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F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin Walkthrough Elementary

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You arrive at an elementary school to search for Snake Fist.

Approach the main doors. They will be closed though.

Shoot the padlock and enter the school through the basement.

Hold E to remove the obstacle.

Proceed through the corridor.

Go up the stairs.

Stokes will see that Armacham troops are already here.

Follow Stokes over a narrow passage.

Drop down here.

Enter the school room.

After a brief cutscene you will be separated from Stokes.

Fight the music teacher mini boss.

Hold E to clear the passage.

Slide the bookcase to pass.

Go towards the end of the long corridor.

Alma will attack you. A QTE will begin shortly. Press the melee button to fight her off.

Afterwards you will find your way to an outside area.

A helicopter will crash.

Prepare to fight the soldiers that come from the other side.

Once you defeat them enter the next part of the school.

Grab the missile launcher.

The path will be blocked by fire.

When you go outside a mech will attack you. When you destroy the mech a part of the building will collapse.

Go up the destroyed building to reach the upper floor.

Go outside the windows and continue along the rooftop.

Beware some soldiers jumping out from the nearby windows.

Enter the building from the windows at the very end.

You will reach the valve needed to turn off the gas leak. Once you use the valve jump down.

Go outside through the hole.

Go around the crashed chopper and enter the next building.

Jump down the hole.

You will find Keegan and Stokes.

Fight off Alma by tapping the melee button.