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F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin Walkthrough Epicenter

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Get out of the metro.

Grab the sniper from the nearby cache.

Some snipers will be waiting for you at this point.

Snipe them back.

Climb over the car to get across.

Enter the movie theatre.

Go to the other street through the destroyed projection screen.

Brief cutscene will play as you get closer to the screen.

You will find a mech. Shoot the transformer on the electrical post to cut off the power.

Climb in the mech.

Follow the street and mow down the soldiers.

You will reach a building where you need to enter. Sadly you have to leave the mech.

Jump over the rubble here.

Walk down the long street and beware some ghosts.

Go towards Keegan.

Jump inside this pipe.

Go down the rubble.

Climb inside here.

Continue along the ruins and follow Keegan.

Drop down this hole.