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Faster Than Light Walkthrough Sector 1

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It is crucial for this walkthrough to understand the concepts and mechanics of FTL, they are a bit complicated but after a couple games they seem pretty simple. The tutorial is a great beginning if you haven't done so already.

So start off with putting energy into the Burst Laser II

and Engines. It is often enough to use only the Burst Laser II on the enemy weapons.

The rebel fleet is after you, but that does not mean you have to rush through sectors. It is rather necessary to explore as many locations as possible, otherwise you won't collect enough ressources for the boss fight at the end.

Having offered these 2 choices, I pick the 1st one

because missions can provide easily with ressources, especially in the 1st sector.

You can see that there is a store behind the current location. I do not choose to go there because I have barely any scrap.

Save as much scrap as possible. Scrap is used for either ship upgrades or equipment purchases, the latter can only be done in stores while ship upgrades can be done at any time you are not fighting. Having a high amount of scrap for shopping provides you with enough money to buy what you want like crew members, systems or weapons.

Nothing at this location, this will happen sometimes.

Let's go to the Quest location.

I give them the requested 4 fuel

and gain quite a lot scrap for it.

At the next location I find a weapon. I rather avoid using this weapon

due to the high cost of running it at 3 Power.

The rebel fleet advances, but you I still have plenty of turns to explore more beacons.

Our first fight. It is important to note what the enemy ship has/not has. For example, he has 2 weapons, a beam waepon and a laser weapon. It should be enough to focus his weapons because he won't be able to attack you otherwise.

Continue to focus his weapons

and defeat him.

I move onto the next location.

This dialouge indicates that the ship will try to flee, if I choose the 1. option

you can see that he is charging his FTL drive.

I focus his piloting room but will take some damage in return. The Kestrel has 30 HP so I do not worry over some points of damage.

After that I shot their weapons because my shield was disabled and sent both other crew members to repair the shield.

After i disabled their weapons I delay their FTL by attacking their engines.

And then their piloting system

followed by finishing them off.

This is rather a low scrap reward but I get an additional crewmember. Crewmembers can also be bought at a store at around 45-60 scrap

As you might notice, I had a fire in the sensor room for a while which has spread over to the shield room. Use this time to extinguish those.

I do this by venting, if you open the doors like this, every connected room will lose its oxygen resulting in a quick way to put out fires.

I send in a crewmember to check if everything is fine.

After that, I close all doors by using the 2 buttons at the bottom right. After that, I click the open door button ONCE , if you press that one twice every door will be opened and your ship will lose a lot of oxygen. So after I opened the doors the oxygen will spread evenly

which allows me to repair the rooms without the crew suffocating.

I upgrade my door system once

and wait a bit to have a high oxygen concentration.

I choose the 1st option here.

This ship has one laser which fires only one shot and a drone which will continue to shoot my ship.

Focus the drone system because this will render the enemy unable to pierce the shield.

I just keep my focus on the drone system.

Now, as always focus either his engines or piloting system due to his FTL drive charging.

Continue to explore more beacons, especially nebulas.

This one is easy because he has no shields, shooting at his weapon system

should be enough.

I continue exploring beacons even though the rebel fleet is closing in. The nebula is useful since it slows the fleet down.

I choose the 1st option

If you have a blue option it often is the most effective and will reward you with more ressources.

This is a rather annoying fight, the plasma storm halves the total energy, meaning you have to power only the necessary systems.

I first aim on his drone system and disable the shields after that to reactivate the oxygen system.

After disabling both systems

I can deal with him easily.

As you can see, this is a rather close one. If you are unsure about whether to explore another location or go to the exit is your choice, keep in mind that it's very dangerous inside of the rebel fleet.

Nothing happening here.

I enter the next sector.

I decide to go to the engi controlled sector in hopes of gaining an additional crew member, the engi.