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Make your way through the ruined office.

You will see Stokes. She is pinned by snipers. Go to your right and enter the building.

Climb the stairs.

Kill one of the snipers there.

Grab the sniper rifle near the dead sniper.

Kill the snipers to help Stokes.

You will see their positions by their red lasers. Use SlowMo for even easier sniping.

Once you kill all of the snipers move through the rooms on the right.

Once you get to ground level more soldiers will attack.

Enter a door near a fire extinguisher.

Go over a fence.

Pass a laundry room.

You will see a soldier coming out of a mech and leaving it open for some reason. Get close to the mech and press E to hop in.

The soldiers can't harm you while you are in the mech much. Only other mechs can harm you. Fire your miniguns with left mouse button to mow down any enemies you see.

Pressing V will turn thermal vision on to spot the soldiers more easily.

Go through a hole in the fallen building.

Pressing G will fire your missiles. Use them only to fight other mechs. Don't fire your guns for too long because they will overheat.

When you reach a garage you will have to exit your mech.

Go up the stairs in the garage.

Press the button to open the doors of the garage.

Get back in the mech.

Move forward and clear out any enemies.

You will reach a parking lot.

Time to leave your mech for good.

Go through a stairway.

Shoot the padlock to open the gate.

Alma's presence will increase here.

A short cutscene will play once you get outside.

Stokes and Becket are reunited.

Griffin is killed by Alma in a cutscene.

Use the ladder to leave the building.

Enter the APC to leave this level.