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Ghost Master Walkthrough The Blair Wisp Project

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Your task: lure the filmmakers to the Darkling so he may feed on their souls.

There are three trapped spirits in the level. A fourth, Moonscream, is trapped as she was in Summoners Not Included on revisits. Here you'll find poor Sparkle, a trapped fire elemental.

Sparkle needs you to re-ignite his flame.

On this fog-shrouded island you'll find the level's namesake, Blair Wisp.

Blair Wisp has fallen under a curse. Bring a mortal to see the wisp to set the curse free.

In the cabin's basement you'll find the Darkling.

The Darkling instructs you to bring the mortals to the cabin.

You'll find these two bear traps over here. Bind Terroreyes to one and cast Ice Breath. Bind Blue Murder to the other and cast Bitter Cold. The two powers will team up and freeze the area.

We need to lure the filmmakers to Sparkle so they'll light a fire. Here I use Harriet's Fascinate.

Once the fire is lit Sparkle is set free.

The cold not only prompts the filmmakers to build a fire, it also freezes this stream, allowing for easy passage near the broken bridge.

More weather spells needed. That fog shrouding Blair Wisp's island is dispersed with Weatherwitch's Gusts and Aether's Gathering Winds.

A mini-cutscene shows the fog being dispersed as the wind billows through the trees.

To lure the mortals to the island, start by using Harriet's Fascinate, Weatherwitch's Siren Song or a similar spell. Once they start to cross the water, you'll need to switch to Blair Wisp's Hypnotic Image.

Once someone crosses onto the island they'll see Blair Wisp, setting the spirit free!

Here's a hefty hint: you'll need something to act as a bridge. What could it be...

This precariously perched tree seems a likely candidate. Have Banzai cast Quake to knock it down.

Have the Darkling cast Obsession and the mortals will use the fallen tree as a bridge.

You are reminded that the mortals must now repeat the ritual to summon the Darkling.

There's not much for you to do, though. Just keep luring the mortals into the basement with the Darkling's Obsession.

A cutscene plays of the mortals repeating the ritual. The Darkling is summoned...

...and he promptly devours their souls. Ewww.

But wait! The demented Professor is back, and he's with his strange friend from The Unusual Suspects. You end the level in success, but the Darkling has been captured.