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Fallout: New Vegas Dead Money Walkthrough Trigger the Gala Event

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Now that every member of your team is at their assigned locations, it is time to exit the Switching Station and travel to the bell tower located in Salida del Sol north.

As you make your way towards the bell tower, you will come across a lot of Ghost People and large areas with toxic clouds. Make sure that you have enough Stimpaks and Bear trap fists to fight against all the Ghost People and make it past the toxic clouds without being poisoned.

Once you've made it on top of the bell tower, it is time to use the control panel located up there to trigger the Gala Event.

After triggering the Gala Event, the casino will come to life again with a fireworks display, music and lights. Unfortunately, this will also draw the attention of the Ghost People around the area.

Open the hatch and climb down from the top of the bell tower.

This is where the fun part begins; in a few moments the streets of the Villa will be full of Ghost People and you will have to travel all the way to the casino's entrance.

You can avoid fighting off a big number of Ghost People by making a run for it to the Sierra Madre's main gate and enter inside the casino.

Right after entering inside the casino, you are going to notice Dean, Christine and Dog/God lying on the floor unconscious.

A few moments later, you are going to pass out just like the rest of the team and the quest will come to an end.