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Ghost Master Walkthrough Full Mortal Jacket

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This level is very straightforward. You are on the Gravenville military base. Your objective: scare off (or drive mad) every mortal on the base.

There is only one trapped spirit in this level, Wisakejak, found here.

Wisakejak is bound to this totem pole, and will remain so until engulfed by flame.

Guards at the front gate will turn back anyone you scare away. Scare the guards away first. Scarecrow and Buck make a good team for this.

Your ghosts may come under attack from Father William Mulcahy.

Use Black Crow to possess the good father, thus keeping your ghosts safe from him for the moment.

Ever tell yourself late at night, "Try not to be afraid, ghosts can sense fear." Yup. Scan the mortal pack for the most vulnerable souls and pick on them.

You're trying to build plasm, and you get a permanent plasm bump for each mortal you scare off. Remember to keep the guards scared away from the main gate.

Once you have enough plasm, have Wisakejak cast Trojan Gift.

Bind Arclight to the gift box and have him cast Bonfire to engulf Wisakejak's totem pole in flames.

Wisakejak thanks you for setting him free.

For a hefty bump in plasm, bind Arclight to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and set him to the highest band your plasm affords.

Wisakejak is easily fettered, and has a most unusual method for casting powers!

One of this level's many campy references, Private Goldie Benjamin, gets a scare in this shot.

Once everyone is scared off but the father, you can safely concentrate your spirits' powers on him.

Once you send the good father packing, the level is yours!