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F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin Walkthrough Keegan

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A cutscene will play during your ride in the APC.

The APC falls down in a metro station. Shoot down the waves of enemies with the mounted gun.

Keegan will get possessed by Alma's presence. Follow him under the grate.

Follow the corridor.

You won't be able to catch up with Keegan.

Shoot the ghosts to make them go away.

Jump over the metro ticket rails.

Go up the escalator.

Hold E to push away the vending machine.

Follow the railway tracks.

Follow the signs to the pump room.

Fight the soldiers along the way.

The pump room signs will lead to a ladder going down.

Press the lever to turn off the electricity that is blocking the next tunnel.

Go down some stairs.

Pass a motor car.

Enter the flooded basement.

Some soldiers are waiting on the upper floor.

Find some stairs to go up.

Climb up the ladder.

More soldiers in this metro station.

Go towards the end of the corridor.

Turn off the electricity from here. There's a laser rifle nearby.

Follow the tunnel.

Enter through a destroyed brick wall.

The bus up ahead is ready to fall down. Jump down.

Run away from the falling bus.

Enter the busted door.

Pass through the motor car.

Go towards the end of the station.

An open door near the phones will lead you out.

Go over the rubble.

Lots of soldiers will attack you in this metro station.

Exit through a door near a big mural.

Jump over the rails here.

Follow the tracks.

Fight off some soldiers and jump here.

Get inside this room.

Go towards the end of the dark corridor to end the level.