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F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin Walkthrough Discovery

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Some soldiers are roaming the lobby.

Get up the stairs once you deal with the soldiers.

Armored soldiers will come out of the elevator.

Use the elevator from which the soldiers came.

Snake Fist will tell you some more info.

The soldiers will destroy the building to erase any evidence.

Run through the office towards the flames.

Enter the room next to the flames.

Go inside a vent.

You will drop down in a room that is on fire. Fight your way out.

Exit through a door with lots of blood underneath.

Pass through a few more offices on fire.

Continue down the corridor.

You will find stairs going down.

Proceed through the corridor.

Go inside the surgery room.

Beyound the surgery you will see an X. You are on the right track.

Fight some soldiers.

The soldiers have killed everyone.

Another X will guide your way.

Follow the bloodtrail.

Go down the stairs.

Yet another corridor with enemies.

X marks the spot.

Pass the double doors.

Get inside the elevator with X.

Some ammo and armor are near the operating theatre.

Jump through the hole in the window.

A brief cutscene will play.

You will be attacked by some patients who have been experimented on. Use your SlowMo to kill them off easily.

Slide the door to exit.

You will find Jankowski, but you can't do anything to help him.

Enter the creepy vent.

The level will change when you drop down.