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Fallout: New Vegas Dead Money Walkthrough Curtain Call at the Tampico

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After talking to Dog and convincing him not to kill himself, it is now time to face Dean Domino. Leave the Catina Madrid kitchen and head to the Tampico Theater.

Once you've made it into the theater, make your way to the stage.

Grab Vera's Partitures, which are located in front of the stage. They will contain the backstage key needed later on.

Dean Domino will make his appearance above the stage, right after grabbing Vera's Partitures.

Security Holograms will appear once you've finished talking to Dean. Make a run to the backstage door located on your right before they start attacking you.

Once you've made it in the backstage without getting killed by the security holograms, you will have to disable the hologram emitter located above you right next to the backstage door. If you want to disable it, you will need a Repair skill of 100, in case you don't have such a high Repair skill you can simply shoot it; a well aimed shoot will automatically destroy it.

After getting rid of the hologram emitter, go ahead and destroy the unshielded speakers located in the backstage area, so you can explore the rest of the backstage without getting blown up by your collar.

Once you have destroyed all the speakers, head inside Dean's dressing room and grab Vera's Backstage Key.

Before entering inside Vera's room, make sure to turn off the ambient audio system using the terminal located across from her room, that way you will be able to search her room safely without your collar going off and killing you.

After disabling the ambient audio system, use the key you've found inside Dean's backstage room to open Vera's dressing room and start searching inside for anything that may help you.

Grab Vera's song writted by Dean and located on the table in front of the radio.

Underneath the song, you are going to find Vera's master key, make sure to grab that one as well.

Once you're done searching Vera's dressing room, head outside and unlock the other Backstage door and make your way up to Tampico's Holotape Projector.

Use the theater projector to play Dean's song written for Vera.

You can now safely head into the backstage and deal with Dean without being attacked by holograms.

Dean will make his appearance once again, you will have a Speech check of 75 to convince him to give you the key to exit the theater.

Unfortunately, you will still have to kill him in order to get the key.

After searching Dean's dead body and grabbing the key, you will have one minute to escape the theater and make a run back to the lobby before the collar goes off and you explode.

The quest will come to an end after successfully escaping from the theater.