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F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin Walkthrough Withdrawal

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Go near the computer keyboard to toggle the power.

One of your teammates is losing his mind.

Navigate through a few dreary but straight forward halls and corridors.

The soldiers will execute a doctor. You can't stop them in time to save him.

Enter the radiology room.

You will end up in the cells.

If a patient gets too close to you a QTE event will start. You have to tap the melee button to get him off.

Get through the long corridor.

At the end some soldiers will come out from an elevator. Kill them and enter the elevator.

Wait for the slow elevator to go up.

The place is about to go up in smoke.

Fight the soldiers through the corridor.

Go up the stairs.

Go down the service ladder.

The soldiers will be trying to run away.

Move through the passage with railings.

Go down two service ladders to reach the ground.

Fight a big group of enemies here.

Enter the malfunctioning door.

Go up a ladder.

Some areas will provide you with alternative ways to engage your enemy.

The ceiling will collapse in this tunnel. Get over the debris.

A flamethrower wielding soldier will attack you. He will take a bit longer to kill.

Approach the construction with yellow railings.

Go up a ladder.

Enter the fenced door.

Go down a ladder.

Pass through the tunnel.

The Colonel will try to stop you once again.

Fight a huge amount of soldiers that are coming from this corridor.

Afterwards an explosion will create a gas leak that will block your way. You will have to find the valve to turn off the gas.

You will find the valve at the very end of the corridor on the right of the blocked passage.

Kill the soldiers that come in your way.

Climb the ladder that is near the now stopped gas leak.

At the end an explosion will knock Becket far below.