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Faster Than Light Walkthrough Introduction

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Welcome to the FTL Walkthrough! FTL is a rogue-like game, so this walkthrough will explain my decisions since no walkthrough is the same. It is a difficult game, so take your time and make usage of the pause feature which you can use as long and as much as you like! I have to note that I am playing with the content of the Advanced Edition, so keep that in mind.

A useful option to have enable is "Show beacon paths on hover" ; this will allow you to plan your route and see which paths you can and you can't take.

For this walkthrough, I'll use the standard Kestrel which is the very first ship available so you won't have to unlock other ships for this walkthrough. It is a very complex game with a high detail so be sure to pause the game and check out the wiki if you are unsure about something.