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Faster Than Light Walkthrough Sector 6

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I repair my oxygen system and the shields immediately while healing my Zoltan crew member.

After I finished the repairs

I put upgrade my oxygen system once.

This allows me to take another hit on the oxygen without being fully disabled.

The next beacon doesn't offer anything so I continue my way.

I go to one of the stores.

I repair most of my hull,

buy all available fuel

and buy a hacking system.

I go to another beacon and not the store right away to gather some money.

I attack the piloting system with the Ion Stunner while focusing my Burst Laser II on the weapons.

I use the hacking module here, but I should've not used it because sending one in costs 1 drone part.

It's an easy fight since I disabled its weapons, I just extinguish the fires caused by the solar flares.

I defeat him,

repair my piloting system

and jump to the next beacon.

This ship has good weapons and cloak.

I can avoid the Ion damage thanks to the augmentation I bought a while ago, but my hacking module gets hit.

I shoot at its weapons and can disable their Burst Laser II.

I keep on focusing the piloting system with the Ion Stunner and the weapons with the Burst Laser II to minimize the damage I take.

This is a rather long fight due to the cloaking system. I tried to prevent the cloaking by hacking it but it is probably not worth hacking a cloaking system.

I finally destroy him after a while.

After that, I move towards the distress beacon.

and pick the 2nd option here because my crew is already full.

I receive a lot of scrap.

I move to the 2nd store in this sector

and buy the weapon pre-igniter. It is a very strong augmentation because having charged up weapons at the beginning of a fight can give me a big advantage.

I also buy the drone control which comes with a Defense Drone Mark I. This will be useful for the boss fight which I will explain later on.

I also buy the Charge Ion because this will allow me to pierce more shields.

After I jumped, I choose the 2nd option because I don't want to risk losing crew members.

I jump to the next beacon

and aid the civilian ship.

This pirate fighter has 2 missiles which I should take into consideration. The other 2 weapons, the laser and the beam cannot harm me. What can be annoying is the cloaking system they are using.

I send my hacking drone to the shield room.

I disrupt the shield and time it with my other 2 active weapons

to get through it and damage the weapon system.

I take a heavy hit on my shields

and send in crew members to help repairing it. Meanwhile I keep on shooting their weapon system, dealing great damage to the crew members in there.

It's cloaking again and I move my boarding crew to help putting out the fire. I should've vented out the room which put out the fire faster.

After they appear again, I shoot at the weapons once again.

My oxygen and teleporter get hit so I send 2 humans in to repair them.

My shield is repaired and I currently repair my teleporter. All crewmembers of the enemy are in the weapons system which I focus.

I heal up the crew members who repaired the shield, remove the energy from the shield system and supply that energy to activate my Defense I drone. This will shoot down incoming missiles and can reduce the damage I take greatly.

I prepare my boarding crew

and shoot their piloting system.

After the cloak is over

I damage their weapon system

and send my boarding crew in while removing any fire commands from my weapons. The guy in the shields room is trapped because of the hacking drone.

I take out their Mantis and move the Slug because he is on low health.

After defeating the Rockman, the human manages to get out of the shield room and fights against my boarding crew.

I quickly take care of him and get a high scrap reward out of this fight.

I get another reward for helping the science vessal

heal hurt crew members

and upgrade my weapons.

I then proceed to move to the next location.

I ignore the station because I have a lot of scrap

and jump to the exit beacon.

I choose option 1

but I can't take their offer; I wouldn't have agreed to it anyway since the oxygen system is already upgraded.

I now move to the next sector, the pirate controlled one.