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Fallout: New Vegas Dead Money Walkthrough Find Collar 14: Dean Domino

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After helping Christine get out of the Auto-Doc and convincing her to join your team, it is now the time to make your way to the Sierra Madre's Residential District.

As you make your way to the Residential District you will come across some more Ghost People. You can stand back and let Dog deal with them or try to fight them on your own.

Now that you've made it into the Residential District, it is now time to avoid all the traps and find Dead Domino's hideout.

In order to get to Dean's location, you will have to get past a courtyard filled with toxic clouds that will slowly decrease your health; be sure to use Stimpaks or any other items to regenerate your health so you will successfully make it past the toxic cloud without dying.

Once you've made it to Dean's hideout, you will find him on the balcony looking at the Ghost People in the courtyard below him. He will ask you to have a seat right next to him.

Shortly after having a seat next to him, he will let you know that getting up without his permission will cause the chair to trigger the explosives and blow you up; so you're better off having a friendly conversation with him, trying to convince him to join your team.

Dean will agree to join you after explaining him Father Elijah's plan to rob the Sierra Madre Casino and the quest will come to an end here.