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F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin Walkthrough Snake Fist

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Aristide is arguing with someone else on the cameras.

Override the lockdown from a blue console.

Fight the soldiers that come afterwards.

Pass through two doors with green light.

And one with red light.

Go up some stairs.

Jump down here.

Crouch under this door to proceed.

Reach the end of this corridor.

Go down the ladder.

You will find another override console.

Enter the first room here.

Go inside the test lab.

Go through the test chamber and enter the door on the right.

Proceed through the corridor.

The colonel is here as well.

Fight some soldiers and then go up the stairs.

Pass the morgue room.

You will catch up with the colonel.

Use the computer to open the door.

Tap the melee key to struggle against Col. Vanek. His story ends here.

Enter the cells and prepare to fight some patients.

Go up the stairs.

Use the computer on the upper floor.

Exit through the door on the far side.

Enter the small room on the right.

Get all the ammo and guns you need from here.

Afterwards proceed down the corridor.

You will find Snake Fist.

After telling you how to defeat Alma, he will give you an energy weapon. It can melt any soldier with just one shot.

Fight the soldiers through the corridor.

Reach the office on the other side.

Exit through a hole in the door.

Further ahead you will find a napalm cannon.

Fight the increasing number of soldiers.

Enter the door with many bright lights.

When you reach a place with a decorative waterfall you will be attacked by invisible assassins. You will have to look for their distinctive shimmer. The energy weapon can kill them with one shot.

Go down the stairs near the waterfall.

Enter the elevator.

Pass yet another surveillance room.

Enter the APC to end the level.