitools on these power boxes to repair the bots.

As you repair the bots, they emerge from their containers. Repair all three bots to complete the goal.

Return to Tong and you have these dialogue options. Avoid option (4) as Tong will open fire on you.

Choose any of the other three dialogue options and the result is the same. Tong and the bots join a battle at the statue entrance on the west side.

This is a fierce battle and Paul is vulnerable -- that's his body on the ground ahead. If you don't visit Tracer Tong this battle never takes place and the Dentons remain safely inside the statue.

Quickly step through the doorway before the Dentons emerge and keep them out of harm's way.

Paul reassures you that JC's plan is the right path for humanity.

Step into the infusion chamber and activate the Helios uplink machine.

The final cutscene plays of all humanity harmoniously united through Helios.

You are left with this quote from John Stuart Mill. If you picked this ending, I hope you enjoyed this game and I also hope that this walkthrough helped you! Game on!

Illuminati Ending

You'll have no new opposition as you leave UNATCO HQ, but JC Denton and Luminon Saman threaten to kill you.

Saman and his Paladins are just outside the door. Engage them or simply cloak and walk past as I do here.

Proceed through the south dock and continue through the door to the Illuminati encampment beyond. The elite troopers will not harm you.

Recharge at this repairbot.

Walk around to the front of the building and walk through the front door.

Talk to Chad Dumier and learn that he has rewarding plans for your cooperation.

Talk with Nicolette DuClare to learn more of the Illuminati's philosophy of natural aristocracy.

The neighboring room holds this unlocked trunk. Inside you'll find a standard biomod canister, a fragmentary round, and four ammo clips.

Return through the south dock and find a mag rail and two energy cells here.

Head toward the statue. Inside this structure you'll find three ammo clips, an EMP grenade and a medkit. A cloak/thermal masking combo will keep you concealed as you climb onto the roof.

Time to ditch pacifist play. This rooftop position affords you some cover as you pummel the ApostleCorp forces below. My preference is the rocket launcher.

Now you must kill Paul and JC Denton. Knocking them unconscious is insufficient to complete your goal. My preference is the rocket launcher's alternate fire, which launches a slow-moving missile that you can guide while in flight. Fire several rounds into each Denton to kill them.

Next, you must destroy the infusion chamber. Again, the rocket launcher's secondary fire works well.

The final cutscene plays. You see a world of economic vitality, controlled by a capable, elite few...

...and an unseen orbiting entity known as, "Ophelia."

You are left with this quote by Michel Foucault. If you picked this ending, I hope you enjoyed this game and I also hope that this walkthrough helped you! Game on!

Templars Ending

Three Illuminati elite troopers will attempt to block your exit from UNATCO HQ. JC Denton messages his intent to kill you.

The Templar Paladins outside UNATCO will not harm you. Head past the south docks and witness the Paladins and Illuminati battling each other. You'll find a mag rail and two energy cells here.

Continue through this door to the east side of the island.

Make your way to the Templar encampment in this bunker.

Talk with Saman and he elaborates on his plan: to unleash nano predators that will end biomodification and preserve the purity of the human species.

This unlocked trunk holds three ammo clips, an EMP converter and a spiderbomb. To the right is an energy blade and three more ammo clips. A medkit is in the northeast corner.

Return to the island's west side to this building near the statue entrance. Inside are three ammo clips, an EMP grenade and a medkit. A cloak/thermal masking combo will keep you concealed while you climb onto the roof.

Time to ditch pacifist play. This rooftop position affords you some cover as you pummel the ApostleCorp forces below. My preference is the rocket launcher.

Now you must kill Paul and JC Denton. Knocking them unconscious is insufficient to complete your goal. My preference is the rocket launcher's alternate fire, which launches a slow-moving missile that you can guide while in flight. Fire several rounds into each Denton to kill them.

Cloak and activate your thermal masking to avoid detection by any remaining grays or turrets. Step into the infusion chamber and activate the Helios uplink machine.

A cutscene plays of JC Denton reviving as a mortal.

You receive a new goal. Kill JC Denton - AGAIN!

You should still be cloaked and thermally masked. Head back to your rooftop position and once again use your rocket launcher's alternate-fire to bring JC down. Several rounds should do the job.

Reactivate your cloak/thermal mask and start the Helios uplink machine once more.

The final cutscene plays of unseen crowds cheering the words of Luminon Saman.

Lastly, you are left with this quote from John Bunyan. If you picked this ending, I hope you enjoyed this game and I hope this walkthrough helped you! Game on!

Renegade Ending

You have rejected the three main factions, instead choosing to team up with Leo Jankowski and the Omar. Your task: kill the leaders of the three factions and destroy the Denton's Helios machine. Leo doesn't do so well in battle. Here he is being blown up by a Paladin. You can choose to have him fight along side you (if you enjoy babysitting bad AI). My choice is to have him stay put in the bunker.

A cloak/thermal masking combo goes a long way in this mission. Head through the south docks to the Illuminati encampment through the door beyond.

Recharge at this repairbot.

Head underneath the building and bypass this keypad, opening the trap door above.

Time to abandon pacifist play. Knocking the faction leaders unconscious is insufficient to complete your goal. Pop up like a jack-in-the-box and use your rocket launcher's primary fire to send a missile into the adjoining room, barbecuing Chad Dumier to a crisp.

Step inside to make sure Dumier is dead -- he's the Illuminati leader who must die. (Sorry blondie.) Remain cloaked as an elite trooper may have survived.

This locked trunk holds a standard biomod canister, a fragmentary round and four ammo clips.

Recharge at the repairbot then return to the west side of the island. Inside this building near the statue entrance you'll find three ammo clips, an EMP grenade and a medkit. Your cloak/thermal masking combo will conceal you as you climb onto the roof.

A single gray guards the door. Blast it open with your rocket launder's primary fire.

Now you must kill Paul and JC Denton. My preference is the rocket launcher's alternate fire, which launches a slow-moving missile that you can guide while in flight. Fire several rounds into each Denton to kill them.

Next, you must destroy the infusion chamber. Again, the rocket launcher's secondary fire works well.

Luminon Saman expresses his displeasure. He has bigger worries -- he's next on your list.

Reactivate your cloak/thermal masking and avoid/destroy this hunter seeker before heading through the door beyond to the island's east side.

The Templars' encampment is inside this bunker.

Send in your spy drone to find Saman huddled close to his precious Paladins. Knock out the Paladins with your spy drone's EMP blast, causing them to self-destruct, causing Saman to die.

JC has, somehow, revived into a mortal again, and protests that the Omar are destroying the Helios core. You receive a new goal. Kill JC Denton - AGAIN!

Reactivate your cloak/thermal masking and enter the statue so that JC may spawn.

Reclaim your perch atop the nearby roof and once again use your rocket launder's secondary fire to kill JC Denton.

The Omar express their gratitude -- by offering a discount.

The final cutscene plays. Two hundred years of war have left the earth a charred hunk of rock.

And evolved a new glorious humanity, hardened and able to expand into the bleakest corners of the universe.

Lastly, you are left with these words from Montaigne. If you picked this ending, I hope you enjoyed the game and I hope this walkthrough helped you! Game on!