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Fallout: New Vegas Dead Money Walkthrough Mixed Signals

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After convincing Dean to stay on the rooftop to re-connect the speaker wires, you'll have to travel back to the Fountain and talk to Christine.

Once you've made it back to the Fountain, talk to Christine and tell her to come with you at the Puesta del Sol switching station.

Travel through the Villa and watch out for any Ghost People that may appear on your way to the Switching Station.

Once you're inside the Switching Station, you will have to repair the Electric Box located at the end of the entrance hallway in order to gain access to the rest of the Switching Station.

To repair the electric box, you will need a Repair skill of 60, or you can simply use the three fuses located in Puesta del Sol.

Now that you've got the door open, it is time to get Christine to the elevator.

On your way there, you will come across some shielded speakers. Avoid staying in their range for too long and try to get around as fast as possible.

Once you've made it to the elevator, you will get to choose to either lie to Christine and make her get into the elevator or find another way for her to access the station controls. This choice will affect the story and Christine's actions in the future quests. I'd recommend you to find another way to access the station instead of sending her down into the elevator.

If you chose to find an alternative way for her to operate the station controls, you will have to gain access to the Remote Maintenance Terminal by hacking it (which requires Science skill of 100) or by using the remote maintenance terminal password (which can be found in Ennis's locker).

After gaining access to the terminal, go ahead and let Christine know that she can use it to operate the station controls.

Once you've finished talking, Christine will get to the terminal and the quest will come to an end.