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Faster Than Light Walkthrough Sector 7

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I jump to a beacon to be attacked by an ai controlled rebel ship.

My pilot is being mind controlled, but I will leave him for now.

I hack the shields and fire at the weapons.

After the pilot snaps out of the mind control, I move in another human to repair the piloting system and keep the focus on his weapons.

He controls now the human in the sensors room. I let him fight a bit against another crew member.

After he regained his senses, I heal them both up.

This fight takes a lot of time, but just keeping the crew member who is mind controlled busy and healing them afterwards is enough.

I finally beat it.

I jump to the next beacon and choose the 2nd option.

The next beacon offers to repair damage and I agree

to repair 10 hull points.

The next beacon leaves me no choice.

I pick the 3rd option because the 4th option would give me additional crew members.

I get a weapon and scrap out of it, so I am satisfied with the reward.

I wait for my crew to report the teleporter

and then jump to the next location.

There's nothing here.

I move to the next location.

I wait for the cloak to end

and fire at the weapons system after hacking and disabling its shields.

I continue to do so

and defeat him.

I jump to another location.

Here I pick the 3rd option because I need a replacement for the Artemis. You can use it, it's actually pretty good but I don't like relying on missiles, especially because the boss has Defense Drones which shoot them down.

I get a Heavy Laser Mark I.

I then jump to the store.

I sell the Artemis

and put the Heavy Laser I in my weapons slot.

I now realize that I cannot approach the exit from the south. This is a major mistake and can result in your death.

At the beacon, I dock with the station

and get some scrap and a drone part.

I know have to move back to this location.

I vent out the intruders

and try to attack their weapons while hacking their shields, but I miss.

I finally hit the weapons system and wait for my FTL drive to charge.

After it charged up, I jump to the next beacon.

I ignore the breach next to my engines for now and focus on staying alive.

I hack the shields room and attack the weapons system.

I can get a few good hits on it.

The enemy can't pierce through my shields, but sends 2 humans into my oxygen system. I send in my boarding crew to fight them.

I send my boarding crew back to heal and try to keep disabling their weapons. My FTL drive is nearly charged.

After it is ready, I jump to the next location.

I ignore the slave trader because I still have some problems on my ship.

I send in my boarding crew after they healed to fight the humans in the oxygen system.

After defeating them I heal my boarding crew

and send 2 humans to repair the breach.

At the same time, I sent both engis to the breach next to the engines system to repair it. They repair it very quickly because they have doubled repair speed.

After they dealt with that, I send my boarding crew to report the teleporter while the 2 humans

and engis get healed.

After I repaired everything I continue my journey.

At the next beacon, I accept their bribe because 1) I have very low health 2) they have 4 shields I would have to pierce and 3) the bribe is decent considering I don't have to do anything for it.

I then proceed to jump to the final sector.