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F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin Walkthrough Approach

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You will be at the Armacham facility now.

Go down the ladder.

Jump down the crates to reach the lower ground.

Go up these stairs.

Go aboard the tram.

Start the tram from the controls at the front.

Fight the incoming waves of soldiers. They will come from the front and back of your tram and the other tram nearby.

Some will try to board your train.

Run towards the front of the tram once you see the new objective.

Re-establish control of the tram.

Eventually your tram will crash.

You will see Keegan once more.

Go up the ladder.

Beware of some assassins.

Get through the narrow passage near a pipe.

Keegan will use a lift to go up. You have to reach that lift yourself.

Go down the ramp.

You will find the controls to restart the lift underneath the lift.

Hop on the lift and wait for it to go up.

Once the lift connects with the next platform expect trouble.

Fight the group of assassins on the lift.

Restart one more lift.

Keegan is looking at a bright light.

Cross the platform to reach Keegan.

Follow the way with railings.

Step through the light.

After a few corridors you will find controls to open a door.

Ready your sniper rifle. This place is crawling with enemy snipers.

Reach the ladder.

Go up to the control booth.

Release the cargo that is blocking the tram.

Go down to the tram and start it.

This tram ride will be more peaceful.

Approach the place with stored crates.

Alma will block your way and attack you.

Fight her off by tapping melee.

Go around the crates to the right.

Use the elevator.