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F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin Walkthrough Replica

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Go up the ladder.

Enter the double door.

Alma will attack you in the next corridor. Tap the melee button to fight her off.

Enter the room with green light.

Pass through the control room.

Crouch here to pass through the broken window.

Go down the stairs.

Enter the place with busted doors.

Go through the corridor with rocks and go down the stairs at the end.

Open the chamber doors to proceed.

The doors to the cells will be closed so get back up to the corridor with rocks.

Jump down the cells through the broken window.

Pass through the indoctrination chamber.

Beware the patients that will start attacking you. They can climb on walls.

Go up the stairs.

Pass the corridor with shadows.

Go down the stairs.

Reach the end of this corridor.

Go through the operating rooms.

You will reach an elevator at the end.

Go up the well lit stairs.

Enter the combat training area.

The Colonel will try to stop you once again. Gather all the ammo you find here.

Replica soldiers will start coming out from the pods. Fight off the waves of enemies.

Once you defeat your enemies, Alma will kill the patient that was controlling the replica soldiers.

One of the pods that was used to deliver soldiers up, will collapse. Get down the opened way.

Navigate the corridors used for pod transportation.

Climb up the small ladder.

Get down a ladder.

After a few more long corridors you will find a blocked passage. Hold E to clear the way.

The windows at the end of the corridor will reveal some soldiers.

Go up the stairs.

Pass near the pipes.

Fight the soldiers in this wide area.

Watch out for some soldiers trying to snipe you from above.

Go up the ladder.

Get down this green ladder.

When you try to activate the elevator you won't be able to.

You have to find the three valves around this area to release the pressure so you can activate the elevator.

Hold E to turn the valve.

Once you turn two valves a mech will bust through this fence.

Use any cover you find to fight the mech. You can't damage it while it has its shields up. Throw some shock grenades at it to lower its shields then shoot it with your weapons.

Turn the last valve when you defeat the mech.

You can use the lift now.

Wait for the lift to go up.