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Faster Than Light Walkthrough Sector 3

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Explore the sector as usual.

Nothing at this location.

I try to explore to as many beacons as I can while heading towards the Quest beacon.

Intruders on deck aren't a big deal.

Send someone to the door system to strengthen the doors

and kill them by suffocation.

They made it through the door, but took a lot damage

Closing the doors and fighting them in the medbay gives them zero chances to kill your crew members.

I repair the broken system (the shield system in my case)

and continue the journey.

Notice that it has a beam drone and a beam weapon, meaning that there is no logical way to pierce 1 shield, so piercing 2 shields is out of question.

Focusing on their piloting system and engines

Should be enough to stop the enemy. Remember to alternate between the piloting system and the engines to make sure that it won't be able to charge the FTL drive at all.

I destroy the shields to speed up the process a bit.

Shouldn't be big of a deal.

Nothing at this location, this happens more often in nebulas in my experience.

There is a plasma storm, so I could avoid him

but greedy as I am, I decide to fight him anyway.

I shoot at his weapon system to stop their weapons and harm their crew members to be able to board.

After the weapons are fully disabled, I prevent them from being repaired by teleporting in. Rockmen are very slow, but have high health so I have a good chance of killing this one of because the other one is still on his way.

The other Rockman made it into the weapon system, but one is pretty low.

After finishing off one of them, my human is quite low

So I send him out

for the Mantis to finish him off.

I forgot to add that I have upgraded the teleporter, so if I supply it with more energy it reduces the cooldown allowing me to get out of sticky situations.

I put some energy into the medbay to heal them

and then send the energy to the engines so I can jump.

Nothing at this beacon

So I put the energy back into their respective systems. I upgraded the medbay once, but I don't supply it with more energy because there is no need for me to supply it with more energy when it is not in use.

I visit the store

and purchase a Slug. These can be very useful for boarding, especially in Nebulas because they allow me to see enemies without sensors. Having more than one Slug is useless though.

I buy some fuel again, no need to fix the hull since it is in good shape.

I power up the new weapon Ion Stunner for the future.

Now onto the quest.

They have a Zoltan shield, it will not regenerate but blocks me from teleporting in.

Firing both weapons as soon as possible will take out the shield. The enemy doesn't have the weaponry to pierce 2 shields though so I am on the safe side.

I destroy their weapons

and fire another volley to deal some damage to the Rockman.

After I stunned him with the Ion Stunner I teleport my boarding crew in.

The Mantis has the upper hand while my human struggles due to Rockman's high health of 150.

I let my Mantis do the job and move my human out while observing their health points very closely.

I receive my reward

and heal them.

Jumping to the next beacon

I offer them to lead them to their destination.


it is very close so I move their right away.

They repair my hull

and reveal their store.

I check how many crew members I currently have

and proceed to buy the Zoltan which gives the room he is in +1 power.

I send him to the shields, the human manning the shields before is now manning the doors.

Jumping to another location.

I use this chance to take on another fight, so I pick the 1st option.

They cannot deal hull damage, but the bombs will do great damage to my systems.

I aim to destroy their medbay because it would prove to be a big problem while boarding.

At this point, I am not going to board them for 2 reasons. 1) the teleporter is disabled by their Ion bombs and 2) it is charging their FTL drive, meaning that if I don't call them back before they jump they are lost forever.

So I focus their piloting system

and they offer to surrender. I decline this offer because destroying a ship gives more scrap while offers can provide you with ressources like fuel, missiles and drone parts. I have enough, so I pass on that

and destroy him for a bit more scrap.

There is nothing at this location

So I jump to the exit beacon.

The route I took on the sector map leaves me with only one option so I jump to another engi controlled sector.