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Dragon Age - Origins: Awakening Walkthrough Chapter 08: Depths of Depravity

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"After the devastating battle at Vigil's Keep it's time to regroup and figure out what to do next. Speak to your remaining advisors in the main hall and select who you want in your party. When you're ready, set out for the 'Lair of the Mother' location on the world map. This entire area is a path to reach the Mother so in terms of orientation, there should be no problem. Enemies to look out for are Childer grubs and hatchlings and Armored Ogre Alphas. These Armored Ogres aren't as powerful as the one you faced at the end of the last quest in Vigil's Keep but still use the same tactics of grabbing and pummeling, so keeping your health topped off is essential.

As you head further into the lair, you'll encounter a high dragon. These beasts are some of the nastiest fellows in all the land so gear up and use your most powerful magic attacks against it. Look out for it's fiery area of effect attacks as they knock your entire party down and leave you open to being eviscerated very quickly. Finish the dragon off and head into the tower ahead.

Inside the tower Velana encounters her sister who has joined forces with The Architect. Being kind to Velana is your best bet here as it is possible that she will turn on you if she dislikes you.

After speaking with Velana's sister head down the stairs in the tower until you reach the ground level where the Architect makes an appearance. This is a key point for making a choice as allowing him to live causes Justice to turn on you while killing him could potentially have Velana betray you. Killing The Architect also removes the ability to call on The Architect to assist you during the game's final battle.

After you've moved on from your conversation with The Architect keep heading down the walkways and down the stairs of the two remaining towers, killing the enemy childer grubs, hatchlings, and hurlocks along the way. At the bottom of each tower are four spots to place crystals in. These crystals can be found in the clumps of flesh scattered throughout this entire area. Place the crystals you find into the slots to unlock more attacks from The Architect during the final battle against the Mother.

When you reach a long walkway where you can see the Mother off in the distance switch both of your mages' battle tactics to healer. This is crucial to defeating Mother as her attacks are relentless and simply too much for your party to manage. Simply use physical attacks supplemented by your mage's magic attacks between all their healing to finish the demonic woman off. Congratulations, you've just completed Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening.