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Fallout: New Vegas Dead Money Walkthrough Fires in the Sky

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Once you've convinced Dean to join your team, it's time to head back to the Fountain.

After reaching the Fountain, you will have to talk to Father Elijah for further instructions.

Father Elijah will let you know that you will have to trigger the Gala Event in order to gain access into the Sierra Madre Casino.

The Gala Event is defined as a display of lights, fireworks and music in the streets, in order to get these things done you will have to get help from your team.

After talking to Father Elijah about the Grand Opening, you will have to go and talk to Dog/God and convince him to follow you.

Follow the street signs and bring Dog to the switching station located in Salida del Sol South.

Once you've made it inside Salida del Sol South, fight your way to the switching station.

If you are talking to Dog, he will ask you to feed him and he will refuse to do anything until you feed him.

Instead of feeding Dog, you can always switch and start talking to God, with 'Intelligence 7' you can let him know that you've figured out the schematics and convince him to stay inside the switching station and activate the switches.

The quest will come to an end after convincing Dog/God to stay inside the switching station.