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Faster Than Light Walkthrough Sector 2

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I have collected a rather large sum of scrap, so I give the store a visit.

I buy some fuel because having fuel is crucial.

I also fix a bit of the hull, not all of it though because some missions could provide you with a free repair of your hull.

I choose the blue option,

but they refuse. I choose to give them the requested 5 missiles because I do not like missile based weapons.

Rather unfortunate but if I had repaired my ship completely I would've gotten nothing.

Next location has nothing to offer.

I choose the 1st option

and after that the blue option.

I choose the 1st option

and receive an additional crew member. While not an engi, he will be useful for future boarding.

For now, I send him to the doors system.

I participate in their study

But it can't always turn out well. Having these doors improved and manned by Smith, the intruders have chosen a bad location,

Venting them out like this should be enough.

While that is happening, I shoot at their weapons system. Mantis deal twice as much damage so Smith should have no problem dealing with one human.

After that, Smith takes care of the other two intruders.

Open the doors to distribute the oxygen once again.

Finish off the ship.

Some decent rewards, but the Defense Drone Mark 2 won't be used.

Another location with nothing happening.

As you can see, there is another store, but before visiting it straight away

I jump to some other nearby beacons to collect more scrap.

I respond

and choose to accept their quest.

The quest is in the next sector, it doesn't matter which one you'll choose.

I travel to the next location

to be attacked by pirates.

There is a pulsar, meaning that it will disable some systems throughout the fight.

Both shields are disabled and I just focus on the weapon system.

Having the Mantis is useful, put him into the door system to reinforce the doors or in the sensor system so see what happens in the enemy ship.

The fights early on are easy so I continue my way.

I choose the 1st option

and get my reward.

So we are at the store. I am going to buy

the crew teleporter

and fuel once again.

After that I sell both the Drone II and

The Chain Ion I aquired earlier in the game.

With the teleporter, I will now start to board ships. If the enemy ship has no living crewmembers (an exception to this are automated ships, do not ever board those!) you win the fight without destroying the ship, resulting in higher scrap rewards and possibly more.

Now close to the end of the 2nd sector it is time to do a few upgrades to the reactor.

More energy is required with the new teleporter system.

I upgrade the shields and add the same 2 levels to the power bars because it will need the same amount of power.

This will be our first ship and I'll explain boarding a bit. There are a few factors which are important BEFORE boarding a ship: medbay, doors, cloak and environmental hazards. If the enemy has upgraded doors it might trap your boarding crew which can result in the death of your boarding crew.

I know that 1) the ship can't get through my shields (Ion Stunner and a single laser) and 2) 2 Mantis, one in the piloting system and one in the shields.

I shoot at the piloting system so the Mantis in there will take some damage.

I send my crew member from the shield system to the sensor system to see what's happening and I send the human manning the engines into the teleporter room.

I shoot once again into the piloting system so both take damage. It is important to have autofire toggled OFF to avoid unintended destruction of the ship followed up by the doom of your boarding crew.

I send them in

and let them fight it out. I should have the upper hand since both of them are quite low on health and there is no medbay on their ship.

Remember to call your crew members back on your ship before you jump.

This is a very good reward for me, a weapon I will use and a new crew member, an engineer.

I invest some scrap into a sensors upgrade

Heal the boarding members and send the engineer to the weapon system. Engineers are useful crew members, they have a doubled repair speed but deal half damage, so try to avoid letting them fight.

Also saving your stations can be very useful. There are 2 buttons on the left side in the middle, the one on the left saves the current location of your crew members and the right one sends them to the last saved location. This can be useful if you are sending crew members to different rooms and can't remember which crew member was specialized for what room.

As always, I jump to the exit beacon. As you can see, I play it quite risky due to the close rebel fleet, but this way I can explore a lot of beacons for more ressources.

I decline because an upgrade to the piloting system is in my opinion unnecessary, because it gives you the option to have an auto pilot, but he retains only 25% of the total evasion. It is useful so your piloting system can take one hit more, but I skip it in this case.

This time I decide to jump to an Uncharted Nebula instead of a civilian sector because a nebula allows me to explore more beacons due to the rebel fleet being slowed down.