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F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin Walkthrough Ruin

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You will end up in an industrial area of the city.

Climb up a ladder that is placed at the far right corner of the room you are in.

Pass over the rail.

A plane will crash for some reason.

Go through the windows and then go down the stairs.

You find yourself on the streets of the city devastated by the nuclear blast.

When you pass the streets enter a red door.

Shoot the padlock to open the gate.

You will encounter a mini boss. This controller will command any bodies he finds like puppets. Focus your fire on him and kill him before he can get many soldiers under his control.

Enter a ruined building near the place you fought the controller.

Get near the table and tap E to slide it away.

Go up the stairs.

Enter a vent.

Drop down to the streets through the hole in the wall.

At the end of the next street a flamethrower guy will attack you.

Get inside the nearby building.

Go up the stairs.

Grab the reflex booster. It will add more time to the SlowMo meter permanently.

You will see a guy with green laser trying to snipe you from the building on the other side of the street.

Get to the other building by crossing over the wing of the fallen plane.

Pick up the missile launcher. You will need it later.

Drop down a hole in the concrete.

You will see a giant mech getting stunned by the power line.

Watch out for a guy sniping from the building.

You will have to destroy the mech with your missile launcher. Lure the mech near one of the power transformers to stun it, then fire away.

Continue up the street.

Go in the back alley near a burning container. You will hear Stokes on comms, saying she is pinned by snipers.

Go over the rubble to end this level.