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Fallout: New Vegas Dead Money Walkthrough Put the Beast Down

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After gaining your consciousness, you will have to restore power to the rest of the Sierra Madre.

Once you're inside the Casino, use the security terminal to change the hologram's route so you can get past without getting attacked or even killed.

After getting past the first security hologram, go upstairs and grab the Casino Security Passcode from the bar counter and head through the door next to the fridge.

The next thing you will have to do is; find the Security Management Terminal and use it to unlock the electrical closet door.

On your way to the terminal, you will come across a security hologram guarding the corridors, sneak past the hologram and keep on making your way towards the terminal.

Once you've reached the Security Management Terminal, use it to unlock the electrical closet door and then make your way there.

Behind the closet door, you'll find an electrical switch; flip it to restore the power to the rest of the Sierra Madre.

Once the power is restored, leave the casino and head inside the restaurant.

Grab the emergency door key to the Cantina Madrid kitchen, found on a clipboard inside the restaurant's main room.

Use the key to unlock the door that leads to Cantina Madrid kitchen.

Once you're inside the kitchen, repair the three broken gas valves marked on the map without being spotted by Dog.

If Dog spots you while you are repairing the gas valves, he will set off the gas which will end up killing both of you, so try be careful and avoid staying for too long in open areas.

After repairing all the gas valves, you can choose to kill Dog or talk to him and make him subdue.

The best choice would be talking to him and passing a Speech check of 85; which will allow you to merge both of them (Dog/God) together.

The quest will come to an end after talking to Dog/killing him.