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Fallout: New Vegas Dead Money Walkthrough Last Luxuries

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After dealing with Dean, it's time to make your way to the Executive suites.

You may come across a few Ghost People in the lobby, on your way to the Executive suites. Take them out and keep going.

Once you've made it to the Executive suites floor, you will have to start searching for Christine. Keep in mind that you may come across some traps set-up by her if you chose to trap her into the elevator during the 'Mixed Signals' quest.

As you make your way through the Executive suites' corridors, you will come across some security holograms patrolling the rooms.

In order to make further progress through the Executive suites, without being shot and killed by the security holograms, you will have to find the hologram emitter and destroy it by shooting it down.

After disabling the holograms, go ahead and get to the Maintenance Network Terminal.

Use the Maintenance Network Terminal to disable the hallway loudspeakers that will make the collar go off and kill you.

Once the hallway loudspeakers are disabled, use the Emergency Network Terminal located right next to the Maintenance terminal and use it to override the emergency door seal.

After operating the terminals, grab the suites maintenance key found on the table and use it to unlock the door on the left.

Now that you've got the maintenance door open, make your way to Vera's suite.

Upon entering Vera's suite, you are going to find Christine inside. At this point, Christine will be able to tell you her story.

Christine will start talking about her order to kill Father Elijah, and she is going to give you Vera's key once the conversation is over. The quest will come to an end afterwards.