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F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin Walkthrough Sanctuary

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The game starts with a short movie style intro.

Alma will appear in a cutscene.

Go towards the light at the end of the street.

Jump down the hole where Alma stands.

A team of soldiers is sent to investigate the aftermath of the events from the previous game.

Go around the statue to the right.

Enter the coffee shop.

Go through a door on the left.

The stairs aren't an option.

Enter the door on the left near the stairs.

Step through the door with green exit sign.

Crouch to get under the fence.

Follow Griffin.

You have to find Aristide, the owner of the corporation that started this mess.

The team is attacked by a soldier from the elevator.

Keegan is wounded. Enter the elevator.

You and Stokes go up with the elevator. Fight the soldiers that are guarding the building.

After you kill the soldiers, exit the room through a door near a closed fence.

The outside area is guarded as well. Watch out for enemies on elevated places.

Stokes will open the next fence.

Go through the skywalk corridor.

A helicopter will attack you. Sprint forward to avoid getting shot.

You are getting nearer to Aristide. You hear about Col. Vanek. He will be your main opponent for some time.

Watch for some ammo and weapon caches around the levels. Sometimes they are hidden from the main path.

Prepare for a big firefight once you reach this museum room.

Exit through the blasted doors.

You can change the rate of fire of your guns if you need to.

Some soldiers will drop down from a chopper when you reach a rooftop bar.

Enter the room next to the bar.

More soldiers are inside.

Go through the fence.

The kitchen will be barricaded. Pressing 'control' will activate your slow motion ability. Dealing with many enemies becomes much easier then.

Exit the office.

Jump outside through the window.

Jump to the lift.

Enter the vents.

Step over the pool of water.

A brief cutscene will play.

You will have to find a hidden door to reach Aristide.

Some soldiers will be patrolling around. You can attack them while they have their backs turned.

Go up the stairs.

Pass the corridor with a sculpture.

Enter the bedroom and go to the bookcase near the TV.

Press E to close the music box.

Brief cutscene will play.

Enter the secret room.

Go down the stairs and enter the greenlit door.

You will find Aristide.

Time to get back out.

Go down the stairs from where you came in before.

Alma's presence is strong here.

An explosion occurs and knocks down Becket.