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Fallout: New Vegas Dead Money Walkthrough Strike Up the Band

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Now that you've got Dog/God inside the switching station, it's time to get back to the Fountain.

Talk to Dean Domino and convince him to follow you all the way to the Puesta del Sol south.

After convincing Dean to follow you, make your way to the Puesta del Sol South.

On your way there, you will come across some Ghost People, the fastest way to kill them is by using the Bear Trap.

Once you've made it into Puesta del Sol South, you will have to reach the rooftops.

As you make your way to the rooftops, you will come across some more Ghost People, try to take them out as fast as possible without staying in the open for too long or letting them pin you in a corner.

After reaching the rooftops, you will have to make him stay up there and re-connect the speaker wires.

You can easily make him stay on the rooftops by having 'Science' 60 or higher and letting him know that the Villa has Holograms that can be switched on to protect him against the hidden Ghost People.

After convincing him to stay, go ahead and find the two Security Station Terminals and activate the two Holograms that'll cover the area against the Ghost People.

Once you've activated both Holograms, head back to Dean Domino and let him know that it's safe for him to stay on the rooftops.

The quest will end after making Dean stay on the rooftops at his Gala Event position.