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F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin Walkthrough Climax

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Enter the hole in the wall.

Go through this playground prison.

Enter the fenced area.

Go down a green ladder.

Proceed through the long pipe.

Fight the incoming soldiers. Then go up the ramp that goes to the right.

Keep fighting the soldiers until you reach the front yard of the buildings on the left.

Your team will come to back you up with the APC.

The entrance to the facility will be closed.

Get inside the APC and man the turret. Kill the waves of enemies.

Get inside the facility.

Cycle the airlock to enter.

Proceed through the corridor.

Stokes will be waiting for you.

Use the elevator.

One more airlock to use.

Go through the long corridor.

One last airlock to go.

You reach the amplifier.

Extend the bridge from the controls on the left.

Approach the seat.

Get in the chair to use the amplifier.

Aristide tries to stop you and kills Stokes. Alma kills Aristide afterwards.

You will be transported in Alma's world. Prepare to fight Keegan.

Keegan will move fast and split himself in many places. Use your SlowMo to fight him.

Find the controls to shutdown the system.

Go through the nightmare realm and fight Keegan.

Shutdown the controls once again.

When you shutdown the controls a third time a QTE will begin.

Press the buttons that appear on your screen to defeat Keegan.

The machine will stop for a few seconds.

In this final scene Alma will imply that she has a child from Becket. The end.