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Faster Than Light Walkthrough Sector 5

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There is only one beacon I can jump to so I go there.

It's an automated ship which will warn the fleet if it can power up its FTL drive.

I aim for the piloting system

but my shields get hit so I try to repair them as quickly as possible.

My door system is hit and on fire, I sent 3 into the shields to finish it quickly

But they get hit again. Meanwhile I aimed for the piloting system, but my weapons get hit before I was able to shoot.

My shields are still damaged and the fire in the door system is out of control, I had to send the guy in the medbay and I use the boarding crew to help out on the ship.

Realizing I can't win this fight

I escape, this can be useful because you sometimes encounter enemies which you are not able to beat.

I pick the blue option

and can avoid a fight.

I now work on the ship to repair everything.

After repairing the door system and healing everyone

I jump to the store.

I buy a scrap recovery arm and continue my journey.

The next beacon reveals a fight.

He will not be able to pierce my shields, but the anti-personnal drone will make the boarding process difficult. On top of that are the upgraded doors, meaning my boarding crew could get trapped inside.

I attack the drone control first, but it seems like it can take a few hits without being fully disabled.

I fire at the piloting system and the human inside takes a lot of damage, especially with the fire.

The repair drone helps him, so I focus the doors next.

Unfortunately, they are charging their FTL drive and I make the mistake

of trying to board them nonetheless.

I can call them back in time due to the teleporter lvl 2, but

the ship gets away.

And so I make my way to the next beacon.

I hire them to delay the rebels so I can explore 2 more beacons. 14 scrap is a pretty low cost.

What I did now is fighting them instead of venting them off completely to increase the fighting level of my crew members.

I finish them off in the medbay

and send them back again to their stations.

The next beacon has an automated scout.

I shoot at his weapons

but I miss every shot.

I hit them at the 2nd time and can disabled both of his weapons, meaning that the drone can't pierce through my shield.

I keep on shooting at their weapons and then switch to the piloting system because it evades a lot of my shots.

After having dealt with his weapons and piloting system, I go for the shields because getting through them is difficult.

I defeat him after a while.

The next beacon has another scout.

It has no shields, but an Ion weapon and a Burst Laser III, meaning it will shoot 5 lasers at me.

I am able to destroy its weapons in time before it can shoot me with the Burst Laser III.

Keeping its weapons disabled should be easy, especially with no shields to break through.

Next beacon. They offer me to sell my drone parts for scrap

so I sell 3.

I don't risk it because the last time I fought against an automated scout with 2 shields didn't work out so well.

The next beacon has an asteroid field, but 2 shields are pretty decent against one.

His weapons are very strong, 2 Burst Laser II and a beam weapon, meaning he shoots 6 lasers followed up by a beam.

I autofire the piloting system with the Ion Stunner because it will disable one shield, it doesn't matter where I hit. I then attack the weapons with my Burst Laser II.

I am able to damage its weapons, but I take a lot of damage on my weapons and piloting system.

I get hit a second time, but it's only the medbay.

I could've used my doors to remove the oxygen from the medbay, resulting in putting out the fire quickly, but I sent my crew in instead. This is a mistake on my part, but works too.

After finally being able to disabling both of its lasers,

I can destroy him without taking further damage.

I jump to the next location and aid the civilian ship.

The auto-scout has no shields, but a cloaking system, a missile launcher and a hull laser. The laser won't be a big of a deal, but the missiles will do a lot of damage.

After disabling the missile launcher,

I try to destroy the cloaking system.

It cloaks in time and avoids my bullets.

I shoot at the weapons again after the cloak was over to ensure that the missiles stay disabled.

After the 3rd cloak I'm finally able to finish him off.

I was a bit too slow and ended up fighting against an Elite Fighter of the rebels.

They board my ship so I suffocate them. Meanwhile I focus on their weapons to minimize the damage I will take since he has a lot of weapons.

They teleport their boarding crew back because it was low on health while I keep shooting at their weapons.

I keep firing on their weapons, but my oxygen system got hit.

My FTL drive is finally charged so I go to the next sector.