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Faster Than Light Walkthrough Sector 4

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I move up to be able to explore more beacons on my path towards the exit.

I pick

the blue option

and receive a nice reward.

The enemy has a Charge Ion weapon and a beam weapon, so disabling their weapons should be enough. In addition to that, there are 3 engineers which are easy to deal with in combat.

I keep focusing on the weapons

After they put out the fires, I teleport in.

I am able to kill them, but I forgot a crucial system. The fight is not over because there is a clone bay. This is a mistake on my part.

I move the boarding crew into the clone bay, but it spawned the engineer preventing me to destroy the clone bay.

This continues so what I decided to do is

to teleport 2 more of my crew into the enemy ship.

My original boarding crew is very low so I keep on moving them to avoid damage.

I teleported group 1 back and put 2 energy into the medbay to heal them. Meanwhile is group 2 keeping the engineers busy.

1 of group 2 is low so I keep him moving while I wait for the teleporter to cool down. I should've put 1 more energy into the teleporter to reduce the cooldown, but you can also "grind" some fighting levels like this.

I teleport group 1 in, while 2 crew members are destroying the clone bay, 1 crew member keeps the engineers busy in the shield room.

After the clone bay is destroyed I move group 2 away because both of them are low and let group 1 fight against the 2 remaining engineers.

The longer fight is slightly over, but it was worth it receiving a new crew member.

I already have 8 crew members so I dismiss the human Jack.

Having 2 engis can be nice if one considers the doubled repair speed.

I move the new engi into the engines because he already had full levels on engines, so I use the Slug and Mantis to board. I save the new station setup.

On another location, I choose to help them

but it was an ambush.

I keep the 2 Mantis busy by sending my boarding crew in, because the enemy ship does not have a teleporter means that they will not be able to be called back.

I switch between the boarding crew and the 2 humans who manned the sensors and doors because Mantis are very strong in combat.

I dealt with the intruders and heal the 2 humans.

I can't break the shields, the Defense Drone II of the enemy ship can shoot down any projectile, rendering my attacks useless.

So I board them.

My boarding crew is at a slight disadvantage because they have 2 Mantis fighting while I have only 1 Mantis and 1 Slug.

I run away with the boarding crew

call them back

and heal them up. The enemy does not have a medbay which I can use as my advantage.

I take some damage by the beam, since it destroyed my vital oxygen system

I move my engineers from the weapon system to the oxygen system because I can't pierce their shields anyway. Meanwhile I am boarding the enemy ship

I am able to kill of 2 of the Mantis.

and I can overpower him due to the 2 versus 1.

I get a pretty high scrap reward and a lot of fuel.

It is finally time to upgrade the engines. I prioritize engines over shields, but the reason I upgraded shields before engines is that shields are more reliable earlier on. Evasion is superiour though, having around 50% evasion halves the damage you take as long as engines and piloting system are running, this can save you from a lot e.g. missiles which pierce shields.

After jumping I accept this quest

to get more ressources.

After jumping once again, this dialouge can appear. Do not send help, it often ends with you losing crew members.

I continue my way towards the quest beacon

to encounter this. I sell 6 drone parts, reason for this is I will not need many of those for the endboss, so I don't want to sell 12. Those will be used later once I aquire a drone control.

I continue my way and encouter a ship, I attack it.

I try to attack the weapons, but I miss.

The shots hit after a second time

and I teleport my boarding crew in.

I have the upper hand, my Mantis has more fighting experience and the engi deals only half damage to my Slug.

I move into another room and let the Slug take the hits by the engineer while the mantis hits him.

I get a lot of scrap out of it.

I heal my boarding crew

They repair my hull

and reveal their store.

I buy the Reverse Ion Field, a 50% chance to negate ion damage is pretty good and the boss uses Ion weapons too.

I jump to the next location with another store, but I don't buy anything.

There is another store which I jump to.

It doesn't offer anything I need right now, so I keep going.

I receive some supplies at the exit beacon.

Looking at the map now, I could've explored one more beacon, but it's too late for that.

The next sector I go to is the Rebel Controlled sector because that will give me the option to choose between 2 sectors after that.