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Ghost Master Walkthrough Poultrygeist

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This is the same house from Calamityville Horror. No puzzles here, you just need to scare everyone away.

The only trapped spirit is Hard Boiled, fettered to Carol-Anne. (Plus Arclight, Maxine Factor and Static fettered as in Calamityville Horror when doing a revisit).

It's wise to set up shop in the main foyer, keeping your spookiest scares focused here.

The mortals will be calling for help, and with any luck you'll be able to scare them away from the least for a while.

This scenario affords some great fun, as there are no puzzles and, so long as the mortals haven't successfully phoned for help, you have time to enjoy scaring the wits out of everyone.

Eventually the mortals will likely get through to a medium, who arrives intent on spoiling your fun.

Give the medium a homecoming she won't forget. Focus your spirits on her and elevate her fright as quickly as you can.

If you've been using Hard Boiled, now would be a good time to reduce his power band to zero. You don't want the medium detecting him so keep him under wraps for now.

Eventually the mortals will phone in the really big guns.

The mortals have called in a Ghostbreaker.

Treat the Ghostbreaker the same as the medium. It's a good idea to double-up on your ghosts to keep the Ghostbreaker running.

Lastly, you'll be left with Carol-Anne. Make sure Hard Boiled (and any other spirit for that matter) is not fettered to her, as otherwise she cannot be scared.

Send Carol-Anne fleeing and the level is yours!