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Euro Truck Simulator 2 Walkthrough Trucks

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There are a lot of truck dealers to choose from when buying a truck. The yellow icons are showing the large showrooms with a large variety of trucks with different options to choose from, while the small showrooms (grey icons) only have a few trucks for sale.

DAF XF - Is a great truck to start off with, the cheapest model costs 95,820, it has a 360hp engine and a 4x2 chassis. However, it is not worth upgrading to the best engine, which only has 510hp.

Iveco Stralis - Is another great truck to begin your Euro Truck Simulator 2 career, the cheapest one costs only 94,060 and it comes with a 310hp engine and a 4x2 chassis.

Iveco Stralis Hi-Way - Is a more expensive version of the normal Iveco Stralis, which has a better engine and a better looking interior. Unfortunately, it comes at the higher price of 176,550.

The cheapest version of the MAN TGX XL costs 97,520 and it only has 320hp, if you're planing to get this truck, I'd recommend you to swap the engine for the 680hp one and pay 107,480

Majestic Across - Is not one of the best trucks in the game, but it sure does have a good handling and has an increased stability compared to other trucks. The cheapest model costs 98,660 and it has a 320hp engine.

Renault Premium - The cheapest model costs 98,830 and it has an 380hp engine, unfortunately it only has two cabin versions and a single chassis version to choose from.

Renault Magnum - It's not one of the best trucks to start off with, the cheapest model costs 126,670 and it has a 480hp engine. Unlike Renault Premium, this truck has a single cabin and chassis version and three engines to choose from.

Scania R - Is the best truck to start off with, it might cost a little too much, but it'll be really easy for you to upgrade it in the future. It has three cabins and chassis version and twelve available engine versions, that will unlock as you level up.

Volvo FH16 Classic - If you're looking for a powerful truck to begin your business with, this is one of the best options available for you, the cheapest model costs 99,310 and it has a 540hp engine, which is great for heavier cargos.

Volvo FH - You can also choose the newer generation of Volvo trucks, the cheapest one being 101,970, offering you a slightly less powerful engine compared to the older FH generation.