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F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin Walkthrough Awakening

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A disturbing cutscene plays.

Becket wakes up in a hospital.

Follow Alma down the corridor.

You will see an X on the wall. You will see exes around the level if you are going in the right direction.

Enter the well lit double door.

Go through the corridor.

Follow the bloodtrail to the right.

Enter the larger area through the double door.

Go up the stairs.

More blood to follow.

Enter the bloody staff room.

You will see Aristide at the end of a corridor. Walk up to her.

Time to go back. Go past this office.

Go through the red exit door. Someone named Snake Fist will contact you.

Enter the door charred by explosions.

Get the weapons from the desk.

Some soldiers will bust in through a double door. Don't forget that you can throw grenades to deal with many bunched up enemies.

Make your way through the hospital rooms and fight the soldiers.

Proceed through the long corridor with vending machines.

Some soldiers are trying to get in the security office. Surprise them from above. Then drop down there.

Call the elevator.

The elevator will get stuck.

Navigate through a vent to get out.

Go through a destroyed double door.

You will find a door that requires a keycard.

You will find the keycard in the room just left of the locked door.

Once you use the keycard you will find some armor and ammo further in.

You will find a doctor struggling to save someone.

Fight through the next corridor.

Go through the morgue and expect a visitation from Alma.

Get inside the elevator shaft.

Press E to slide the table out.

Once the elevator goes down, hold E to open the doors.

Follow the bloody footprints.

Enter office 202.

Fight some soldiers.

Enter the room with bodies.

More soldiers through the offices.

Big fight will ensue once you reach this room.

Use the keycard to enter.

Enter the round place that looks like a revolving door.

A cutscene will play.

Col. Vanek will stop your advance.

Time to find another way.

Go through a stairway to end the level.