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Dragon Age - Origins: Awakening Walkthrough Chapter 01: Vigil''s Keep

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After completing your character customization, approach the township of Vigil's Keep with your partner Mhairi, a group of Darkspawn made up of lowly genlocks strikes. Once these enemies have been dealt with, there will be a short cutscene.

Speaking to the townsman, the real key here is learning about what is going on here. Asking him probing questions about the events that are unfolding makes him reveal what he knows. During the conversation the dialogue choice of 'Nice swordwork. You're not just a guide, are you?' comes up. Pick this option to compliment Mhairi and gain some of her favor. Once you've learned all you need to know, end the conversation and grab the items off of the fallen enemies before moving deeper into the Vigil's Keep township.

As you proceed into the town you'll encounter some shrieks and an ogre.. Kill them.

Explore the area, heading onto the rafters that encircle where you are to find hurlocks waiting to take you out.

As you near a gateway at the top of a small set of stairs it bursts open and a group of hurlocks approaches your position. Do not worry about them for the time being as they don't do enough damage to matter immediately, instead focus on the genlock emissary that is posted up behind them. Quickly run to him and eliminate him before he can do too much damage on Mhairi and yourself.

Fight through some more genlocks and hurlocks as you near the main gate of the Vigil's Keep stronghold. Once you approach them, speak to Mhairi, making sure to use the 'I'm going to need your help, here.' line of dialogue to garner some more favor from her.

As you enter Vigil's Keep you are faced with shrieks and alpha shrieks galore, kill'em all.

Head even deeper into the keep to find the first of two additional companions you pick up during this quest. His name is Anders and he is a mage on the run from the Templars. During your introductory conversation with him be sure to use the 'I could use y

"Explore further into the keep battling the foes you encounter as you do so. When you reach an outdoor area along the fortress wall with a ballista conveniently positioned atop it first walk over to the door you need to enter to move on where you'll activate a trap and reveal a cluster of hurlocks, genlocks, and a genlock emissary. Run back to the ballista and fire it at the new enemies to quickly finish them off.

As you continue your investigation and exploration of Vigil's Keep head towards a central area where you'll find a lever. Pull the lever to open a gate that lets a flood of enemies in. Make your way down into the area the enemies just entered to fight the

Once you reach a kind of rotunda in the keep a group of hurlocks and genlock emissaries make their move. They can be a little much to handle so plotting out your attacks is crucial.

After finishing off the attackers and their emissary guardians keep heading further into Vigil's Keep. You'll walk into a raging battle between some unsavory foes and a dwarf. Help the dwarf out and kill the enemies.

As you make your introductions be sure to use the 'You want to fight Darkspawn? The more the merrier.' line of dialogue as to engender good will from your dwarves ally.

As you explore the keep you'll encounter Rowland, a solider that's fallen in battle. Mhairi is particularly concerned with his wellbeing so showing him kindness through words will earn you some points with her. Choose the 'I'm here Rowland. I'm sorry I didn't come sooner.' and 'Hold yourself together, Rowland' dialogue options to ensure Mhairi's positive favor.

After fighting through some more hurlocks and genlocks as your continue your quest to save Vigil's Keep you meet the mastermind of the attack on the fortress, The Withered.

The Withered stands alongside a few genlock as he battles you and your band. His attacks are powerful but with your full team's efforts, simply attacking him with Anders providing support from a distance will fell this new foe in no time.

After the battle ends, King Allistair appears on the scene. Present yourself to him and use the nicest words possible when introducing your party to ensure they like you later on. As the conversation ends so does Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening's first quest.